Start by marking “Do Dice Play God? Sally Clark’s case was a horrifying miscarriage of justice which can be blamed on everyone in the court’s failure to understand probability theory (especially the fact that two events may not be independent) but is mostly down to the “expert” witness. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Nice refresher of statistics 101 tho. Refresh and try again. Worrying comes naturally to us, but probabilities don’t, as Ian Stewart explains in “Do Dice Play God?,” his entertaining guide to the mathematics of uncertainty. : The Mathematics of Uncertainty, A big history of mankind's encounter with uncertainty, from early superstitions like haruspicy (or the belief on Corfu that "when you see a praying mantis, it either brings good luck or bad luck. Ian explains each concept with great clarity so non-experts can still grasp the subject. Clearly people have always been fascinated with the future and have tried in many ways to remove its inherent uncertainty. Welcome back. One was to have neglected the possibility of a genetic factor that could make a second death more likely. He lost me a couple of times towards the end, but that's ok too! Start your review of Do Dice Play God? — Ian Nicholas Stewart is an Emeritus Professor and Digital Media Fellow in the Mathematics Department at Warwick University, with special responsibility for public awareness of mathematics and science. Why Are Chicago Public Libraries Still Open Amid Soaring COVID Rates? Stewart considers six ages of uncertainty. I little too much for my test but anyone that is into stats and statistics would find this book interesting. A very good introduction to statistics and a number of applications in the real world. Storytel Norway denies rumour it plans to pay publishers by the minute rather than a fixed rate per download, The Monster Publishing Merger Is About Amazon, Penguin Random House Parent to Buy Simon & Schuster. Clark was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Nothing hugely enlightening. So what is the likelihood that you have it? Worrying comes naturally to us, but probabilities don’t, as Ian Stewart explains in “ Do Dice Play God?,” his entertaining guide to the mathematics of uncertainty. Chaotic in itself, it was still fun. I am not sure anymore! A good book to revisit concepts of probability and combinatorics introduce yourself to chaos theory and nonlinear dynamic systems, their applications to many aspects of uncertainties in the physical world. Ian Stewart develops the six ages of uncertainty by delving into everything from early thoughts about probability to quantum mechanics. Since I am into this kind of books, I would dare to say that most of the information contained was not new for me. Compilation Copyright © 2020 You obtain legal advice by hiring a lawyer. The fairness of coin tossing really resides in the inconsistency of how it is done in practice. Since the odds of winning are 1 in 175 million, surely you must be a fraud. The book was enjoyable despite the fact that it jumps a lot without a clear vision from one thing to another. Imagine winning the lottery and going to collect your reward, only to find yourself being arrested. An alternative to frequentism is an approach pioneered by the 18th-century philosopher Thomas Bayes, who viewed probability as “degree of belief”—how confident we are in an event occurring. There were parts that seemed too narrowly focused on individual case studies and long tangential examples, but overall it kept to the task of showing where we've been, establishing where we are, and exploring where we're going. Do dice play god? Even his 1 in 8,500 figure was highly dubious as he’d upped the actual population rate of 1 in 1,300 to allow for the family’s prosperous background but failed to adjust it down for the sex of the children. Quite a bit of this book was beyond me. AAP Flags Declining US Student Spending on Textbooks, Level the Playing Field for Books in Translation. Suggested for lay people standing in the grey zone of geekiness. I found this aspect of the book engaging and fascinating. Sometimes I had to read through a part more than once to make sure I got everything straight. by Basic Books. Interesting ideas in the introduction, however it is too complicated for those who don't have any idea about probability, and to general and superficial for those who do. Loads of fun, still know jack crap about quantum. Heat Up the Holidays with These 27 Winter Romances. Individual entries, comments, and other materials on this site are © by their respective authors. Delightful reading. We’d love your help. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I am not sure anymore! Really enjoyed it. Chaotic in itself, it was still fun.


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