Tea tree or Melaleuca alternifolia is an essential oil with natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and disinfectant properties. https://www.themiracleofessentialoils.com/essential-oils-for-childrens-cough The confusion has more than likely come from Tisserand and Young’s position on  applying these oils directly to the skin. They gently release the scented vapors into the room where they can be inhaled. Is diffusing Peppermint Oil safe around babies? The presence of the natural qualities in essential oils works great for babies as they are extracted directly from the plant sources. The Eucalyptus oils help in giving relief to congestion that also includes some cough drop and vapor drop, A study found in the Alternative Medicine Review found that eucalyptol has antimicrobial effects (R) that fight off bacteria which cause illnesses in babies. It is therefore not a ‘hormone disruptor’, cannot cause breast growth in young boys (or girls of any age).” Tisserand. In general the dilution for diffusing essential oils around babies in an ultrasonic diffuser is: N.B. In this article, we will focus on the various and best essential oils for treating cold in babies. 9 Ready-Made Essential Oil Blends for Back to School. It can help with congestion which can be especially useful before laying babies down to sleep. Tisserand recommends Eucalyptus Globula or Eucalyptus Radiata around children. This zesty oil can help boost your babies mood and energy. This is a skin-friendly plant that has potent and has an aroma and therapeutic properties in it. 29 Best Ways To Improve Reading Skills In Kids, 25 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat After C-Section, 10 Effective Essential Oils For Baby Sleep, 8 Amazing Benefits of Sunlight For Newborn Babies, 17 Effective Ways To Teach Your Toddler To Share, 10 Yoga Poses For Children To Overcome Autism. Let’s take a look at some commonly used essential oils…. Essential oil is the best inhaled for cold and congestion. I write to express. It really seems to help calm them and also acts as a great night-light while we read our stories (red is the best color for bedtime lighting as it doesn’t interfere with sleep quality). When speaking specifically about diffusing around babies Tisserand recommends using ultrasonic diffusers for a maximum of 60 minutes at a time (with rest periods of 30-60 minutes where the diffuser is turned off). There are a few different ways to diffuse essential oils: Although nebulizers are thought to be the best way to diffuse oils for therapeutic purposes I personally prefer to use an ultrasonic diffuser when children are present as it diffuses more gently and EOs are diluted with water. Dilute some tea tree oil with jojoba oil and applying it with a cotton ball to the affected area. Tea tree is stronger than oils like Lavender so although it can be diffused it is harsh on the skin and should be avoided totally on babies younger than 6 months old and carefully patch-tested on older infants. good posture is important for the overall health of the body which can... Obesity and weight loss are the topics that you must discuss with your kids but with care. However, if reading about these  safety concerns is enough to put you off you could try an alternative like Fir Needle. So, I want to share with you some research that has been done over the last decade that looked at diffusing around babies and toddlers. * By ‘they’ he is referring to Eucalyptus Radiata and Eucalyptus Globulus. But what do Tisserand and Young (2014) actually say about diffusing eucalyptus and other cineole-rich oils around babies? What we do… We diffuse a drop or two of lavender during our bedtime routine to relax our baby and toddler. Tisserand states that “There are two reports of serious adverse reactions by children to non-oral eucalyptus oil – ages 4 and 6 (Essential Oil Safety page 274). Robert Tisserand himself has since commented that his guidelines weren’t as clear as they could have been and goes on to explain his position on eucalyptus: “They* are safe to diffuse for children, if we are talking about two or three drops in a diffuser for a moderately small bedroom”. Routine diffusing around babies and children is not advised  unless doses are kept to a minimum i.e a few drops per day.


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