I was pretty sure about that, but with the last chapter when we learnt he didn't lie about his energy, i'm not sure at all. I think Drive Knight’s origin and feats have never been shown in any version of One Punch’s storyline because he will be used as a crucial component in an arc. Given Mephisto's identity as a demon, his evil nature is not at all surprising. Drive Knight is probably assuming Genos will side with the mechanical uprise (possibly “The Organization” where Hammerhead got the battlesuits from) when it is time, since he does not know Genos’s origin. (acronym of; Knight Automated Roving Robot) is KITT's prototype version, which was created by Wilton Knight and his company. A character like Red Skull who is based on real human beings provides an opportunity for creators to unpack how evil exists in the world. Every time I see a poll, I should assume that you made it. At the end of the episode, however, KARR's motherboard — i.e. There, she was an Oberlin College Research Fellow and won the Award for Excellence in Critical Writing for her thesis on Indigeneity and Anti-Imperialism in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hobby Keen Perception: Drive Knight can identify the threat level of the Mysterious Beings he engages against. Affiliation Pierce has used his family's wealth from the Transatlantic slave trade towards the destruction of mutants around the world. Strategically, they have no reason to be on the Hero Association's side long term but they have even less love for monsters. Yes. The God of Marvel's Moon Knight Has Killed Hundreds of Mephistos. Three out of four of them are humans, with the other being a demon, suggesting that some of humanity's greatest foes lie not in faraway galaxies, but in their own backyard. He is a black-haired man wearing a white mask with a single red shining eye and three small vertical holes where his mouth should be. Drive Knight As Jones's story shows, the psychological damage of Killgrave's powers is long-lasting and difficult to unpack. Because of his demonstrated lack of contrition towards both his family's past, as well as his genocidal actions against mutants, Donald Pierce is indicative of the callousness that human beings can embody in the Marvel Universe and beyond. Jules Chin Greene is a writer, filmmaker, and animator based in Los Angeles. As an S-Class hero, Drive Knight is extremely powerful. This reputation is enough to place large caution for the Hero Association when the possibility of his defeat is presented. In order to improve the probability of victory, everything that can be exploited must be exploited. Undisclosed[2] There is perhaps no better example of humanity's capacity for hate in the Marvel Universe than longtime Captain America villain Red Skull (Johann Schmidt). Even though he uses robots to carry out his own desires, Bofoy still defends humanity. Manga Debut According to Sekingar, Drive Knight's confidence stems from the fact that he has never lost a battle. Yōji Ueda Jessica Jones's nemesis, Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave), is a villain so disturbing that he brings new meaning to the word to begin with. 100% Upvoted. His systematically dismantling the Metal Knight is not the action of an ally. Hmm, that wouldnt seem strange at all. The speed of each transformation does not seem to be an inconvenience, as it appears to occur almost instantaneously: the transformation from Chariot to Knight was fast enough to let Drive Knight counter the extremely nimble and fast monster Nyan moments before he reached Drive Knight's head with his claws. [26], Master Strategist: Drive Knight can use the information gathered on a Mysterious Being to his advantage by exploiting the weaknesses of the target. Created by Stan Lee and John Buscema, Mephisto debuted in 1968 in The Silver Surfer #3. Powers/Skills K.A.R.RCar of the Future Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [5] Additionally, Drive Knight claimed the fight with Nyan drained his battle energy to the point that he could no longer even move. However, KARR is extremely powerful, ruthless and dangerous, and has only one goal; destroy KITT and to kill Michael Knight as well as do whatever it takes to survive. When the tide had gone out, a young couple, John and Mandy, stumbled upon the partially buried car, dug him out, and reactivated him. K.A.R.R. Todd Haberkorn. However, the latter did not occur and KARR was placed in storage and forgotten following the death of Wilton Knight. KARR was only believed to have been destroyed. KARR demonstrates a complete lack of respect or loyalty, going so far as to on one occasion eject its driver to reduce weight and increase its odds of escape. Is Drive Knight evil. He comes from a larger group whose carefully organized acts of physical, psychological, and cultural violence are the reason for why the word "genocide" even exists. Murata once drew Drive Knight's Chariot form before but scrapped it in favor of the Knight form. With the ability to make people do his bidding through verbal communication, there are few villains who even come close to the type of harm that Killgrave is capable of on an individual level. Psykos 2.0? He is very focused on gathering information, valuing reconnaissance over the safety of the multiple heroes fighting Nyan, and does not underestimate his opponents even if they are below his level of power. Whether this is because of his robotic mechanisms or a comparison of his strength to the monsters he fights remains unclear. KARR himself — can be seen lying undamaged on the ground amongst the wreckage, its LEDs still blinking. So scratch that. Despite this, he does ultimately consider himself superior (always referring to KITT as "the inferior production model") as well as unstoppable, and due to his programming the villains don't usually get very far. Trust Doesn't Rust was also printed in book form, written by Roger Hill and Glen A. Larson, expanding upon the original television episode. While writers and other creators have long used comics as a means for readers to leave the quotidian circumstances of their lives, Marvel's Red Skull is a forceful reminder that human history is littered with villains whose acts are far worse than fiction. Drive Knight (駆動騎士, Kudō Kishi) is the S-Class Rank 9 professional hero of the Hero Association. I like your theory, and I hope its true. He is not willing to allow an enemy who has seen his abilities to live, possibly to avoid allowing his opponents to learn and therefore exploit his weaknesses. In a ravine, KARR challenges Michael and KITT to a final showdown. Play as a nonstop knight, explore the deepest depths of a vast underground world to find your own way to knighthood! Check the sidebar for information! VandalismAttempted murderAccomplice of theft Drive Knight may absorb extremely large amounts of electricity at once, enough to cause a power-outage of a nearby city. You must be logged in to vote. Press J to jump to the feed. We have no idea, but that person must exist. Drive Knight is an incredibly tactical and calculated fighter. Nyan noted that he could not predict Drive Knight's moves. Damaged, KARR prepares for another attack. Episode 10 In looking at the most evil villains in Marvel Comics, there needs to be a difference drawn between a villain who is interesting, and a villain who is downright morally reprehensible. Comment. Or it could be a great way to sow distrust and be left to work in peace. Webcomic The mask has three small vertical slits where his mouth should be. KARR is the prototype version of KITT, originally designed by Wilton Knight and built by his company Knight Industries. Who? Height The most evil villains in Marvel Comics are not aliens from a faraway galaxy, but are people who strongly resemble those from human history. While his violent methods are sometimes difficult to justify, they are not outside the realm of reason due to the immense pain he experienced from one of humanity's most horrific acts.


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