According to Wikipedia, it's "selvage" in the U.S. and "selvedge" in Brita... *The giveaway is now closed and the winner, Debby, has been emailed! If it’s not basted well you’ll end up with bumps and folds and extra fabric in the center. This one is for all the folks who have thought of quilting a big quilt on their home machine, but never tried. I love everything else. They are wonderful to work with. To learn more about machine fed quilting, read on! I will not deny fabric or an opportunity to turn on the sewing machine and sew. Support the weight of the quilt. I will definitely be coming back here if I ever get the nerve to quilt at home again! The larger you get the more difficult is it to maneuver. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. I’m assuming when you put the feed dogs down, you use your hands to make whatever pattern you want. Can't wait to try it on my next quilt! The walking foot looks similar to your regular presser foot, but it uses feed dogs, or teeth, to help grip the layers of your quilt as they move through your sewing machine. It totally depends on your price point. wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. Instead of squeezing the material, you can easily fold it into two as you move it evenly on both sides, and it will make it easier for you to handle the large quilt. You won’t regret it! Geta Grama says. Big quilts take time – lots of it. You are a sweetheart! Then, continue adding parallel wavy lines all the way across the quilt. Thank you so much. I keep getting bird nests on my bobbin side when I try to do the stippling. When you're free-motion stitching, the stitch length will depend on how quickly you push the fabric through your machine. Great tips, Jess! Thanks for all the tips Jess. Setting the machine down in a table reduces the chances of it flipping over and reduces “bounce" if you get going real fast. One of the parts you will change when it runs out of thread is the bobbin, and you will be required to change it often since it is a small machine. What a great idea! If you create a bunch of entangled fabric in front of your presser foot, stop the machine with the needle down and lift the presser foot. Definitly not top of the line- but thier service {over the phone} is wonderful and the machine does what I tell it to without too much complaining. The most important requirement is patience, don’t start stitching until the area you will be working on is lying smooth and relaxed under the needle, and don’t try to stitch too much at one time. I plan to use fleece for the backing and have checked out your suggestions for this as well! The weight of the quilt weighs heavily on your hands and shoulders, which makes it tiring. My daughter wants an embroidery machine. Great tips! We probably all fear quilting large quilts :). This is one of the best ways of quilting for most people who cannot handle the large portion on the machine, and then join the quilts together to make the larger quilt. hi- thanks for the tips! Piece your quilt top together before you get started by sewing your blocks or squares together along the edges. Check your user manual if you're not sure where yours is. I fell into a wonderful deal and bought a WOW quilting machine. Thanks for stopping by! I personally think that working with big quilts on the home machine is more manageable when quilting straight lines. The picture of the quilt and you on the floor is breathtaking! I love that idea. A little weird to build this in, but I know I will make some errors. I am trying to learn to quilt on my home machine and really struggling. My instinct was to try to push it through as I sewed. I don’t know that much about sewing machines, only the ones I have. View All Start Slideshow., Okay I read the rest of your post and think all of your tips are great! Previously, when I used a regular sized machine, I struggled to fit throw quilts through. You can also sew past the edge of the quilt if you're sewing lines that go all the way to the outside. Thanks for commenting! Any advice? Just found your blog and enjoy it very much! In the meantime this weekend I am going to straight-line quilt my biggest project yet - a twin size. Working in a well-ventilated area, peel the batting in half and spray between the layers evenly with the basting spray. If you'll be doing free motion quilting, you'll also need a free motion or darning foot. We are blessed.I like your blog, I am taking care of my elderly parents so that is like having twins — I will enjoy getting updates and encouragement from your ideas and expertise. When you quilt with less stress, you will make a neat quilt and at a faster rate too. These days I pretty much send everything a Twin size and over to a long arm quilter, because I don’t have the space to baste it, I never have the time, and it kills my back. Thanks so much! Some do allow it, so I wonder if it is a setting issue? Check out this video for things to consider about your setup. Thank you, . I started quilting nearly 50 years ago with the cheapest used machine I could find, and have continued with various machines for all of that time.,,,,,,,,,, faire un patchwork avec une machine à coudre, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Thanks for the tips Nicole! I will either stick with smaller quilts or send them out!” ;o) Thank you for the tips.


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