Bo-bobo was chosen over Battleship because Captain Battleship was not a citizen of the Hair Kingdom. Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese); David Lodge (English), Tsuru Tsurulina III (ツル・ツルリーナ3世 Tsuru Tsurulina 3-Sei) is the old emperor of the Margarita Empire, locked away within the center of "Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX" (ネオ毛狩りランドMAX, Neo Kegari Rando MAX, an amusement park thrown right on top of the old A-Block Amusement Park). He eventually defeated him without effort, and even spammed attacks infinitely more powerful than what Bi-bibi was capable of, effortlessly. He is known for his supreme over-confidence to the point that he feels that when he fights that he doesn't even need a super fist. -Don has his composite feats (Anime, Manga, Game) -Start with their first forms on first round, then on from there -Stats equal to balance things out (if needs be) He once, in the midst of battle, using several billion dollars, put it into an ATM, sending it to a company that he made as he sent the money to it. Softon (ソフトン, Sofuton) is one of a few characters who consistently maintains sane behavior. Beauty worries about her friends' safety and finds them as her own family and though finds Bo-bobo crazy she idolizes him greatly. Most of his Wiggin attacks seem to be alongside Bo-bobo, who usually takes the lead in the creation of a Wiggin style with Don Patch following along. He is a white super deformed creature with a pointy head with a ball attached to his head and bears a strong resemblance to the Pillsbury Doughboy. Kittypoo (プルプー, Purupu) is a horned cat-faced creature who is also the second of the Chrome Dome Empire Big 4. He participated in the new emperor playoffs but lost and, thanks to Bo-bobo, barely escaped death. He is 34 yrs. Hatenko (破天荒, Hatenkō) is a member of Don Patch's 'Hajikegumi' gang. Czar Baldy Bald also appears on the dollar bills of Halekulani. He inexplicably makes an appearance with the main characters in both the first opening and ending sequence of the anime. Dengakuman (田楽マン) is the "cute mascot character" of Bo-bobo. The concept of him being fatigued is a concept so bizarre to Beauty that she thinks even a drawing of Bo-bobo being tired is completely absurd. | Immeasurable (Faster than before. He also makes his first appearance bathing in money. The channel is produced by the YouTuber of the same name. The name is connected to "Dengaku", a snack food consisting of grilled tofu dipped in miso on a stick, which is his favorite food. However, there have been many ti… He was then rescued by the KoPatches and was brought back to Don Patch (who was frying on a pan). Torpedo Girl (魚雷ガール, Gyorai Gāru) is a powerful, unpredictable force not even Bo-bobo and his Wiggins quite understand when she first appears. Before then, Hatenko first met with Torpedo Girl right after betraying the J-Block Base that he once worked with. His major concerns in life are making people eat dengaku and making as many friends as possible. After absorbing many of his creations, he is able to transform into "Super Giga", which has more powerful armor and much longer pigtailed hair. Bo-bobo's full name written in kanji is "母母母ー母・母ー母母". Has much experience, and has shown many times to improvise ways to implement the opponents' weakness to defeat them in the heat of battle. His Japanese name is a pun on "tokoroten", a type of jelly made from agar,[2] thus his ability to shape himself into any form. His name means "unprecedented" and he wields the "Kagi Shinken" ("Fist of the Key"). Hatenko briefly joins Bo-bobo's group, then leaves to migrate with his "family" to find food at baseball stadiums, but he really left so he could find someone to cure the curse mark OVER gave him. He is also a participant in the new emperor playoffs, where he is crushed off-screen by Crimson, and he gets beaten by Hiragi in Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Voiced by: Taiki Matsuno (Japanese); Terrence Stone (English). Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is the cool and incomprehensible hero, swarthy and musclebound, sporting sunglasses and a large golden afro. | Massively FTL+ (Far faster than before.) Halekulani (ハレクラニ) is the last and the strongest of Czar Baldy Bald's Chrome Dome Empire Big 4. Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese); David Lodge (English). Later, against Lambada, Softon reveals he was given the power of the Black Sun by J and combines it with Goddess Blabs-A-Lot. His plan: let all of his enemies take each other out, allowing for him to regain his grip on power. At one time the little white guy was the head of the Z-Block, the most powerful of the Hair Hunting blocks. By the end of the series, she is traveling the world with Heppokomaru/Gasser. He can also send opponents into a world based on the board game sugoroku and power up his "Gorgeous Shinken"(ゴージャス 真拳 Super Fist of Gorgeousness in the dub) abilities by fusing with the many precious gems he can collect all over his armor. Later, during a battle in the Hair Kingdom against a Blabs-a-Lot assassin, it is finally revealed that he is Beauty's older brother, explaining the connection he consistently has to her. Also like Beauty, he admires Bo-bobo from the sidelines and refers to him as "Mr. Bo-bobo". The leader both of "East Bodysoap Tower" battle arena and the 1st District of the Hair Kingdom. It is later revealed that this isn't his real face but a mask used to control his powers (similar to Gasser's collar). He uses "Red Magic Shinken" (真紅の手品真拳 Fist of Red Magic, read as "Reddo Majikku Shinken," which creates attacks based on magic tricks) to avoid the attacks of his enemies and attack them back physically, and "Blue Magic Shinken" (高型の手品真拳 Fist of Blue Magic, read as "Burū Majikku Shinken", released only within a special universe he creates through a magic handkerchief) to destroy souls and minds.


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