About 33 days after Jesus’ circumcision, or 40 days after His birth, His parents took Him to Jerusalem to be dedicated to the Lord. Traditionally it has been a festival of light, with processions of blessed candles. Reflection on the Altar Painting. The coming of the child Jesus to the temple to be presented to God according to the Law of Moses took place forty days after his birth. The significance of Jesus's presentation at the Temple is that, for the first time, he is recognized as the Messiah. Yes, Simeon had been waiting for this moment a long time. Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem, forty days after his birth, 'to present him to the Lord', as the Law of Moses required (Luke 2:22).St Luke stresses that the parents fulfil all their religious obligations meticulously; and the offering of two birds shows their humble poverty. This sharing in the mystery of the Redemption was revealed little by little to the Virgin Mary. Web Admin January 29, 2020. audio and video speech essay and recognition ppt; how can imagery be used in a speech. This is where we meet the old people who have stayed in the temple, waiting for a … At the Annunciation the archangel had said nothing about this. Today’s feast day echoes themes of our Christmas celebration. intraperiod income tax presentation is primarily a matter of; blake and london and essay; co-teaching research paper; the help book essay questions. Franciscan Gospel Reflection: Presentation of the Lord 2020. The Gospel today is from Luke and tells the story of the presentation in the temple. Presentation of Jesus in the Temple - February 2nd. Jesus is human in every aspect of His life, just as we are, except that He does not sin. So today’s feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple demonstrates the dedication of Simeon and the wisdom of a life completely dedicated to the search for God’s Face… Simeon waited a long time, but his patience was rewarded. The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple can be linked with the Offering of the Sacrifice of Calvary that the Mass makes present in all times and places. According to Leviticus 12:4-5, every male child was to be brought to the temple in Jerusalem for dedication to the Lord at the completion of a mother’s purification. While they were there, they encountered Simeon and Anna. P>CHESAPEAKE, VA (Catholic Online) - The Feast of the Presentation of Mary is celebrated in both the Eastern and Western Churches. It recalls the day in the life of the Jewish girl named Mary (Maryam) when her parents, Joachim and Anne, presented her to the Lord in the temple … In the text, Joseph and Mary took Jesus with them to the temple, to make the necessary offerings in fulfillment of requirements that were associated with these two beliefs.


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