It was greatly enjoyed by DD. As for the illustrations, i think that even though they add an extra sense to the story, they do not overwhelm the overall poem. This collection of over ninety poems is a true and classic example of children's poetry. During the last part of Ambleside Online Year 1, the poetry book called for was to choose from either A Child's Book of Poems or the Oxford Book of Poetry for Children. The best edition of "children's" poetry, period. She says we shall all have our tea in the garden,... more », IN September, when the apples were red,To Belinda I said,'Would you like to go awayTo Heaven, or stay... more », IN the May-time flowers grow;Little girls in meadows go;Little lambs frisk with delight,... more », I AM a very little girl,I think that I've turned two;And if you'd like to know my nameI'd like to tell it you.... more », 'MY Polly is so very good,Belinda never cries;My Baby often goes to sleep,See how she shuts her eyes.... more », YOU little girl,You little boy,With wondering eyes,That kindly look,... more », DANCING and prancing to town we go, On the top of the wall of the town we go. JUMP–jump–jump–Jump awayFrom this town intoThe next, to-day.Jump–jump–jump–Jump over the moon;Jump all the morning,And all the noon.Jump–jump–jump–Jump all night;Won't our mothersBe in a fright?Jump–jump–jump–And leave behindEverything evilThat we may find. I saw this day sweet flowers grow thick -- Start by marking “A Child's Book of Poems” as Want to Read: Error rating book. more », OH, sweet Miss Molly,You're so fondOf Fishes in a little Pond.And perhaps they're glad... more », IN the pleasant green GardenWe sat down to tea;'Do you take sugar?' Welcome back. by Backpack Books. My world this day has lovely been -- Her most popular books, Babies and Baby Animals, have sold over 1.7 million copies in the U.S. Fujikawa is recognized for being the earliest mainstream illustrator of pic. They are from the late 1960's and have a vintage feel--yet they are multi-cultural. Some of the poems incl. Even my older boys enjoy this! We’d love your help. I’m 30 and I still read this poetry book from time to time. This is one I'm sure we will reread again. As a side note, the multiple illustration contribute to the "classical" feeling of the book. There are many more wonderful poems for children of all ages to enjoy, by poets such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Emily Dickenson, Kate Greenaway, and many others. There were a lot of poems that I could learn something from which I thought was fun and exciting. This also include poems with messages including themes of nature, kindness, holiday seasons/holidays, and simple childhood rhymes, such as "Eenie, meenie, minie, mo Catch a tiger by the toe, If he hollers let him go, Eenie, meenie, minie, mo". The poem "Who Has Seen the Wind?" Some are significantly longer, or more serious, than those included in other anthologies for young children. Jump–jump–jump–Over the sea;What wonderful wondersWe shall see.Jump–jump–jump–Jump far away;And all come homeSome other day. Among the verses that. I ended up purchasing this so we can take our time reading it together. Gyo Fujikawa was an American illustrator and children's book author. This collection of over ninety poems is a true and classic example of children's poetry. While the book has a large variety, I was not impressed by all of the subjects chosen. While some may think of the word classic as boring and dry poetry, this collection is just the opposite. The selections of poems are perfect for children and the illustrations are beautiful! And this title has some incredibly sweet scenes! I liked all the different types of poems there were along with different pictures for each poem.


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