[35] After learning about Astral, Kite saw him as his real rival instead of Yuma since Astral advised Yuma during his Duels. [139][140][141], While Dueling Eliphas, Yuma repentantly reflected how arrogant and capricious Astral was when they first met, and how he changed over time and become someone with emotions and cares for others. It was shown multiple times that Astral is able to talk with Yuma telepathically. [92], Later, Astral was inside the Emperor's Key again, musing that he has collected fifty "Number" cards, and was determined to find the other fifty. Astral overcame his fear and decided to actually fight. He claimed that Astral also wanted the same. He felt incredibly energetic and lively by the taste of the rice balls, stating he wanted to eat "two, or three" more of them, while cheerfully saying that being Yuma has been fun in a rather comedic instance. Even in disastrous situations, he does not seem to lose his cool and can think of a strategy to get out of it. [36], Astral is shown to be able to see people's memories, as seen when he touched Hart's head to access his past memory, but this only seems to apply when he touches the person's head.[37]. Astral watched Mizar unleash his true power and was stunned when he Summoned his "Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon". Astral refused to believe this and sought answers from the "Numbers" when the Shadow Giant appeared before him, saying that he must be tested. Astral and Yuma confronted Vetrix about his actions, which made wonders if a human with a heart this ugly could truly exist. "Utopic Future" attacked and destroyed "Utopic Dragon". Astral muttered that he'll leave this to three of them and that the future is in their hands. 93: Utopia Kaiser", whi… Yuma tells Astral that he doesn't plan on just winning, causing Astral to asks Yuma why he doesn't plan on fully winning since that would mean Yuma wouldn't be fulfilling the promise he made with his father. Undaunted by this setback, they evolved into ZEXAL II and Shining Draw "ZS - Ouroboros Sage", combining it with "Utopia Ray Victory" and "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK", allowing them to reduce Don Thousand's life points to 900. [24], Astral has a fear of cats, which he defended by claiming that he hadn't done any observations about them,[5] but seems to gotten over it later on. [23] As Astral continues to learn about the human world, he showed great interest of feelings and friendship from observing Yuma and becoming more human in the process. [47] Later, Astral surmises from within Emperor's Key that it might have been made intentional by someone to scatter his memories, and wonders if the airship is meant to be some sort of message and why it would be in the key. They also earned the "ZW -" cards through "Shining Draw", an ability relative to the denizens of Astral World. Traveling through the network, he managed to find the source in a red-black energy sphere at the very heart of the chaos channels. [89] , and watched Shark's Duel with a brainwashed Art Stanley. With the helped of "Xyz Unity", Kite's "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" and Shark's "Shark Drake Veiss", they destroyed the "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragn" and defeated Vector. Then he equips "Leo" with "Photon Spear and inflicted piercing damage to Astral when Kite attacked and destroyed "Giant". [121] After Yuma won his Duel against Shark, a dying Shark states that Yuma and Astral are his best friends before before fading away. [127] Astral quietly watched as Alito managed to free Girag from Don Thousand's curse at the cost of his own life. Once Mizar Summoned his "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon", Astral was greatly shocked of a "Number" outside of his 100 memories appearing before him. [74] When Reginald and Yuma's Duel came, Astral was surprised to see that Shark did not defend himself, and speculate that its the darkness of the "Number". ", "Humans have ears, but that does not mean they always listen. [14], Nearing to the WDC finals, Yuma and Astral converse on what to do with the "Numbers" and their situation with Hart Tenjo. After their fateful Duel, Yuma and Astral reaffirmed their bond with each other, with Astral being Yuma's most precious thing, and even if they go their different ways, they will never forget each other. Later, they managed to encounter Kite, who speak to Yuma, explaining that it is not him he wishes to defeat, but Astral. Yuma tells Astral that Dueling means bonds and connection to him, and that Dueling and fighting are different. [83], At the meeting spot, Astral learned that Tori Meadows could now see him and speculated it was due to the Duel with Vector, believing that means Kite and Shark can see him too. While he openly commented that Yuma was not ready to face him, Astral mentally urged him to get fired up - otherwise, he'll be unable to get back what he lost. He picked away at Astral's darkness and feelings of betrayal, resulting in their inability to turn into ZEXAL and Astral's darkness, bringing about Dark ZEXAL; this is due that Yuma's lies which made Astral vulnerable to darkness. He also has vast knowledge of the game and most of its cards, like demonstrated in by how quickly he understood Dextra's combo and found its weakness as soon as they arrived [31] He also uses what he knows about a person to win Duels. Astral tells Yuma that he loves seeing him smile. [132] When Vector goes berserk with his power, Astral was surprised when Don Thousand appeared before them to absorbed Vector. However, like Yuma, he utilizes various Spell and Trap Cards and focuses on Summoning "Utopia", and eventually its upgraded version. When rogue chaos energy threatens Astral World, Astral and Yuma grew excited to each other and was last seen rushing to reunite. Astral Yuma questioned Astral if they can can find a future to save everyone. He starts by using "New Order 4: Etheric Anubis", and it's evolved forms. [36], At times, Yuma doesn't openly admit that he was worries or cares about Astral, usually feigning anger and yelling at him, which only makes Astral smile because he can tell Yuma's true feelings. Anime debut When power suddenly drops, Yuma feels relieved and Astral undo ZEXAL, Yuma was given "Number 39: Utopia" and "Number 32: Shark Drake", telling Yuma he's leaving "hope" and "future" to him. He revealed that their pursuit of the Mythyrian Numbers had contributed to his release and blamed the Astral World for starting the war with Barians in the first place. [99] He watched the Duel between Shark and Rio, impressed by their skill. Astral's birth and that he was given a mission about his world's future. ", "Even in a duel lost, can a friendship be found. During Shark and Yuma's Duel, Astral stayed inside the Key, hoping that Yuma would come to his senses and questioned what the most "essential thing" was for them. This also made him visible to the others only during Yuma's Duel against Fortuno, but only visible enough for Yuma's friends to believe Astral is real. [101] As they continued to argue with one another, Astral grew exasperated and urged Yuma to find common ground with Anna. They took the form of 50 "Numbers", among them the seven Mythyrian "Numbers"[41] and the four "Gate of Numeron" monsters. [84], Although Astral had little interaction with Shark, he repeatedly mentioned his respect of Shark's Dueling skills and the impact he has on Yuma. When Yuma Dueled Kite, he was surprised that Kite's Dueling skills were even more superior than his. Astral and Yuma went into Hart's mind again to find Vetrix's dragon, who plagued Hart's memories. Astral then watched Kite Duel Jinlon along with Yuma and Shark. For other versions of this character, see, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Nicknames Astral deduced the current Duel before him, and helped Yuma win against Nistro and Dextra. This is my Yugioh Zexal 40 card Anime Themed Character deck that represents the best cards that both Yuma & Astral used together or as individual duelists, Yuma received new support for his deck theme in the following Yugioh sets Duel Power and Legendary Duelists : Magical Hero and Legendary Gold Box . ZEXAL episode 1: "Go With the Flow, Part 1" Though it holds no basis and fact, human beliefs in it can drive them to turn their hunch into reality. While Dueling Yuma, A… After Yuma Tsukumo gives the Key to Tori and ran off to Duel Fender in order to protect Astral, Astral's concentration broke as the Key had closed, and sensed that a Duel had begun. Arabic However, Vetrix had still managed to defeat Kite with "Number 69: Heraldry Crest" and took all his "Numbers", representing a greater threat to Yuma and Astral.[78]. Don Thousand scoffed at Yuma's belief, and then proceed to inflicted damage to them, leaving their Life Points to 100. [98] Recovering inside the Key, Astral was confronted by Number 96, who told him he couldn't win against the Barians without accepting his evil side. Be it as it is...Friends are something good. Using this new power, Astral and Yuma created "ZW - Unicorn Spear", a card that allowed "Utopia Ray" to defeat "Galaxy-Eyes". Though Nash used the effect of every "Chaos Over-Hundred Number", Yuma and Astral narrowly avoided defeat.


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