Most templating engines will also allow you to inject your own filters in the event you need custom processing before display. Both responsive and adaptive design attempt to optimize the user experience across different devices, adjusting for different viewport sizes, resolutions, usage contexts, control mechanisms, and so on. COM Answer:-- A image sprite is a collection of images put into one single image. Then apply this CSS: Alternatively, give overflow: auto or overflow: hidden property to the parent element which will establish a new block formatting context inside the children and it will expand to contain its children. Character counts come into play with things like headlines, labels, and buttons. If you try to invoke a function expression before it is defined, you will get an Uncaught TypeError: XXX is not a function error. All the above mentioned technologies are key-value storage mechanisms on the client side. «May 31, 2012» in the U.S. vs. «31 May 2012» in parts of Europe. Currying is a pattern where a function with more than one parameter is broken into multiple functions that, when called in series, will accumulate all of the required parameters one at a time. When comparing selectors to determine which has the highest specificity, look from left to right, and compare the highest value in each column. Salesforce Developer Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Free 21 -> DOWNLOAD 95ec0d2f82 ADM201 Exam Questions. I don’t really see the need for CoffeeScript these days. Explain CSS sprites, and how you would implement them on a page or site. Iterates through the elements in an array. A guide for front-end developers to equip themselves with latest learning resources and development tools in front-end engineering. The benefits of this technique are: There’s no simple explanation for this; it is one of the most confusing concepts in JavaScript. Native objects are objects that are part of the JavaScript language defined by the ECMAScript specification, such as String, Math, RegExp, Object, Function, etc. Have you ever worked with retina graphics? Have you used or implemented media queries or mobile specific layouts/CSS? If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. // Uncaught TypeError: bar is not a function, // Uncaught TypeError: foo is not a function. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Overall, I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, and I never had to rely on the features that strict mode blocks. Semantics — Allowing you to describe more precisely what your content is. JSONP works by making a request to a cross-origin domain via a