Did you know that videos are the most popular content on the internet these days? This is a great marketing technique because it allows the public to know you truly care about the wellbeing of animals. For instance, you can send the first email with the list of vaccinations for your client’s pet (bonus points if they already have an appointment scheduled). Think about what pet owners need or may want to buy for their furry family members, and supply them with it. Discounts: Offer discounts to both your current and potential customers. Additionally, you can check local coffee shops and other places people like to gather and leave your cards there. Start with Google My Business Listing, as those listings show up at the top of the search engine results page. So if you haven’t made accounts on Twitter and Facebook yet, get cracking! Consider creating a profile for each staff member, so clients can see the staff they are about to take their pet to, including their experience and picture. are a great way to encourage engagement across all your social media platforms. A marketing method that seems to work well with some veterinary services is to offer bundles and long-term packages for a discounted price. You’re going to want to start by posting things you know will get people’s attention. Some ideas include: Top 5 Summer Safety Tips, Dogs In Hot Cars: How You Can Help, How To Keep Your Pet Hydrated, and Summer Pet Travel Tips. The WhiskerCloud team is here for you. Special holiday hours and days off mean less time for pet parents to come to your clinic and pay for treatments, goods, and medication, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and take it. You can offer a seminar on various issues that are important to pets and their health and let the community know what they can do at home and what may require the services of a veterinarian. It’s difficult to market your services as a vet. Be sure to also share light themed content. Here are some content examples you can implement: Summer Pet Infographics: Create an infographic to highlight important information for pet owners that is summer specific and share it to Pinterest. Go big and create an online photo contest using a platform like. Just let your current clients know that you offer exclusive benefits to them when they bring in new customers. Summer Pet Memes: Find a summer related pet photo (the funnier, the better) and ask people to comment on how they would caption the photo. We think your clients will love it, too. Many people fail to remember to bring in their pets for their check-ups. These benefits could be anything from cold hard cash to discounts on their pet’s medication. Summer Sweepstakes: Have a giveaway sweepstakes where people enter their pet and you draw a prize winner. You can use simple ways to track, such as a new caller list. You are free to create conditions based on your preferences, but current clients should benefit from referring friends. And the good news is that many of them are relatively inexpensive. It has never been easy to gain someone’s trust, especially in the veterinary industry. All rights reserved. You provide essential services to your clients, and … We’ve worked with a variety of businesses to create tailor-fitted campaigns for each. When choosing keywords, think of common questions that people ask when seeking a vet. Look at the tweet below – perfect potential client! WhiskerCloud’s social media team can help you catalog the event and tell the entire story on your website and social media pages. Your email address will not be published. Videos and photos you share from other Facebook pages with bigger followings tend to have higher engagement. #4 Marketing for Veterinary Clinics Strategy – Specialization: Treating a specific type of pet or focusing on certain treatments Cats are the most common “furry friends” within homes all over the world, followed by dogs. Offer water for hot pets. Required fields are marked *. Besides building an online presence, you show that you care about your clients by supporting them with discounts, useful information, and special offers.


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