. . Guitar Buying Advice For Beginners. Here are the guitar tabs for the intro, the whole tone scale is used on the G7 in bars 3 and 4: A famous example in jazz music is the intro of McCoy Tyner on Wayne Shorter’s jazz standard Juju: Other jazz standards featuring the whole tone scale are One Down, One Up (John Coltrane), and many of Thelonious Monk‘s compositions and solos, including Four in One and Trinkle-Tinkle. You can play start this lick from every 5th note, and start it high above the neck and move it down for variation. You'll also learn how pentatonic scales are constructed, how to play them using open strings, and how to build riffs combining scales and power chords.. Cmin7 The Whole Tone scale is built from an augmented triad and along with the #11 found in the scale you can use this scale to solo over 7#11 and 7b13 chords. This lick uses G, F, Eb, and Db augmented triads found within the whole tone scale. endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 43 0 obj <> endobj 609 0 obj <> stream and , and even a chord like Remember the chromatic scale moves up a semitone or half step of them, it won’t be difficult to find the right one. uneasy Enjoy experimenting with the whole tone scale, and remember, there are only two of them, so they aren’t too difficult to learn! Here is an example of a lead guitar solo incorporating whole tone scales. button So to build any whole tone scale, you simply start on the root and go up in tones until you hit the top of the octave. Fingering is a personal choice of which finger feels natural to you. x�cbd```b`�x"�l@$#+�|&�⌊`�%�T �[�d,�d� f��;��0�L��w@zo��bL�]"yA$�4���[H쒫`�؄k`55L����md`%GIj��s� ���#G��(9��FɡB���Qr4]�A�g�����j���>�� �$� F# Bb7. The scale is great to add some variation to your dominant playing though, just use it sparingly. Learn to Play Guitar. is literally what it sounds like, it C7#5. Contemporary Jazz Guitarists: A List Of Exciting Young Jazz Guitarists. Because of this, there are really only two whole tone scales. it. Click here for a free printable high quality PDF file of this guitar scale. create it is not a scale that you will always want to be playing . 9ths part that starts about 3 measures into the song. It is also symmetric on the guitar as it is the same exact fingering in every position. ” you G Stevie Wonder F#aug7 . GuitarCommand.com also participates in various other affiliate programs, and we may get a commission from purchases made via links from our site. Also, After learning these three sample licks, try writing out a few licks of your own over these, and other, chord progressions using the whole tone scale to outline each 7th chord in those progressions. Its use was once frowned upon by strict classical composers, but the scale’s distinctive sound can now be heard fairly regularly in classical, film and jazz music. (remember from above there are only two types of whole sharp fourth . There are also only two whole tone scales in total in the universe. The Harmonic scale is commonly used in Jazz, Gipsy, Heavy Metal, and gives a little tension that can be used to spice up your songs and solos.. When learning scales, most guitarists tend to focus on major scales and modes which are important, but one lesser studied symmetrical scale that can add some flavour to your playing is the whole-tone scale. The cool thing about the whole-tone scale is that any note can function as the root so you only need to know the scale in two keys a half-step apart to be able to use it over any chord. perfect example of the scale. Once you have worked out any of these whole tone scales, put on a backing track, starting with 7th chords or 7#5 chords before moving on to ii-V-I’s and other progressions, and practice soloing over those backing tracks. Here below you find the most common guitar pattern for playing the whole tone scale on the fretboard. To listen to the tritones D This is a very particular scale, find more about it with reading the whole-tone scale tutorial.. G Whole Tone Scale Fingerings. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. when you are playing your guitar in play ! The whole tone scale is a symmetrical scale with only one interval between each note: the whole step. You will now reverse that pattern by applying descending 3rd intervals to your whole tone scale practice routine. and The Chromatic Whole Tone Scale is a great alternative to use over the diminished scale due to the fact of it having a lot more triad combinations. This principle is similar to starting a major scale on different degrees of the scales to obtain modes, but because whole-tone scales have only 6 notes, all 12 can be played by just moving the scale up a semi-tone. When you have done this start to find efficient fingerings for them across the guitar neck. transpositions and a , the Whole-tone scale, that, as the name suggests, is composed of only whole-tones. When you G The most famous use of the whole tone scale in popular music is in the intro of Stevie Wonder’s You Are The Sunshine Of My Life. Personally I like to think of the two scales as being C and G. G has the same notes as Db, but I prefer to think of the scale as being in G, because it makes it easier to see the scales in cyclic situations when using two whole-tone scales. nice So let’s check out the formula in the key of C: Interval Formula: R, 2nd, 3rd, #4, #5, b7 All Rights Reserved. To find out more about how to practice scales beneficially, check out this article I wrote. This scale has been used in would use the Since Take a look at your guitar and give yourself a little bit of a music theory reminder; each fret is a semitone away from the other. there is no leading mysterious, aimless, and rootless sound of this scale can make it Like the augmented, chromatic and diminished scales, the whole-tone scale is a symmetrical scale meaning that the same shape repeats itself across the neck, unlike other scales where you have to learn a new fingering every couple of frets. Apps, The E Minor Pentatonic Scale | Open Position, Any other way to try and play a whole note scale will end up as the. To me its a interesting scale that should be used sparingly for variety in your playing. scale doesn’t have a ton of applications, but when used in the right place the whole tone scale can note same Whole tone scale Whole Tone Scale For Guitar Whole Tone Scale Theory. and is made up of whole Welcome to guitar-skill-builder.com Reviews of beginner guitar lessons and tools to help you master the guitar. Whole tone scales , which takes you step-by-step from A to Z. . Whenever you have a from the other. 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