They are often built into the pressure gauge, and are designed to leak if the pressure gets too high. I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler thats around 8 years old. Cause: If you have a low-pressure issue this will always be down to a leak – somewhere. It's not constant. Last week the pressure dropped to 0. There is no sign of a leak anywhere - no water, no water damage, no dripping, nothing. Hi, I have a basic Worcester Bosch Greenstar combi boiler. Boiler leak. We have a house that we rent out and at the beginning of October, the boiler went and we had to have it replaced with a new one. Worcester Boiler Losing Pressure. Boiler losing pressure - no evidence of leak. Here's a quick guide on what to do: Check that all the radiator valves are not leaking. There are two leading culprits when it comes to low water pressure: Leaks. If the boiler's pressure is too high, the PRV (pressure release valve) will discharge the excess water, or, parts will fail internally causing the leak. No boiler pressure but no visible leaks - please help! It really does only need to be an almost indetectable leak for it to affect the pressure on your boiler. Boiler is a Greenstar 30CDi combi. Take a look around your home for signs of damp patches, around pipes, radiators and the boiler itself. If your boiler continues losing pressure and there is no leak, then there may be a fault with the boiler. You will need to check your entire central heating system, from radiators to valves or even joints and pipework. He can't come sooner and suggested we ring Worcester Bosch and they're sending someone out today If it is wet, this may mean that the pressure relief valve is faulty. Boilers have pressure relief valves to protect them from high water pressure. You should leave your tap at around the same position you found it in, back at quarter past nine. Went under the floorboard and checked all piping, no signs of leak. Have you lost hot water? Boiler losing pressure problem and cures. WORCESTER BOSCH BOILER LEAKING, LOSING PRESSURE, SPRAYING WATER OUT THE BOTTOM, IT'S BECOMING ALL TOO COMMON. If the top-up didn't' fix your boiler pressure, something else is causing the pressure to leak out of the system instead. our gas boiler was playing up kept losing about 1/2 bar of pressure every day and when the heating went on the pressure shot up to over 3 bar of pressure what does the boiler need ? New combi boiler losing pressure - leak in mains pipe to boiler? Fix: Problems Or you may notice water dripping from the boiler… Is your boiler losing pressure but there’s no leak? Once the system has been filled to 1.5bar any water which then escapes will cause the pressure in the system to drop, once the pressure drops to around 0.5bar (depending what boiler you have installed in your property) a safety switch will be activated and will prevent the boiler from firing up, leaving you with no central heating or hot water. If your boiler keeps losing pressure sometimes you will not be able to find a leak. If the rubber bursts or tears, water will fill the air gap, and the pressure in the system will drop. The pressure drop occurs when the system is not in use and has been cold for a number of hours. I have checked every pipe in the system (Including those under the floorboards) and there appears to be no leaking water. If you have found no leaks and your boiler is still losing pressure, the cause may instead be a boiler leak, a hidden leak on the system. And also how much should a annual service be for worcester bosch 240 Thanks. It had two faulty parts that got replaced and it's working good as new again. It may only be a tiny leak but, if it’s gone unnoticed for some time, it could lead to a gradual drop in pressure. Evening all, We have a Worcester combi boiler that keeps losing water pressure over the course of about 24 hours. Turn off when it rises to around 1.2 so that you avoid overpressurising your boiler. The pressure relief valve and expansion vessel were replaced recently and it is definitely not either of these are both are working correctly, is there anything else that could be causing the problem? If there is apparently no leak in the home but the boiler pressure still keeps dropping, the culprit may be one of the boiler… This blog post was just really to bring to peoples attention some of the issues we've been getting on a pretty regular basis now with Worcester Bosch boilers. The pressure is still dropping to zero despite topping it up 3-4 times. no leak but boiler losing pressure daily? We've now had a call from the tenant to say the boiler keeps dropping the pressure to the point where the boiler won't start (apparently this has been happening 2 or 3 times a week for a couple of months). In either case, if your heating system keeps losing pressure to gain advice or help you should: Contact your installer Firstly, if we explain what a sealed system is, you’ll find it much easier to understand why your boiler keeps losing pressure. This can easily be rectified by a plumber/handyman but I wouldn't call out worcester bosch to do it as they charge an absolute fortune just for the call out. If we had £1 for everytime we’d heard the question, “why does my boiler keep losing pressure?”, we’d have at least £247 by now!. You may have a leak somewhere in your boiler system. 1. If you’ve got high pressure, the first thing you should do is check your filling loop. We've rang the man who's coming to service the boiler in November. Boilers have many weak points – the automatic air vents, the washers, the rings joints, even the diverter valves, and heat exchangers can get damaged. Thanks everyone the power of mumsnet!! Manufacturers Instructions must be referred to when installing boiler condensate discharge pipes. I think the call out fee alone is £85. Why does my boiler keep losing pressure? After filling boiler up to 1.5bar it will drop to 0 bar in less than 6-7 minutes. The leak is intermittent. If you are confident that your boiler is not losing pressure due to a leak elsewhere in the system, then it is time to shift your focus to the boiler itself. Pay close attention to your boiler’s gauge, as this should be moving up to around 1 – 1.5 bars of pressure. During the really bad winter a couple of years ago our condensor pipe froze and water cascaded down the boiler A heating engineer came and repositioned the condensor pipe and there were no problems since I mention this because it may or may not be linked to this new problem When we use the boiler for hot water / baths … The combination boiler was invented in the mid 1800’s but not in the way we use it for central heating or hot water today, it was only in the early 1960’s that there was some serious inventions leading to what we have today.


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