This unit first published a career guide for career advisors in 1971. In most schools teachers aren’t trained in guidance and counselling programme. perception of guidance teachers as they are not regarded as an integral part of the school staff and are not seen to be making a valuable contribution, despite a recent shift in emphasis to the guidance teacher as a school counsellor, an educational leader, learner advocate and a social agent. The Department of Education and Skills funds the Guidance Counselling Supervision programme, to support guidance counsellors working in post-primary schools.This is co-ordinated by Monaghan Education Centre and provided through the regional and … School guidance counselors primarily support students. In addition, the study An appraisal of issues and roles of guidance and counselling in students‟ career decision making is of paramount importance, hence this study. What is Counselling? interviews. The literature reviewed delved into the concept of guidance and counseling, its history and the importance of training of teachers in guidance and counseling skills. The roles are (1) Role in Planning (2) Role in School Organisation (3) Teaching Role (4) Role in Supervision (5) Role in Guidance (6) Role in Maintaining Relations (7) Role in General Administration. INTRODUCTION In America, School administrators spell out policy of School Guidance and Counseling services as a value and an equal partner in the Education system and provide reasons why students need to acquire competencies (Gysbers & Henderson, 2001). The findings show that Guidance and Counselling was the most preferred strategy for curbing drug abuse and all schools visited had a guidance and counselling teacher. Guidance service or programme doesn’t come under the scope of evaluation or examination of pupils. Guidance counsellors in schools and FET settings are encouraged to avail of guidance counselling supervision, where available. The section has guidance and counseling unit (sub-section), which supervises guidance and counseling services in educational institutions. 7. The counsellor’s role is that of a guide who helps facilitate that person's personal growth and positive change through self-understanding. Keywords: Guidance, Counseling, Practices, Teachers, Pupils. In other words, it has been said that as it isn’t an examinable subject, naturally teachers aren’t interested to carry out such work without any reward. This is the division that ensures effective implementation of all school programmes including guidance and counseling. However, majority of the head teachers and teacher counsellors lacked the skills for counselling drug abusers. The Guidance and Counselling Unit ensures that the school facilities which are in place are effectively utilised for the total development of the individual student, to enable him or her to lead a more fulfilling life. The unit develops services and programmes for the personal/social, educational, and career development of all students. Out of this, a sample of 10(40%) secondary schools, 10(40%) head teachers, 10(40%) deputy head teachers, 10(40%) heads of guidance and counseling, 30(10.7%) teachers and 1. This support may be in the form of counseling, listening to, and communicating with students regarding their personal and educational needs. Role in Planning: Planning is the first and foremost duty of the head of a school. Keywords: Guidance and Counseling, Students Disciplinary, Pupils, Counselor, Teacher 1.1 INTRODUCTION Guidance and counseling are essential elements in discipline management of people in all societies even the most primitive societies grew out of the necessity of guiding individual’s behavior patterns in the interest of the group. goals. The target population comprised 25 public secondary schools, 25 head teachers, 25 heads of guidance and counseling, 280 teachers and 3750 students. 8. Counselling is a learning-oriented process which usually occurs in an interactive relationship where the counsellor expresses care and concern towards the person with a problem. The results from the study will assist shed light on the challenges facing providers of guidance and counselling services in secondary schools in Nigeria. 9. Supervision.


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