Salvation: Impossible with Man; Possible with God, Liberalism and It's Effects on Religion, Politics, & Culture [Part 2], Liberalism and It's Effects on Religion, Politics, & Culture [Part 3], Sound Doctrine and Good Works (Titus 1:1-16). 4. And surely thus doth the Gospel of our redemption. And in its effect upon the moral nature the true message distinguishes itself from the false. He uses the hammer of the Word in order to drive home truth, "as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.". If you saw a stone lying upon the ground, you would see it to be destitute of the power of motion, a hard, irregular, and useless mass. HUMAN INTERMIXTURES WITH DIVINE TRUTH ARE HURTFUL AND WEAKENING IN THEIR INFLUENCE. It cannot withstand. It’s a figure of speech that conveys the opposite of what is being said. The heart that is struck may not yield even year after year, but it will yield at last. It’s really, really close. It attributes the Exile to royal malfeasance and to divine house-cleaning. Elsewhere the “Branch” appears to be Zerubbabel, the Persian-appointed governor of Judah (Zechariah 3:8; 6:12). And, strangely enough, you actually do live out what you believe. I. SA Radio Rocks remain in the same condition for ages. Like sheep without a shepherd, they now have to fend for themselves in a pasture that is not their own, that is filled with thistles and thorns and not the familiar, lush green grass to which they are accustomed, to be shepherded by those who do not have their best interests at heart. Under the kindly rays of the Father's countenance, and the Saviour's love, they remain in the same unmoved and unfeeling state. The passage does not depict nor does it ponder the death, destruction and massive dislocation of the Exile. We possess the forgiveness -- we have the righteousness which Jesus has done -- when we know what He has won for us, and know the promise of God in connection with Jesus, and trust God to do what He has promised to do. “Well, old Joe’s just a barrel of fun, isn’t he?” What does that mean? Then He takes us out of the fire, and welds us with hammer-strokes such as only He can give, till He has made us fit instruments for His use; and He goes forth to His sacred work of conquering the multitudes, having in His hands the polished shafts that He has forged with the fire and the hammer of His Word. He paid the price and served out our sentence under the justice of God. These sermons are for the Church. So that, whenever a minister has the Gospel to use, this simile should teach him how he ought to use it; with his whole might let him strike with it mighty blows for his Lord. Denomination: Other. 1. by Rick Ezell on Friday, July 27, 2012 at 6:00 AM . 5. They are composed of blocks of stone. Pastor Robin Fish. These days are His days. Judah’s experience with bad shepherding — as well as our own — can foster cynicism about leaders. Well, this King of kings, this Lord of lords, came down to take our hand and shepherd us to still waters, to show us the way of God’s kingdom, to lead us back into the fold when we have lost our way. You see, the name Zedekiah means “raised up,” and he has turned out to be a false shepherd. Now is it beginning to make more sense to you? Shallum/Jehoahaz (ruled 3 months in 609 BCE; Jeremiah 22:11-12), Jehoiakim (ruled 609-598 BCE; Jeremiah 22:18). No, when it comes to honest professions, they are just about the lowest of the low. If we now apply this to the heart, we shall see the points of resemblance. He is called upon by God to be the harbinger of really bad news. Nothing will grow upon stones or rocks, and no good thing can come out of the heart of the natural man; but, on the contrary, very much evil. But I can tell you this, without any variation… at funerals, when I recite the Twenty-Third Psalm, the atmosphere of the entire place changes. Finally, finally, Jeremiah gets to offer his people just a glimmer of hope. That’s where those shows are. This "righteous Branch" (Jeremiah 23:5, see also Jeremiah 33:14-16) is not identified. If you went into the shop of a carpenter, you would see him driving home nails into wood with a hammer, as he makes some article of furniture or of utility. They supposed that the world was ruled by one supreme Being, but that under Him there were inferior deities, who presided over departments of creation, to whom were given the names of the Word, the Life, and the Light, and of whom Christ was one. 23-24), A God-Given Opportunity to Declare that Jesus Lives, Jehovah-Tsidkenu: The LORD our Righteousness. Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet because of his seemingly unending laments. At that point in time, they would have interpreted the words of Jeremiah as dealing with their exile -- and thought that God was promising a new kingdom, and a new king and a going home. They were right, this was about the coming of the Messiah. Seems like a strange time to do it, don’t you think? There is no special breed of human shepherd. Life presents us with a continuous stream of choices.


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