Download now. This encryption can therefore be considered very secure. If the sender enters the recipient’s address, the public key is automatically made available to them. When adding MailCheck to Google Chrome, you must consent to some permissions in order to use MailCheck. Now assign a key password. If storing the public key is not desired, it can be removed from the GMX key directory at any time via the mailbox settings. In special cases, however, you may require additional protection when sending emails: for example, when sending sensitive content such as contracts or doctor’s notes. Yes, the encrypted email process was checked by external security service providers. Info: When choosing option (a), GMX Start for Chrome will not appear when opening new Chrome-Tabs. GMX offers the option of setting up a backup with a recovery document. If MailCheck is not visible, try to activate the extension again. Write encrypted emails the way you normally would! Even court decisions on data delivery will remain ineffective because of this. GMX has simplified the procedure so that it’s easy for everyone to use. Secure browser extension - Chrome. Transparency and long-term security are ensured through the disclosure of the source code and functionality of encrypted communication, as well as through monitoring by external security service providers. Decryption only makes the content temporarily and locally visible on a device, and must take place every time the email is opened. Easy to use, offers piece of mind. Encrypted emails are marked with a lock icon for easy differentiation. Overview. GMX Email. Proceed by redoing steps 1 to 4 and choosing option (b) in step 4 to use GMX Start for Chrome. A more simple, secure, and faster web browser than ever, with Google’s smarts built-in. Use These 4 Chrome Plugins To Encrypt Your Gmail Messages. Yes. If your contact has already set up encrypted communication, send the encrypted email using GMX’s secure key directory, which works like an address book for encrypted messages. No, the setup of encrypted communication is voluntary. The Mailvelope browser extension offers further security options. Yes, you can import your keys using the expert settings in the Mailvelope browser extension. If you accidentally disabled MailCheck, you can enable the extension again. This lets you recover your key password should you lose it, and to set up encryption on your other devices. When you enter your recipient address, this is automatically detected and your public key is made available to the sender. Enjoy maximum security even with the simplified procedure. Shortcut to Chrome plugins pages. Here's how to enable Flash in Chrome and make sure it works properly. MailCheck. Encrypted communication provides the greatest level of security and makes the sender, recipient, subject (metadata) and content inaccessible to unauthorized parties. Plugins. Browser-based encryption ensures that the encryption takes place locally on the user’s computer and not in the provider’s infrastructure, unlike the server-side method. The corresponding fingerprint is: C394 C011 0A17 0954 47F1 5F0D 1DA4 1713 9553. A shortcut to Chrome plugins pages. Just flip the toggle switch to activate encryption while writing an email. The 'OK' displayed in the browser extension indicates when you are accessing the extension via the security window. Change the order of your e-mail adresses in MailCheck, Switching off pop-ups for new e-mails in MailCheck, Choosing a sound for MailCheck notifications, Terms GMX encrypted communication uses OpenPGP (from Pretty Good Privacy) for its encryption, an encryption process that has not been cracked since its introduction. This logs all of the user’s actions with the browser extension. The decrypted content can therefore still be retrieved after having logged out if the cache has not been emptied or overwritten. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions for setting up encrypted communication here. The keys created by Mailvelope and GMX should also not be deleted. Either scan the QR code with the GMX Mail app or enter the recovery code. OpenPGP email is a globally recognized encryption procedure and is therefore ideal for encrypted communication across countries and systems. GmbH. To check whether a key has been signed by GMX, import the GMX key in the Mailvelope browser extension options. Users can take part in encrypted communication the same way they would regular email communication. Otherwise, the setup of the GMX encrypted communication will no longer be recognized. Please note, however, that these imported keys are not synchronized and cannot be recovered via the recovery document. The 5 most frequently asked questions about the procedure. Perhaps the content of the message is especially sensitive, or the user simply wishes to encrypt their communication for personal privacy reasons.


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