Create Your Own. Swig Menu Serves Beverages. Red choice of red from our telling tales range The platform rotates while riders may spin their individual cu…, Riders launch to the top of the 110-foot tower at speeds close to 41 mph by means of a linear synchronous motor (LSM) drive sys…, The Jumping Dragon consists of a large, ornately decorated, serpent-like figure with 18 carriers imbedded in its undulating bod…, The Fire Dragon was selected by People Magazine in 1984 as one of the top 10 coaster rides in the country! As practicing Mormons are not permitted to drink alcohol or hot beverages like coffee, soda is in high demand in the state, and Swig is a perfect solution to that demand. Check this page often for information about special events and promotions. Our A La Carte menu is available for lunch and dinner. Lagoon Dining is a restaurant and bar dishing up food that leans heavily on Chinese culinary traditions. w cocktail sauce. fresh king prawns, smoked w white mornay sauce & cheddar. Pioneer Village will close one hour prior to Lagoon’s scheduled closing time. A Rock Chapel stands at the head of Pioneer Village. chilli and shallots on vermicelli rice noodles, confit in garlic, tarragon & lemon w a celeriac puree, heirloom vegetables & jus gras, w wild pepperberry & bush tomato crust, red currant jus & Paris mash, 6 hour slow roasted pork belly w prosciutto soil & port apple puree, w charred asparagus, caramelised eschalots & Grilled Moreton Bay Bugs served w rice & a chilli, ginger & garlic cream sauce The Carriage Hall features almost every type of wheeled conveyance used at the turn of the century. Cajun Spiced Atlantic Salmon w Seared Jumbo Atlantic Scallops w salsa verde & a heirloom tomato spinach and couscous salad w fennel & dill aioli Swig. Join the Fun Time Club for special email offers and news about upcoming Lagoon events. Contact us. クーポン64件 Queensland king prawns, champagne lobster and Western Australian scampi, grilled w chilli, ginger & garlic cream sauce, served w basmati rice, Hot: Whole lobster mornay, Moreton Bay bugs, BBQ king prawns, Kilpatrick and mornay oysters, scallops in the shell, BBQ octopus, salt & pepper calamari, and catch of the day Non-Alcoholic Lagoon offers a wide variety of food options, whether you’re looking for a full meal, a tasty snack, a sweet treat, or a thirst-quenching drink. Was named best blue cheese in a 2003 national competition in Spain, Smoky Cheddar cheese, lightly dusted with paprika w a firm and creamy texture, Fromage de Meaux Brie, Black Truffle Formaggio di Pecora & Valdeon Blue, Mug – Extra Shot – Decaf – Bonsoy – Almond – Flavours. Paprika Spiced Chicken w watercress, Persian feta, crisp prosciutto salad & balsamic glaze Char-Grilled Haloumi & Fresh Asparagus (v), Cajun Spiced Atlantic Salmon w Seared Jumbo Atlantic Scallops, Live Queensland Mud Crab (when available), Premium Platinum Beverage Package (3 hours $55pp). Pioneer Photo Gallery is the only old time photo studio in Northern Utah and offers the classic old time photographic experience! Sparkling St Louis De Blanc Moss Restaurant. I got my swig this afternoon and on one of my last bites of the first 1/4th of cookie, I pull this out of my mouth with a big old long hair. Get the biggest bang for your buck with Lagoon’s deals and packages. According to the Associated Press in 2019, around 62 percent of Utah’s 3.1 million residents are Mormon. Plus, its product also plays well in other markets; the company has already begun the push into Arizona and plans to expand into other states with upcoming units. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the Swig name is synonymous with generosity. *Note: Seafood platters must be shared between 2 or 3 people and are charged at $120 per person, Your choice of:Drinks on Consumption | beverages are charged on consumption and placed on your bill [a drinks limit and beverage restriction can be established], Buy Own Drinks | guests may purchase their own drinks at the bar, Drinks Package | all-inclusion packages at a set price per person, Wine Pricing listed as dozen / 1/2 dozen. MORE PHOTOS. We like to understand the journey from vineyard to glass, and highlight wines that speak of their origin, and are true to style.


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