They’re in facilities that were so clean. SANDERS: I certainly can. That’s what’s going to happen. And, look, I have taken one that ought to be an easy step for everyone here. Boy, oh, boy. But go ahead. If we don’t win, we will have to run it and we’ll have Obamacare, but it’ll be better run. When he says buildings, they want to take buildings down, because they want to make bigger windows into smaller windows. We saved it. But, in fact, there have been equivalent spikes in Republican-led cities, like Tulsa and Fort Worth. Also, I charged them 25% on dumped steel, because they were killing our steel industry. He happens to be a good person. Joe Biden: (14:42) There’s abuse, tremendous abuse. Joe Biden: (25:15) We’re not elected for three years. We're starting from a very high rate. BIDEN: [01:11:18] And I resent like hell – TRUMP: [01:11:18] Are you talking about Hunter? Kristen Welker: (25:49) Nine times more. That's why I did not -- not one single person, private insurance, would lose their insurance under my plan, nor did they under Obamacare. I would blow away every record, but I don’t want to do that, because it puts me in a bad position. Moderna is doing very well. Who built the cages, Joe? TRUMP: [00:19:43] It’s so wrong [inaudible]. But not to a level that’s going to put all these businesses out of business. [1:10:20] Trump:  You know, Joe, I ran because of you. I got criminal justice reform done, and prison reform, and opportunity zones. We’re going to move on to our next section which is national security, and I do want to start with the security of our elections and some breaking news from overnight. Would you close down the oil industry? Let him answer it. BIDEN: [00:13:24] God. You didn’t want me to ban China, which was heavily infected. There is no, he’s never come up with a plan. KLOBUCHAR: Yeah, I want to add to what Elizabeth said. They even have a statement that we have to give 10% to the big man. Quick response, and then another question to you. KRISTEN WELKER: – for when you are going to release them to the American people? Let me tell you about my relationship to the First Amendment. In Texas, there are families who worry the plants near them are making them sick. Take a look at what's happening with your friend in Michigan, where her husband's the only one allowed to do anything. You need to be able to provide all the resources that are needed to do this. But a Black parent, no matter how wealthy or how poor they are, has to teach their child, when you’re walking down the street, don’t have a hoodie on when you go across the street. [32:27] Welker: I’m going to let the vice president respond to that quickly and then I have a question for you. 50:34 Biden: He thinks he's running against someone else. We’re going to stop fracking.”  Then he goes to Pennsylvania after he gets the nomination, where he got very lucky to get it, and he goes to Pennsylvania, and he says, “Oh, we’re going to have fracking,” and you never ask that question. And as I say, we’re rounding the turn. We want to have families. It is true; the reason I got in the race is when those people – close your eyes. I made it clear that any country, no matter who it is, that interferes in American elections will pay a price. The expectation is we'll have another 200,000 Americans dead by the time, between now and the end of the year. There’s nothing we cannot do if we do it together. I'm the son of immigrants myself, and I know that Dreamers are essentially Americans in everything but this legal classification. JOE BIDEN: He takes everything out of context. President Trump says that that kind of an increase in taxes is going to hurt the economy as it’s just coming out of a recession. Would you pledge to finally close the detention facility? Why didn’t you get it done? KLOBUCHAR: Not by arguing with each other, but by finding what unites us and getting this done. JOE BIDEN: We had a Republican Congress. I mean, she’s got a good line of stuff, but she knows nothing about the climate, and they’re all hopping through hoops for AOC Plus 3. But when you do open, give the people the capacity to be able to open and have the capacity to do it safely. 40, which is the bill that has been proposed in Congress to establish a commission to look at reparations. He didn’t like him. In Texas there are families who worry the plants near them are making them sick. [1:12:09] Welker: Mr. President, we're gonna continue on the issue of race. By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. It's been published thoroughly. Kristen Welker: (19:43) They kept it from going into the rest of China for the most part, but they didn’t keep it from coming out to the world, including Europe and ourselves. The fact is right now, we have to do more for Kyle. And that went on for months. We have to protect our seniors. But you were getting a lot of money from Russia. They deserve a minimum wage of $15. Nobody believes it except the, he and his good friend, Rudy Giuliani –. Who? It was vibrant. DONALD TRUMP: Excuse me. One is a Democrat. Don't play games with them. KLOBUCHAR: I say this is America. Their parents were with them. I wrote a book on it, and if you like data, this book is for you. JOE BIDEN: I will say, I’m an American president. KRISTEN WELKER: – questions tonight, President Trump. Under your plan, I'll tell you how we're paying for it right now. Are you committing as president to financial compensation for those thousands of children? DONALD TRUMP: Would, would you close down the oil industry? DONALD TRUMP: Because there’s a lot of people in there, deep down in the IRS, they treat me horribly. There’s a reason for it. What's the matter with these --. 11,000 people in nursing. In other places, other states, $15 would be ruinings. We have a lot of questions to get through. Nothing happens. I refuse to accept the notion, as some on this stage do, that we can never, never get to a place where we have cooperation again. People are making 6, 7, 8 bucks an hour. DONALD TRUMP: – what he’s saying is he is –. I get treated very badly by the IRS, very unfairly, but we had a deal all done. It's a ghost town. If he gets in, you will have a depression, the likes of which you've never seen. He was told this was a serious virus that spread in the air, and it was much worse than, much worse than the flu. DONALD TRUMP: [inaudible] they came out and said very strongly $6,500.00 will be taken away from families under his plan, that his plan is an economic disaster. Two hundred thousand dead. Two are Republicans. Biden: You know, the Republican leader in the United States Senate said he can't -- he will not pass it. The laptop is Russia, Russia, Russia?


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