the soup that they give before the meal was ok. nothing spectacular. ), and the waiter was very attentive, took note, and brought us a complimentary appetizer in the meantime - a very nice gesture. Locations. A kabob is made by skewering pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables and then grilling them. Serving Springfield, VA and surrounding areas. I was also lucky enough to try the salad and rice from what my brother ordered. This place has the best chickpeas in town. I stopped going because I moved and the location is not convenient. Hello kabob lovers, this is one of the best place in town. Delicately seasoned pieces of tender lamb under a mound of seasoned rice, served with meatball sauce. I can't wait until the next time I visit so I can get some Afghan Kabob! Once we were able to communicate that we were missing a meal and that the tab needed to be corrected, the new waiter was quick on his feet.This used to be a bustling restaurant where lots of people could be found almost any night throughout the week. ), and served with a very tasty mint yogurt sauce. it's tucked away behind a gas station and filled with americans, and not many afghans which typically indicates authenticity. Oh , and food is excellent too. Delicious.For the entree, our group got a variety of dishes. In fact, this caused him to comment that every restaurant should serve a Super Dish or Happy Family type meal with a fork, which allows you to sample many a dish. Must try!! The prices have remained the same, although portion sizes (of lamb) have been reduced and a different cut seems to be being used. It's basically Afghan version of a 'samosa'. Come here for something special. all together it was great. The parents did nothing to correct the behavior, and the staff did not approach the parents to ask them to control their kids.Food quality has not changed. delicious. Lightly filled pasty with beef  served w/  yogurt sauce. Everything from juicy lamb or beef kabobs to vegetarian kabobs and falafel makes for a satisfying meal. Christopher R. Ashburn, VA It was still very good, and the Sambosay was very spicy and tasty as well.For entrees, we went with the Quabili Palau and Chicken Thigh Kabobs, both fresh and well seasoned. I haven't been for several months as I don't live in the area but I know when I was there last they remodeled and staff were different:(. A new man was happy to help us out, but had a difficult time understanding what we were trying to tell him. It's a rice dish with heaps of lamb, raisins, w/ sweet sauteed carrot strips.The mantu was great. May 5, 2016, 4229 Lafayette Center Dr #1475, Chantilly VA,20151. The naan was probably a foot long, and more than enough for the two of us. Ana B. Alexandria, VA Hopefully the next time I'm craving Afghan food, the spinach will be on the menu. I have gone here frequently ever since they opened, and since I moved to Austin, it is the restaurant I miss the most. The food, however, is good. A couple years ago, this was my go to place. About Kabob Palace Kabob Palace. The waiter started us off with a complimentary soup or salad. Many times we have asked for extra sauce in the order, asked if they had given us the sauce in the bag when we got there, and then looked and seen it was not there. Which brings me to my only gripe about Afghan Kabob- when you order take out, make sure they give you the sauce you ask for. You also seem to get a bowl of soup no matter what you order. The staff is very friendly, with varying degrees of English proficiency, the ambience is nice, and the bathrooms are spotless. i thought they over cooked it a touch which made the meat a bit tough.


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