They love extremely sweet berries, fruit, peanut butter and various seeds. If you’d like, dog-ear the outside corners of the roof pieces by cutting off about 1 inch from each corner at a 45° angle. Cut 6  30″ pieces of yarn. This DIY Oriole Bird Feeder literally took 15 minutes to make and has all of the elements that attract Orioles. Oriole bird feeders come in different styles, like holding a liquid similar to Hummingbird Nectar, Sunflower seed, Oranges and Jam- like the one we made. © 2020 WILD SKY MEDIA. The Destination Nature bloggers constructed their feeder with a roof. 3. Add as many orange halves as you would like. Orioles will eat jelly straight out of the jar. Birds need water to prevent dehydration and stay healthy. Cut two 45° angles to form a centered peak on one end (this will become the top). There is no best bird feeder. This oriole feeder is made from a short piece of metal stake that I salvaged from an old garden ornament. Run it so it pokes through the stem part. Hold up and check that the bowl is centered. Flip the bowl over. Gather your supplies and give this easy DIY Oriole Feeder a try. If you like this project be sure to use the social media share buttons and tell all your friends! By making a bird feeder in your garden of course the birds will come to your garden to drink and eat and it will sound beautiful. Read our. A little waterproof carpenter’s glue in the holes will hold the perches firmly in place. Building A New Oriole Feeder […] I’ll have to see if they’re around my neck of the woods, and then make this with my kids. Orioles are a very pretty, curious songbird breed of bird. If by any chance it violates your copyright, we will delete it immediately upon presented proof. Your email address will not be published. There is no need to color the nectar. This DIY Oriole Bird Feeder literally took 15 minutes to make and has all of the elements that attract Orioles. All you need is an orange and a few other simple materials. Cut two roof pieces from the 1-inch x 8-inch board. DIY Oriole Bird Feeder. This simple DIY oriole feeder was inspired by one designed by Daniel Medbury of Plymouth, Michigan. I’ve missed the orioles this year, but I’m pinning this for next! Making the Oriole Nectar. If you want to attract larger birds, or even if you really feel like a more compact birdhouse will not do your neighborhood bird justice. But, you can also mix it half and half with water to make it into nectar for oriole feeders. Drill a pilot hole first to prevent the wood from splitting. Hang your DIY Oriole Bird Feeder and watch the Orioles. Easy 10 Diy Oriole Bird Feeder Ideas for Your Garden, Top 20 DIY Backyard Decoration With Rustic Decorating Ideas, 7 Super Cozy Small Studio Apartment Designs You Must See, 10 Beautiful Minimalist Small Kitchen Designs For You Minimalist Enthusiasts, 11 Awesome Modern Wooden Stair Design Ideas for Minimalist Homes. Give one a try and you are sure to be the most popular house (to the orioles of course!) This video is showing 2 female Orioles competing for a spot on my Oriole Feeder . Did you make this project? Share it with us! Fill the cup with grape jelly or half an orange. The oranges are held onto the feeder by spearing them onto 2-1/2-inch finishing nails. A small bowl, dowel rods, a hook or wire and a scrap cedar platform are all you need to complete this backyard oriole feeder. Orioles Like Dark Fruit. on the block. 4. We’ve simplified it a bit so anyone can build it – even a child with some adult supervision. Filed Under: Crafts & DIY, Featured Crafts, Featured Seasonal Tagged With: bird feeder, craft, DIY, summer. Insert the dowels into the holes and center them. Cut the 18-inch dowel in half for perches. DIY Sunflower Bird Feeder from an Upcycled Lamp, Dollar Store DIY: $1 Bird Feeder Tutorial, How to Make a Bird Feeder Out of an Upcycled Candle Holder, Your email address will not be published. You may even have enough scrap lumber lying around to make one or two without spending a dime. All of these birds have strong sweet tooth, and they prefer foods that offer not only proper nutrition, but also have sugar. Required fields are marked *. Writer Jim Williams, nicknamed the Wing Nut, drilled two holes on opposite sides and inserted a paint brush for a perch. Nail the roof pieces to the 2 x 4 peak with two common nails. Create a jelly and orange feeder for your backyard to ensure orioles show up in your favorite outdoor space. Serve orioles oranges, grape jelly, dark ripe fruits or meal worms. Diy Oriole Bird Feeder Ideas 60. You may even have enough scrap lumber lying around to make one or two without spending a dime. using 1" x 1" length cut to size the following pieces: using the 3/8" wooden dowel cut to size the following pieces: 4 pc of 5 in long (tapering one end of each piece at a 45 degree angle), beginning with the 1" x 1" pieces of wood (already cut to size in previous step), lay the first piece of 8" horizontally in front of you, next put one of each of the 4" pieces vertically on either end, then place the 2 pieces of 2.75" vertically in the centre, finally place th second piece of 8" horizontally along the top of your vertical pieces, this will make the bottom of the feeder (rectangle shape with 2 centre vertical pieces) and hold a plastic fruit cup on either side of the bottom framework, Once you have this layed out place a fruit cup in either side to confirm the placing is the correct size, The lip of the fruit cup should fit over the edge of the framework thus holding the fruitcup from falling through, (also allows you to easily remove them to clean and refill), Measure twice then glue and staple the pieces together, Set this framework aside to dry (you may want to clamp it together until it dries), pick up the pc of 3/8' plywood that is cut to 6.25" x 4.25", This will be the centre support of the feeder, ** Using the hammer drive a nail into the centre of each flat side of the piece (do not drive nail through the wood...only to the point where it doesn't come through), These nails will hold fruit such as half and orange (fruit side out) or an apple, plum etc, Set the centre support pc vertically in the middle of the bottom framework (after bottom is dry) centered in between the two 2.75" pieces, glue and staple the centre support to the bottom framework, Next locate the 2 triangle pieces of wood, These will be the front and back rafter to hold the roof, place the long edge of each triangle at the front and back edge of the centre support and glue and staple together, Set the two roof pieces lining up with the front and back rafter and glue and staple, pls note: the roof will / should overhang slightly to keep the rain away from oriole treats, Using pieces of dowel, place one dowel on each corner with the 45 degree angle lined up with the roof and flat end lined up in the centre of the corner of edges, These corner supports will give the feeder extra strength, After completed (glueing and stapling) I used a wood clamp to hold it all together leaving it on overnight to completely dry, Confirm your new feeder is completely dry, Locate a suitable spot for your new oriole feeder, Orioles like to perch in tree tops so feeder should be visible and out in the open, Use a shepherd hook and place a distance away from other feeders (orioles are somewhat shy), Fill one of the cups with grape jelly /water mixture (1 : 1) and the other with other cherries, peas, purple grapes etc, Cut an orange in half and press it onto one of the nails fruit side facing outward, * pls remember to clean / change the grape jelly mixture at least every third day to keep it fresh, orioles may take a while to find your new feeder, especially if they're flying through during their migration, In the meantime you may also see woodpeckers and some other birds enjoying the treats you're offering.


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