2 of 3 meals came with stuffed prawn and coconut shrimp. I had not expected the price increase when I went in July 2 but when my bill for one came to some 77$ for one, before tip, for an early evening meal, it caught my eye with my often ordered dessert up 1$, sifting it up nearly 10 pct. Sat., 11-07. Due to local restrictions, this restaurant may not be accepting reservations at the moment. Our waitress (can’t remember her name but older woman) was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed her...service. Now's the time to support your favorite restaurants. Fish batter was thick and doughy. The entire meal was equally bland, and left us with a greasy deepfried taste. We went up to the rooftop and found it to be uncomfortably hot without the umbrella shade. Menu was cut down quite a bit. Your donation is tax deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law. We really enjoyed our time on the roof deck, and felt the meal was very good value & we used our Landry's card so got $25 off our bill for the birthday dinner. I then looked at the menu more closely and saw an increase in many of its offerings. We ordered the calamari, Poke bowl, fish tacos,...and had mud pie (no bday candle on the mud pie due to Covid!) It is an icon with title It is an icon with title It is an icon with title It is an icon with title It is an icon with title. Thank god we did not order these as separate sides for $17! My daughter stuck with water. In about 1915, notices began appearing in the Dallas Morning News advising East Dallas residents to boil their tap water before drinking or cooking with it! making its not already inexpensive menus that bit more expensive. a pint of beer for $10 plus tax. Our whole table order the mixed seafood grill and my only complaint was the small portion. Food was delicious! The drinks were okay, but expensive, e.g. Service was still impeccable. The $24 fish and chips was definitely not worth it, especially since they skimp on the inexpensive items such as fries and coleslaw. Relaxing to look out any of the many windows and see the ocean. But its higher prices now cause pause. A price increase can put a new look now when most have to look at their finances. TB is nice for sure and straddles causal into fine dining, pushing it to have to compete with food at fine dining restaurants of which there are many good ones in Vancouver where the higher 30$s will buy one a good meal. he was so friendly and he made great connects and he was funny and made everything lighthearted. She stated that the pieces were much larger before and part of my coconut shrimp were overly done to a crisp. I then looked at the menu more closely and saw an increase in many of its offerings. a pint of beer for $10 plus tax. The food was excellent but I didn’t feel like our small bowl of seafood was worth the price we paid. But again the view is great and the service good but 77$ with a main and desert with drinks for one can be dificuit to sustain for most people for more casual dinning. was very friendly and gave us excellent service. I know that with COVID-19 that restaurants are under financial strain and are trying to survive on reduced revenue, potentially leading to higher prices and shorter dining times. Got the steak with crab stuffed shrimp and could barely chew the steak. 20:00. When we showed up for our reservation, the first thing that was communicated to us is that we had 1h15 minutes to dine. and creme caramel for dessert. The salmon they use is farmed!!! For over 35 years, The Boathouse has been a Vancouver favourite specializing in fresh seafood, premium steaks and unparalleled views. The thinnest coating of dressing I have every seen seriously tasteless....First skewer of prawns I sent back as they were overdone. of revenue they are used to, but when one is spending $200+ for dinner for 2, one does not want to feel rushed. VQA wines, The Boathouse offers a taste of fresh, local, honest food—all with a great view on the side.


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