it features rear vents, front and rear rod supports and also a very good 10,000 HH hydro-tech fabric, it only weighs 7.5kg which is one of the lightest bivvys out there (plus pegs and groundsheet totaling approx. Emergency bivvy sacks are simple, useful products in bad situations or when an ultralight solution is required. Quiet and tear-resistant material won't shred if punctured or fray your nerves by rattling in the wind ; Measures 84 x 36 in. The Survive Outdoors Longer Escape Pro Bivvy is SOL’s highest-end (and most expensive) bivvy sack, made of waterproof-breathable Sympatex Reflexion fabric with an aluminum liner which it claims to reflect 90% of your body heat. We owe Brett Peugh a “Thank You” for initiating this project and sending a sample to test. Don’t think of the Sol Escape Pro Bivvy as a glorified emergency blanket. TACT Bivvy vs SOL Bivvy: Head to Head Comparison Dimensions . You may notice that they look almost identical. This fabric is much different from the mylar bivvies The Survive Outdoors (SOL) offers which completely trap moisture inside them during use. and is sized to shelter 1 adult ; Made in USA. Third up on the bivvy reviews is the Cyprinus base HQ is based on a very well known bivvy that would cost a lot more! With features like being waterproof, breathable, zippered, and having legitimate temperature ratings will quickly show you otherwise. Ce sac de couchage peut être utilisé comme bivouac d’urgence ou comme sac d’été léger. Specifications The product description says “The SOL Escape Bivvy is nothing less than a revolution in backcountry shelters. Le tissu est aussi coupe-vent, respirant et résistant à l’usure et l’eau. Bivvy is not available in every state yet. Executive Summary: This bivy's tests matched the lofty claims of the manufacturer. We will be watching to see how Bivvy fairs over time and if they do expand to every state in the U.S. To find out more about Bivvy Pet Insurance, you can go directly to their site or give them a call at 1-855-434-3744. The first thing I did was to lay them out side by side on the ground. L’Escape Bivvy de SOL est sac de couchage minimaliste qui pèse 241 grammes. SOL Escape Lite Bivvy Review in Gear — by Andy Zahn + — January 13, 2015 As the ice crinkled on my bag and water melted from around my face and dripped into my eyes, I pondered on the fantastic claims many gear manufacturers make about their excellent products. Seeing the silver-lining might make you think it’s nothing more than that. Even California, with a huge percentage of pet owners, isn’t covered. Il est fabriqué en tissu oléfine à revêtement métallisé, qui permet de réfléchir 70 % de chaleur corporelle. The complaint with most ultralight emergency shelters is […] SOL emergency bivvy packs down small into the included stuff sack—smaller than a 12 oz. soda can—and weighs just 3.5 oz. I took the bivvies out of their pouches and started working my way through testing them out.


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