I have citronella planted everywhere. I can point to exactly where one will be u see my skin without being able to see the spot on my back. White vinegar. Especially on my sofas. I also have been haunted with these things for a year and a half now. They get into my clothes, especially my seams. Layla, I understand your emotional struggle as well. Doctors have no clue!!! Please let me know what you think. These people need help!!! My spouse is is not affected by these horrible things and has tried to be as patient as possible with me but I'm sure is so tired of hearing about it. No bites. Come to find out from a "bug expert" these little nightmares are Carpet Beetles. We discovered 8-10 adults and quickly ditched the mattress and cleaned the entire room with alcohol. Yes, we would like to chat versus typing. I hope that they are gone now! I know they can travel long distances to find a meal. Im so much less itchy and i feel so much better about myself. Dale Gallacher I am not interested in opinions about anything else in this room except posters and other art position.So thanks for the suggestion about that. I figured he got the adult from a chest of drawers that used to be in our room. It took another month for the "tell tale signs" to show up on mattress "inspection" (which I was already doing because we live in an urban area = known bed bug infestation possible). Get on Sertraline (aka: Zoloft). Ok looking into it Karen Middleton is totally right they are carpet beetles I took a pic from the website they are definitely it. Feel less alone & not as crazy. These people truly need an environmentalist who will listen and investigate what can eradicate these bugs out of these people's lives!! Like | 1 ... keep finding little tiny Maggots around I haven’t found a lot of the … The reaction from friends and family telling me it’s in my head just intensified the depression and anxiety. In Deed they bite day & night 24 hrs. They seem to magically multiply and itch like crazy. i see small black/brown spots the size of pepper but worse than that my entire body crawls -I notice that it’s worse around moisture ,maybe warmth, such as around the furnace, drains, vacuums,etc. Is there any geographic consistency? The bugs I’m talking about are little black hard bugs that looks sort of like a natt.But they were in my cabinet in a bag of flower either they like flour or they were born from it they are slow and hard anyone have an idea what it is, OMG i thought I was crazy my family thought I going crazy they don't attack anyone but me there in my hair I feel them on my face in my ears they get under my nails in my mouth everytime I come in for somewhere I feel like im getting attacked sometimes it feels like there long pieces of hair coming outta me im going crazy, Try tea tree oil in ur bath wash( look on line for how much to use) I also have used carpet fresh u must vacuum every day.. wash ur sheets 2 times a week don't shake sheets when changing them. Its a full time job truly trying to figure out where they're coming from, we have not been able to find the source for over a year, and the house cleaning is CONSTANT just trying to stay ahead of their propagation rate!! I had Pest control (+1 K9) look for bedbugs & they all looked at mattress & Said I don’t have them. I’ve had 5-6 “pest-control pros” Here & not one could ID what’s going on. The alcohol kills on contact. I am disabled aswell and am killing myself trying to clean enough. Last thing, use bounce dryer sheets everywhere. That got soaked in rubbing alcohol as well. Some you have to scrape off your skin (doesn't hurt) but I would advise to use some thick rubber gloves. "Freezing" them takes even more time and effort. Its HEART WRENCHING to watch, live with, and listen to a loved one suffering from this situation, and NO ONE can do anything to get rid of them. These screening and product ideas will help keep bugs at bay on the porch, Be bold. I finally found someone who didn't think I was crazy. Bed Bugs do look like a perfectly shaped apple seed. Im sorry for your husband for going through if it is the same thing.. this horrible thing. I hope this info has been eye opening and that you or no one you know gets afflicted by this curse!! Last week I vacuumed all the crumbs and any bugs I could find. mom Eternal Pea. Vacuum vacuum vacuum even if you dont have carpet.i hope this helps a little and please if you have something else that is working for you please share with me. What part of the country are you in?? I am not sure why this works, but it does. there are tiny black bugs infesting my car! . @katieg23 mine don’t move either!!! If there biteing and ever ware and bedding in skin is ticks so! West Nile might kill some of us. This is probably where they are coming from. her baby started to move more recently, so she pulled out the straps-and noticed something black that looked like dirt. they just crawl around, mostly stay motionless … I could show you photos almost identical to those you posted. Also left the windows open to air out said spray and they didn't leave. Ticks you can see with the naked eye, whereas they bugs/mites are tiny, and almost need a microscope or magnifying glass to see. They seem almost invisible at times. I'm sorry to say this to you, Mr Reus, but if you're not living this nightmare personally, then you have no clue!!! Maybe discussing it with people of the same situation will help figure out more and how to stop it. Bed Bugs don't have this either. They felt so gross under my nails. Are they carpet beetles? We moved the stove away from the wall and they were all over, and lots of webbing was there - even what looked like small egg sacs of the type spiders have. Also, know that it won't be the coffee that is actually coming back off your skin you can pop them like ticks. weird. I have these tiny beetles in my CAR. Oh yes, and had my car cleaned. These are all well known among good pest controllers and any unusual ones will be spotted by a doctor. I was once told by a Pest Control man that he did get attacked by Bird Mites and could see them all over his hand biting him. Bees pollinate our fruits ,veggies, grains etc... We all learned as children. I also have been using slot of tea tree and anything with benzoyl peroxide.. still does not get rid off but does upset them and bring some to the surface of skin .. my thoughts at the moment is to just use all the products I have and hope for an over kill.. That got tossed and the entire room was "alcohol bombed" every day for the next 2 weeks. Sticky traps placed around the perimeters of my room. Spraying isn't going to help. Mine was a year. I don't meen to come across uncaring ! They jump, I feel them land on my body. I was dusting to maybe kill them and I saw a slightly bigger one which I think was one of the mothers maybe laying them. That may be a point of Interest to finding out how to get rid of these horrible things. Wish others would do the same! mites) that will live on the body, especially in great numbers. I usually get new bites just bring in my room where it is infested. So I sprayed that all over my car, then I washed and waxed, so now there isnt a single one on there. Because they like clothing just as much as carpet) also spraying everything with Dawn dish soap and water helped. Since Decmbr 18 to present day. On the tip of the thread. As soon as I clean it, it is covered again. Cuts and scabs from picking them out of my skin. Only so much I can do really. when she leaned in for a closer look, she found tons of small … Read this link below It's worth the time and very informative http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colony_collapse_disorder Really there are alternatives. Thx so much for sharing your email address! The hell does eventually end-these things cannot live forever. I'm very glad to have read everything here tho. I'm going to keep an eye out for a very long time...but my guess is they are gone. Do you think they are bird mites?? So itchy. They continue coming out until you wash your body, I had to use charcoal soap and antifungal wash for it to stop. Remember, you can see Bedbugs and Ticks. Even though they haven't caused a problem, it was disgusting to see that we apparently were breeding them. Ticks dig in, these can and do crawl, bite, and burrow into the skin but can't been seen! It has affected his sleep, being that they are more active at night when you start to sleep, that's when they go crazy. Vet had nothing to add besides the fact she’s on revolution so it can’t be any kind of mites (I thought it was mites). West Nile ,dengue fever ,yellow fever ,new twisted flues ,aids etc... Who would have guessed this west Nile would have spred so fast? Washing your clothes at the laundry mat also helps because the hot water is hotter them in homes and the dryers as well. This isn't the time to get upset with one another, especially when we you are not only dealing with this, but worried about COVID and the coming flu season.


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