In addition to the natural aging process, leaves can color because the soil becomes too dry or too wet. Why are my azalea leaves turning yellow? Courtesy Harvey Cotten Yellow azaleas are unsightly. Last summer noticed one plant was dying – 1 branch at a time. You … In same natural area, the azalea beside it looks like the same thing may be happening. This year it is only a skeleton. HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- We have lived in this house for 24 years and have enjoyed the beautiful azaleas … The plants leaves turn light green and then fade to yellow. What's wrong with my azaleas? Now, they're both almost completely yellow… It generally occurs in late summer through fall and is easy to overlook because a great many leaves remain green. A while back, I noticed that two bushes adjacent to each other had some yellow leaves, but I didn't think much of it. For example, azalea lacewings are insects that feed on the underside of azalea leaves in summer and cause them to turn a creamy yellow color. ... Having a problem with 20 year old azaleas dying. The veins of the leaves remain green, but the rest of the leaf turns brilliant yellow … Leaf coloration is normal in evergreen azaleas like the one in your photos. This occurs when the pH of the soil is high. An azalea begins to suffer from chlorosis when there is a serious iron deficiency in the soil.


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