Try the Course for Free. Topic of debate: The Impact of Social Networking for Students Introduction- This includes salutations and the topic (including FOR/AGAINST the motion). 1. A Student Example: A Debate About Smartphones in Class 11:04. For Example :- Good morning... 2. Sample Debate Script. Sample Formal Team Debate. Professor. We received a wonderful pair of arguments from a foreign language high school in South Korea. Professor . EXAMPLE OF DEBATE SPEECH Speaker 1 (Government team - Prime Minister) Good morning to the respected speaker, cautious time keeper, honorable judge, members of the opposite team and members of the floor. Body (Problem)- This is the main paragraph or the body of your answer. Taught By. Dr. Ram Neta. Always begin with the meaning of the topic or... 3. Before I put forward my case today I would like to define today’s motion ‘This house believes that _____’. In the inner circle-outer circle debate, the teacher arranges students … Since this is a debate, being part of the positive or negative stance does not serve as an advantage for as long as you are able make your points get through the judges and the audience, then it is enough.You may also see speech examples for students. Inner Circle-Outer Circle Debate. Chair: “All delegates please take your seats. The General Assembly is now in formal session. Introduction, Roll Call, Setting Agenda. Transcript. Dr. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong. The topic of today’s debate is whether or not the United States of America should adopt English as its official language. 1st Affirmative Speech: Ladies and gentlemen, today we’re here to talk about something very important.


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