Where do mites come from & how do I get rid of them? Reptile mites can come from the reptile its self if it is new or bad substrate that already has mite Ask Login. The snake mite (Ophionyssus natricis) is a common and significant ectoparasite of captive snakes.The feeding of the mites causes irritation and clinical disease. Ever since we got the 1st one we'd find tiny black mites on him, 3 or so each time. Snake mites that have just laid eggs or just hatched (likely to be found away from a snake will be hungry and attach to the snake quickly. Most reptile owners don't even know their pet has mites until they see large groups of them on the skin or notice them on lighter pigmented areas of their pets. They are usually red but can also be black or gray and are six-legged, bloodsucking parasites. Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random. Wood mites and mites that feed on mammals do not feed on reptiles, so they could not have come from wood shavings or rats. This is the second time it happens. Also, if you have shaken hands w/someone who has a reptile with mites, or had them on their cloths. Ear mites may come from another animal. House or dust mites that live in dust do not bite, but they can induce allergic reactions. Reptile mites can come from the reptile its self if it is new or bad substrate that already has mite Where do ear mites in dogs come from? Eddie Strong, Jr. 09-01-2009, 01:02 PM #4 Mites and Chiggers: These are very tiny external parasites. I threw out the other one and bought a new one, but eventually a few months later mites appear. They are suspected of being a mechanical vector for ophidian paramyxovirus and inclusion body disease.Snake mites will also feed on other animals including humans but may not complete their life cycle when infecting alternative hosts. We have 2 ball pythons. If you have snakes around your property, and they have mites, and you come in your house then they would be able to smell out your snakes and get on them. If it has been a while and no mite is attached to the snake they are likely one of the other 10000 other types of mites. Okay Iv'e heard that pet snakes get mites, but they come from bark or something BUT I don't have any snakes I have aquatic turtles and the turtles themselves don't have mites but the little container of Reptotreat gammarus keeps getting mites. 1 decade ago. Chiggers are mite larvae that feed on skin cells and leave clusters of small, red bites on the legs and feet.


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