As in the opening sections, the shifts between the two minor tonalities are sudden and pronounced. [12] That opus, published in 1711, contains twelve concertos for strings, four of which (Nos. RBP ON JSB | Rachel Barton Pine – ‘Sarabande’ from Bach’s D Minor Solo Violin Partita [SERIES], RBP ON JSB | Rachel Barton Pine – ‘Corrente’ from Bach’s D Minor Solo Violin Partita [SERIES], RBP ON JSB | Rachel Barton Pine – ‘Chaconne’ from Bach’s D Minor Solo Violin Partita [SERIES], RBP ON JSB | Rachel Barton Pine – ‘Adagio’ from Bach’s C Major Solo Violin Sonata [SERIES], RBP ON JSB | Rachel Barton Pine – ‘Fuga’ from Bach’s C Major Solo Violin Sonata [SERIES], LIVE FROM SEATTLE - WITH VC ARTIST SIMONE PORTER AND THE SEATTLE SYMPHONY, We’re coming to you from Seattle, for a live-streamed performance with violinist, VC Artist Simone Porter, conductor Shiyeon Sung, and the Seattle Symphony | The program includes Barber’s Violin Concerto, Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings, and Korngold’s “Dance in the Old Style” | James Holt, LIVE FROM NEW YORK CITY - WITH CHARLOTTE WHITE'S SALON DE VIRTUOSI, We’re coming to you from Merkin Concert Hall, in New York City, this evening for Charlotte White's Salon De Virtuosi 2020 Virtual Gala celebration | Tonight’s LIVE concert, features performances by violinists VC Rising Stars Hina and Fiona Khuong-Huu, flutist Sooah Jeon, pianists Albert Cano Smit and Rémi Geniet, violinists VC Young Artist Nathan Meltzer and Mone Hattori, cellist Alexander Hersh and shakuhachi player Zac Zinger, LIVE FROM LONDON - WITH THE ROYAL BALLET AND THE ROYAL OPERA HOUSE ORCHESTRA, We’re coming to you from London this week for a virtual gala performance with the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera House Orchestra | After seven months of being off the stage, due to the pandemic, the company returning to perform a selection of standard works from the repertoire, Live from Lausanne, Switzerland - with Joshua Weilerstein and the Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne, LAUSANNE - SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 | This week, we’re coming to you from Lausanne, Switzerland, with conductor Joshua Weilerstein, soprano Olesya Golovneva, mezzo-soprano Stella Grigorian, tenor Stephan Rugamer, baritone Daniel Schmutzhard, the Swiss Youth Choir, and the Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne | The program features Beethoven’s 9th Symphony | The work, which includes text from Friedrich Schiller’s “Ode to Joy”, is widely recognized for celebrating the commonality and shared joy of all of mankind, Live from Elgin in the United States - with conductor Andrew Grams violinist Philippe Quint and the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, ELGIN, UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 | This week, we’re coming to you from Elgin, Illinois in the United States, with violinist Philippe Quint, conductor Andrew Grams, and the Elgin Symphony Orchestra • Program includes: Sarasate’s “Ziguenerweisen”, Massenet’s “Meditation” from Thais, Haydn’s Symphony No. In this branch of art he devoted himself chiefly at Leipzig to the clavier concerto. Charles Edward Horsely recalled Mendelssohn's "electrical" cadenza in a memoire of 1872 as "the most perfect inspiration, which neither before nor since that memorable Thursday afternoon has ever been approached." 10, the concerto in B minor for four violins, cello, strings, and continuo, RV 580, to his concerto in A minor for four harpsichords, strings and continuo, BWV 1065. This is thus the only orchestral harpsichord concerto by Bach which was not an adaptation of his own material. Pianoforte, Violino: Minuet from C Major Flute Sonata (Johann Sebastian Bach) 2 Contrabbasso, Pianoforte, Instrumental Solo: Minuet (from Orchestral Suite No. S. Fischer, Frankfurt am Main. 3 only concern which of these eight parts get soloist roles (indicated as obligato in the original publication), and which are accompaniment (ripieno parts, and continuo). Go back Behind the music. 3. "[30] Robert Schumann subsequently described Moscheles' reorchestration as "very beautiful. Wolff, however, notes that Bach's congregation did not object to his use of the organ obliggato in the sinfonia movements in the aforementioned cantatas.


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