a. b. According to Cullen's friends, they have every imaginable kitchen gadget that exists. Electrical energy costs 13 cents/kW•hr where Alfredo lives. The Collection contains tasks at various level in mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and optics. b. The resistance values for each appliance is listed in parenthesis. Physics concepts are clearly discussed and highlighted. h. At what point in the progression of turning on appliances will the circuit become overloaded and the circuit breaker interrupt the circuit. … connected in series. The resistor values are 54.5 Ω (R1), 31.7 Ω (R2) and 48.2 Ω (R3). a. Part 1 Problem 1. 4.7 A The resistor values are 10.3 Ω (R1), 15.2 Ω (R2) and 12.8 Ω (R3). It is estimated that a current as low as 17 mA through the heart is required to resuscitate. Electric energy = Electric power x time = (1100 Joule/second) (1800 second) Electric energy = 1,980,000 Joule = 1,980 kiloJoule. These three brightness settings are achieved by channeling current through the high resistance filament (50 W), the low resistance filament (100 W) or through both filaments. Power of 3.5 Ω resistor: 23.1 W a. Determine the current in the circuit. Determine the current through the coil when operated at 110 V. Defibrillator machines are used to deliver an electric shock to the human heart in order to resuscitate an otherwise non-beating heart. Determine the power rating of such an air conditioner. Electric potential and potential difference. Determine the ammeter readings and voltmeter readings. A coffee cup immersion heater utilizes a heating coil with a resistance of 8.5 Ω. 5.10 Ω b. Problems . c. Determine the annual savings if Alfredo replaced his 7.5-Watt incandescent night light by a 0.5-Watt LED night light. 0.060 kW•hr for one evening Determine the overall resistance of a 100-meter length of 14 AWA (0.163 cm diameter) wire made of the following materials. Over the course of an 8 hour day, 3.8x104 C of charge pass through a typical computer (presuming it is in use the entire time). This collection of Solved Problems in Physics is developed by Department of Physics Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague since 2006. a. Determine the amount of energy used during one evening in units of kiloWatt•hours. d. Req = 3.2 Ω 26 kW•hr Determine the energy consumed (in kW•hr) by the lights over the course of 40 days. When it comes to work in physics, you’re sure to see problems involving power, which is the amount of work being done in a certain amount of time. Determine the resistance values of resistors A and B. Determine its resistance when plugged into a 110-Volt outlet. How many excess electrons must be present on each sphere if the magnitude of the force of repulsion between them is ? The unit runs for 8.0 hours during the course of a day. Determine the power of a brand new D-cell. a. Determine the ammeter readings and voltmeter readings. Ohm's Law with Examples and detailed solutions. The voltage source (ΔVtot) is a 110.-V source and the resistor values are 15.4 Ω (R1), 21.9 Ω (R2) and 11.7 Ω (R3). 3.1 A © 1996-2020 The Physics Classroom, All rights reserved. Determine the equivalent resistance of the circuit. Physics problems: electricity . An ammeter can be used to determine the current at any given location on a circuit. b. Incandescent night light (I=0.068 A) Ammeter readings: 1.57 A (for each) Now we can clearly see that two 20 ohm resistors are connected in parallel (see figure below). Power of 2.5 Ω resistor: 5.63 WPower of 3.5 Ω resistor: 7.88 WPower of entire circuit: 13.5 W, Determine the equivalent resistance of a parallel arrangement of two resistors with resistance values of … Determine the energy consumed (in kW•hr) if operated for 8 hours per day. P = V I = (220 Volt) (5 Ampere) = 1100 Volt Ampere = 1100 Watt = 1100 Joule/second. So she decides to plug it in before going to sleep and to unplug it when waking. Kirchoff's Law with Examples and detailed solutions. Problem 76. … connected in parallel. Problem 80. 50-watt filament: R = 240 Ω (rounded from 242 Ω) g. 57.4 A What is the net electric flux through the surface? Free tutorials on electricity. Determine the overall current on the circuit with the mixer and crockpot operating. What must the charge (sign and magnitude) of a particle of mass 5 g be for it to remain stationary when placed in a downward-directed electric field of magnitude 800 N/C? d. Determine the overall current on the circuit with the mixer, crockpot, juicer, blender and electric fondue operating. Here’s the equation for power, P: W equals force along the direction of travel times distance, so you could write the equation for power this way: where theta is the angle between the force and the direction of travel. How many excess electrons must be present on each sphere if the  magnitude of the force of repulsion between them is ? Determine the annual (365 days) cost of this practice of using a 7.5-Watt night light. Physics problems: electricity. Determine the amount of electrical energy (in J) used by the following devices when operated for the indicated times. b. 1.4x107 J … connected in parallel. f. Req = 4.9 Ω. An overhead high voltage (4.0x105 V) power transmission line delivers electrical energy from a generating station to a substation at a rate of 1500 MW (1.5x109 W). 5.7 A b. First, we show the currents through all resistors in the circuit. b. How much energy does it require. A closed surface encloses a net charge of 10 nC . The circuit is protected by a 20-amp circuit breaker. b. Bottom voltmeter reading (across R3): 20.1 V. A circuit powered by a 12.0-volt battery is comprised of three identical resistors in series. The heating element of an electric toaster is typically made of nichrome wire (an alloy of nickel and … The parallel circuit at the right depicts three resistors connected to a voltage source. A particle has a charge of -8.00 nC. c. Req = 3.1 Ω Physics problems with solutions and tutorials with full explanations are included. e. Determine the overall current on the circuit with the mixer, crockpot, juicer, blender, electric fondue, and wok operating.


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