Explain the different types of thermometers and their uses. Given below is the list of different types of thermometer. Learn the concepts of Class 7 Physics Heat with Videos and Stories. Types of Thermometers, Physics tutorial. Thermometric Properties: The following are some essential conditions governing choice of properties and materials for temperature measurement by the thermometer. Before you make your purchase, it is vital that you are made aware of the range of products available to you. There are several ways to check the body temperature of an individual with the advancement in technology. The thermometer types that are most popular for home use are; a digital forehead thermometer where a temperature reading is taken without physical contact, an inner ear thermometer where the reading is taken by inserting a probe into the ear canal, and a digital oral thermometer where the reading is taken orally from the patient’s mouth. This means, it must be very sensitive to small change of temperature. A lot of people opt to have electronic digital indoor outdoor thermometers due to its comfort they offer. Types of Thermometer. Structure Two basic parts: The bulb: The first part is the bulb that acting as a reservoir holding the liquid whose volume changes with temperature changes. In response to our understanding of the health concerns associated with mercury exposure, these types of thermometers usually use some type of liquid alcohol. Discuss their advantages and disadvantages. The Different Types of Thermometers Available. Describe several different types of thermometers; Convert temperatures between the Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin scales; Any physical property that depends consistently and reproducibly on temperature can be used as the basis of a thermometer. Scientists and doctors have created a wide variety of thermometer which can be used to measure the body temperature. Digital Thermometer This is not the latest thermometer that has been developed. The substance should have considerable variation over the small increase in temperature. Different varieties of indoor outdoor thermometers can be obtained in the marketplace and will be picked based on the finances and specs. These liquid are contained in sealed glass tube. This blog is very … Older thermometers of this type used liquid mercury. The Liquid in Glass Thermometer: We have already seen that two types of liquid used for thermometer one is known as alcohol and other is mercury. These liquid thermometers are based on the principal of thermal expansion. You should also understand and consider each type of thermometers suitability for various different uses. For example, volume increases with temperature for most substances. Different Types Of Thermometers. There are many different types of thermometer available in today’s market.


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