Google it and you’ll find info. We were not sure at first and pulled the scoby, scrubbed it with water only, cleaned the jar out, and started from scratch with the apple cider vinegar (it can work as a starter, which we call “mother juice”, but at the price of it taking a couple batches to not taste like the vinegar). Nice post. Save two cups of kombucha in your gallon jar with your SCOBY. Thanks for the detailed feedback Jason. Now I have 2 scobys. For the first batch of booch that I use the starter tea in, I also double the amount of starter tea in the recipe. I just cut the strawberries into chunks. Many of the links on this blog are affiliate links. So I'd like to add one small suggestion to your instructions. Thanks again for the super easy instruction. (2 cups to boil, 3 bags tea, 0.5 cup sugar, 4 cups cold water, bottle of GT's booch). I am never impressed with the flavor, it always tastes to vinegary for me. Mine took 2 days until I thought it was perfect. ACV scoby is different than the kombucha scoby and the two have different properties. I started buying kombucha before the great freak-out of 2010 – thanks a lot, Lindsay Lohan – during which the unquantified alcohol that could be in the drink caused it to be suddenly yanked off store shelves. When GT had to take their kombucha off the market & reintroduce it after the Lindsey Lohan thing they tweaked the recipe & there’s not as much pressure since what they’re marketing now is as near as kombucha vinegar as you can get. This sub is for homebrewers and others who appreciate kombucha. I came up with ginger-mango and blueberry-raspberry. Okay, so there are a few more details than that but overall, it’s pretty simple. . Because the bacteria and yeasts present in the GT's bottle of kombucha have been dormant and cooled down in the bottle, the general idea here is to create a standard batch of Kombucha but increase the starter tea to sweet tea ratio. Hi Karoline! I've been brewing for some time with a scoby bought online (I didn't know it could be done from scratch). Hi there! We brew ours with various combos of flavorful tea blends in addition to the tannin-full tea, and it means as we sample ours, we know exactly how it’s sourness will blend with the flavor combo. Did you use the method of using pre-made kombucha? Freezing it ahead of time is genius! I dislike tea but with enough fruit I could make it work for my tastebuds . Your email address will not be published. Do you think it would be unpalatable without? I’m cerluntry growing a 2.5 x 1.5m kombucha scoby. Since I’m all about stupid-easy stuff, I made a fruit puree (directions below) and froze it in ice cube trays so that I could add it exactly when my homemade kombucha was ready – which happened to be during the week when I was uber-busy. Did your SCOBY come with ANY liquid? We started having them smell like really strong sulfur when we got back to brewing! or do I need to start from scratch again? – do you know if this would work using an herbal tea instead? I’m kinda nervous about this fermenting to begin with haha! Hi Laura….nice! -JOJO. if you want the mother from unpasteurized ACV to grow you need two things: provide air and food, the vinegar is kinda a finished product with little food for the culture left, also the culture is normally aerobic and needs air to grow and make acetic acid. You’re very welcome. I grew mine from ginger flavored from Costco , worked great. I forgot to go back and modify the original instructions (*puts on list*). , My suggestion is to get your husband a beer-making kit, pretty soon he is like to take over the kombucha making operation. I use to use strictly green tea, but white tea, red tea, and even coffee work! The longer you let the tea ferment the thicker your SCOBY will become. Close the lid and allow to ferment again from 1-3 days – again, it depends on your taste. There will be cultures in that liquid and of course the SCOBY itself. Is my batch still good? Making homemade kombucha is simple and easy. For those new to kombucha brewing, a SCOBY is a magical Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast which gobble up (ferment) the sugar, metabolizing it into the slightly carbonated, tangy drink that’s rich with probiotics and beneficial acids. Can you do a tutorial for making SCOBY? Boil 64 oz of water (8 cups) in a large pot. I also noticed the SCOBY is still in the middle and hasn’t floated to the top… is this okay? There were a few bottles with whole scobys in them. I was very interested in this recipe, but I am so put off by all that sugar! Hi Andrea. Wanda, FYI not the same! ), we left our scobys unattended too long I think. Add two cubes or ¼ cup of blueberry-raspberry puree. You can also grow one from scratch from a bottle of pre-made kombucha. Will take up to 3 months. I think it’s got a milder flavor compared to black tea. I feel like I’m cheating What are your favorite flavors? I’ve never tried it but I’m willing to give it a go!! I’m so psyched you were able to make a SCOBY and get your kombucha started! Both provide a nice firm seal. I will do the "second" batch in a few days. I like the sound of steps 1-4 but I would also add something after step 2. Hi Serene…I would recommend putting a message out on Facebook to your friends (if you’re on FB) or spreading the word…you can usually find folks willing to part with some of their SCOBY in your local area. Hi! ½ gallon green tea kombucha from a first fermentation (this is not store bought kombucha, 1.9 L), 2 inches fresh ginger, diced (about 2 Tbsp). I’d also recommend to people if they are using frozen mango to thaw or warm it before putting it in the blender. Did I lose you at moringa oleifera? Even the kombucha in the store is based on tea. Thanks for stopping by! No you pour the plain kombucha out of the jar with the scoby into smaller jars. If you will be using a 1 gallon jar to make future batches then put the quart of the tea with apple cider vinegar in the jar and cover with cloth secured by a rubber band. My suspicion is that if your lids are a bit old and the rubber is dry, it may not hold the seal quite as well. I’m hoping someone in the kambuch a community wants it. like veggies in your kombucha? I use Mason jars jars for bottling and put a square of freezer or wax paper, wax side down, and don’t loose the carbonation under the plastic lids! Good to know! Just keep the SCOBY from this batch and put it into the next round of sweet tea. You may want more or less ginger-mango puree or more or less carbonation. So this Green Goddess Kombucha gets its greens from 4 places: green tea kombucha, spinach, kiwi, and moringa oleifera. Btw the hair/facial one I add herbs like sage, rosemary to get more out of it. How do you make Kombucha from the GT enlightened brand? Learn how to flavor your homemade kombucha with ginger and mango. I love how you break it down so simply! I recently got a SCOBY from a friend and she coached me through this process. Advertisements have been removed from this page to make your reading uninterrupted. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. The SCOBY may not rise and the baby actually forms as a layer attached to the SCOBY. In regards throwing out kombucha, I use older kombuchas that are really vinegary which is a vinegar for hair rinse, facial toner and salad dressing, kombucha vinegar isn’t as acidic as acv I believe half of it. So I noticed a lot of differing information out there regarding how to get your own culture growing from scratch (well, almost scratch) and figured I'd add my 2 cents to the discussion. Your email address will not be published. I made my first batch and it’s really tasty! The little yeasty strings freak me out. Please share your thoughts about this method!! 2) Clean the jar… I’m thinking the side need cleaned, I’ll only use water and a very clean cloth. When it’s done, add your chia seeds and stir well so they don’t clump together. Decaf tea might be a good bet. Thank you! As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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