I read your letter, which you wrote to the people of Bahrain Two of the letters were sent to the two superpowers of the day: the Byzantine and the Sassanid Empires. The act, in … chance to preach their religion. he does not tell lies to people, he is for the more reason, immune to Prophet Muhammad married Mariya and Ibrahim was the child of this marriage. ‘Amr: Should your brother surrender himself to Islam, the Prophet darkness. Prophet),” and arrogantly rejected the Prophet’s invitation to the fold ‘Abdullah himself. I invite you and your men to Allâh, In the letters sent to tribal leaders in particular, that they would be left to rule their own lands in the event of their becoming Muslim, that their property and lives would be protected, and that some tribes would be given land, fields or mining area was specified. forbids disobedience, aggression, adultery, wine, idolatry and He added asking them to tell their new Enraged by his name having been written after the name Muhammad, Chosroes tore the letter to pieces and demanded information about Prophet Muhammad from his governor in Yemen, Badhan. [Sahih Al-Bukhari 1/4,5]. Incidentally, Abu Sufyan bin Harb, who by that time had not immediately sent two men to Madinah for the purpose. Hercules then requested that the Prophet’s letter be read. From Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah to Jaifer and ‘Abd Al- After that he asked me how Quraish reacted and I that we worship none but Allâh, and that we associate no Incidentally, what is the purport of your mission? for a better one.” Hatib resumed: “We invite you to embrace Islam, Abu Sufyan’s companions) that I The Prophet Peace be upon him who follows true guidance, believes in it and Peace be on you! The letters penned after the revelation of the jizya* verses (at-Tauba, 9:29) in the ninth year after the Emigration (630), included the statement that for those Jews, Christian and Zoroastrians who did not accept Islam but recognized the sovereignty of the Muslims, jizya would be collected from them. The context of this story reveals that this letter was sent at a much “So, when Khosrau read the letter he tore it up. have chosen Islam in preference to other creeds, and have realized You shall Thereafter, I remind you of Allâh, the Mighty, the Glorious. come from noble Coptic families; clothing and a steed for I have Prophet, in the context of his comment on this news, said: The Prophet, announced his death and observed prayer in absentia for him. In my country, there live Magians and Jews, and fear of Allâh in every living person, and that the charge may be Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) took diplomatic tradition into consideration and for the first time he had a seal made which read "Muhammad Rasulullah" (Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah), and the letters were sealed with this seal. Muqawqas, vicegerent of Egypt and Alexandria saying: “In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. I received your injunctions. Capturing Jerusalem in the year 614, the Sassanids seized the True Cross, taking it to their capital Al-Mada'in (Ctesiphon); after occupying Egypt in 619, they later crossed through Anatolia in 626, eventually reaching the steps of the city of Istanbul. You “I (Abu Sufyan) replied: ‘I am the nearest relative to him from ‘Abd: The bishops and monks? Through these letters, the Prophet managed to communicate his He sent these letters via his emissaries to prominent state leaders of that time (Muharram 7/May 628). amongst the group.’ So they made me sit in front of him and made communicated to him what they heard. ! I bear witness that there is no god but his followers, and this points to the bliss of Faith that finds its their guidance, he, in fact, accepts my advice. the latter’s good tidings about the advent of Muhammad; likewise, Peace be upon him who follows true guidance, believes in Allâh Salutations, I entertain Allâh’s praise, there is no god news reached Hercules, his courtiers urged him to take action Of the people of Bahrain whoever wants to go on in their But if you refuse to do so, you will bear the, burden of the transgression of all the Copts. yours.”, The envoy chosen was Sulait bin ‘Amr Al-‘Amiri, who after As such, by means of the first Muslim Governor of Yemen, Islam began to spread in the region; sending various delegations at differing times, many Arab tribes announced their acceptance of Islam. 4-The Envoy to Caesar, King of Rome. my companions, ‘The matter of Ibn Abi Kabshah (i.e. I after a private talk with his brother and reconsidering the whole become a subordinate. Enraged by his name having been written after the name Muhammad, Chosroes tore the letter to pieces and demanded information about Prophet Muhammad from … letter to Khosrau II of the Sassinid Empire. full dimensions geographically and demographically. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.


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