Historically, people considered one of Yoshi's biggest flaws to be his lack of a true third jump, which was thought to make his recovery game rather polarizing. Headbutts upwards. Yoshi has also seen some buffs. He was thought to have even matchups with only six characters, most of whom were in the low tier. Yoshi does not fall into an specific character archetype, due to a large amount of strongly varying characteristics. However, if Yoshi does end up interrupted during his recovery, he will often be knocked back far enough to where he cannot recover with a directional air dodge, sending him to his doom. Slowly gets up and slams his head forward with short range. Picks himself up and whips his tail in front. From Fox to Young Link, he is only countered by 3 characters and soft countered by 3 as well, and has 4 even matchups, soft counters 3 characters, and counters 2 characters himself. Like most of his appearances, he is voiced by Kazumi Totaka, albeit via recycled voice clips from Yoshi's Story and Smash 64. Angrily, he punches a few times, and then turns his back on the screen, facing right. However, his lack of a "true" third jump means he can be vulnerable when hit out of it, or after cancelling it. Yoshi's down aerial is also one of the most damaging attacks in all the game; if all hits connect, it can deal 53% (38% in PAL) on the outset, aided by a variety of weak meteor smash hitboxes. His midair jump was known to have its advantages; it is the longest-traveling jump in the game, goes a considerable distance due to his good air speed, and comes with armor frames, which makes edgeguarding Yoshi a surprisingly difficult ordeal unless the edgeguarder has extremely powerful attacks or Yoshi is at a very high percentage. He also has a better grab. Add in Yoshi's great offstage potential and great juggling/antiair tools to keep Ness from landing and that matchup can be a headache. Yoshi can't pressure him with aerials at all. If you go from below his dair wins, from the side you have to worry about his bair or nair, from above you're pressured with that infamous uair, if he's on the ground you have to worry about utilt or upsmash. As a result of these properties, Yoshi has the fifth longest wavedash. He can also play mindgames and extend combos with his unpredictable Egg Throw, and has a very reliable finisher in his down smash, which has almost no start-up lag, outstanding reach and knockback, and a very favorable launch angle that is hard to DI against or recover from. These disadvantages have led aMSa to label Fox as Yoshi's worst matchup. Thrusts his tail upwards very fast. Swipes his tail four times behind him. Despite the appearance, Yoshi's tongue isn't a tether, though its range and lag is between tethers and normal grabs. Cloud is actually really, really bad for us. While his spot dodge and rolls are decent, he is notably unable to jump out of his shield. Otherwise outside of maybe 7 or so questionable placements, and there being a section for "even matchups but difficult" (wouldn't that warrant a -1 then?) We really can't edgeguard him much due to eggs, and he beats us in the air both in terms of airspeed and range, and has better frame data on the ground. Yoshi swallows the foe and turns them into an egg. Yoshi is featured in the following event matches: In addition to the normal trophy about Yoshi as a character, there are two trophies about him as a fighter, unlocked by completing both Adventure and All-Star modes respectively with Yoshi on any difficulty: From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, This article is about Yoshi's appearance in, Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Matchups, https://twitter.com/aMSaRedyoshi/status/1237972556151271424, The Red Essence - A Yoshi tech skill video by aMSa, https://www.ssbwiki.com/index.php?title=Yoshi_(SSBM)&oldid=1500614. As someone who has been playing a ton of Yoshi as of late, I don't know if I fully agree with HOW bad Cloud is according to this. But he's the better Yoshi. Note that although this is the current matchup chart as of 2010, it is subject to change with the meta. Snake - 4.3 Vote for tiers. Rapidly peddles his feet downwards as he descends, weakly meteor smashing enemies. Additionally, when Yoshi is light shielding and is hit by an enemy, he will slide an abnormally far distance away, especially if the attack has a great deal of knockback; this property of Yoshi's shield allows him to keep himself safe. Can sweetspot the ledge only if Yoshi is facing towards one. This page explains how to successfully counterpick the champion yoshi in the game Super Smash Bros. Overall, Yoshi is considered to have decent matchups in the modern metagame, having at least a fighting chance against the strongest characters in the game with several high-tier matchups even considered to be in his favor. Great for racking up damage, although not as great as his down aerial. If you Egg Lay the back-up climber, it's stuck in the egg for a little while, since it doesn't mash. I learned recently just how bad the Mewtwo matchup can be... that tail is just too long. As for edgeguardkng now, yes clouds recovery is bad but it's not as simple of throwing an egg and he's gimped. Can be used to. His dash grab causes him to trip if he doesn't get anyone. Soft eggs off stage right by the ledge mess his recovery up pretty badly, he has a command grab and a good projectile which makes it harder for Cloud to camp limit, great air mobility, etc. Yoshi's shield is also very unique. Yoshi's comboing ability remains strong due to the much faster falling speeds, as well as retaining the ability to double jump cancel. Yoshi received a mix of buffs and nerfs but was nerfed overall. Yoshi also becomes, 10% (grounded explosion), 12% (aerial explosion), Throws an egg at an upward arc. In his appearances in one-on-one fights, he either appears in Yoshi's Island or Yoshi's Story. Yoshi does not fall into an specific character archetype, due to a large amount of strongly varying characteristics. Most people just don't bother and put a meme next to the miis. Additionally, Yoshi's aerial attacks themselves can be of significant power; his neutral and up aerial have KO potential, as does his forward aerial due to its meteor smash potential. Peach, however, is not as susceptible to these punishes due to her floatiness, breaks through his armor easily with her hard-hitting aerials and down smash, and can crouch cancel down smash many of his approach options at low percentages. However, the Yoshi universe is incorporated in the Mario universe instead. I also think some characters in the "slight disadvantage 50/50" section should be 55/45 as well but good overall. Yoshi's ground approach is also good, due to a variety of ground-based tactics. With new innovations in Yoshi's metagame, however, the vast majority of these matchups are now considered completely inaccurate, based on community consensus, tournament results, and aMSa's personal opinions on Yoshi's matchups for him in practice:[2]. By the ninth tier list, Yoshi had dropped to 22nd place on the tier list, firmly within the bottom tiers and the fifth worst; by this point, Fumi and the other Yoshi professionals retired from Melee, leaving Yoshi's metagame relatively abandoned in the competitive scene. he has most of these right. And he can actually edgeguard us with eggs and fair. Yoshi has also seen a significant increase in his playerbase in recent years, thanks to aMSa. Once the player reaches an elevated platform, a team of 10 Yoshis will appear, who must all be defeated to continue. As a result of these properties, Yoshi has the fifth longest wavedash. Yoshi can use eggs to force villager to stay grounded, and eggs have little enough cool down where even if villager pockets them, Yoshi is able to punish that with a dash attack. Several years later, players such as V3ctorman began to use Yoshi in tournaments, revitalizing and innovating Yoshi's previously stagnant metagame. Don't remember exactly, but somewhere between 12th to 15th heaviest I believe. Otherwise yeah, I think Wario goes pretty even. Yoshi (ヨッシー, Yoshi) is a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Classic Mode, Yoshi can appear as an ordinary, giant, metal opponent, or teamed up with Ness or Luigi as well as an ally in team and giant fights. Marth is like the only character that can properly edge guard Yoshi, since tipper fair generally beats his heavy armor after around 70%. While the Melee community has not yet updated the matchup chart in response to these developments, Yoshi has risen 6 places in the twelfth American tier list and 8 places in the third PAL Tier List, the best improvement on Melee's tier list, making him a solid mid-tier character. Yoshis kill options are a fair spike off the ledge, a nair close to the edge, uair, egg into uair/fair, bair at really late percent, down b, Jab into upsmash at late percents because cloud fastfalls, a command grab gimmick, and a upsmash/fsmash. According to aMSa's incomplete matchup spread, Yoshi has good matchups, although a handful of them remain difficult. Yoshi has really great air mobility and up-b allowing him to slip past Villager's zoning tools and get in his face. That's because most people have fought exactly 0 Miis at a top level.


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