Thousands of babies have cords wrapped around their necks a day across the country and are just fine without medical professionals around. Learn about normal labor and delivery, as well as the actual vs. imaginary risks. Congratulations on the birth of (baby’s name). Gut health:  since babies are born with a sterile gut flora, the mother esentially “downloads” her gut health / flora into the baby through breastfeeding. I felt like a passenger along for the ride as the contractions built and the baby descended down the birth canal. By loosing our ancestral heritage of food preparation, we also lost our health. I’m happy to say that every story I heard was horribly wrong for me. Soaking reduces some of the phytic acid but not all of it., Discover The True Potential Of Holistic Health and Healing, Why Am I Always Tired? They don’t make a dime if you give birth at home, and they especially can’t charge you for drugs, emergency interventions and that C-section if you stay at home. Thank you for your comments. It can be beautiful. If there really was a need, and there’s a better chance of there not being one than a locomotive running through your house, make sure you have the information for the closest hospital and pre-fill out the check-in paperwork. The pain was excruciating. Genetic Engineers Publish Damning Evidence-based Report About GMO Food, Alternative-News,Ancestral Secrets,Babies,Beautiful,Healthy,Wake Up, Meditation, Yoga, Grounding & Mindfulness, Vitamin D Supplementation: This is Why It Can Be Wrong, 6 Steps to Solve Your Blood Sugar Problems Permanently, Antibiotic Resistant Infections: The Dangers… and How You Can Avoid Them. What Really Happens When You Take Antibiotics? They completely ignored every consideration towards me and treated me like an organ donor rather than a person. For a woman to create, grow, and give birth to another life is rather extraordinary. In fact, everyone wants to tell them the horrors of giving birth and how bad it’s going to be. I knew that I wanted children and a family of my own, but the whole pregnancy/giving birth stuff was terrifying. Mothers were also advised to have children 3 to 4 years apart, in order to let their body replenish all the necessary nutrients before the next conception. After soaking you can place the seeds / grains / beans in a jar covered with cheesecloth and in about 3-4 days you’ll see them germinate. you don’t want forget to get … Yes, the contractions got closer and stronger as the time quickly approached there at the end. Mercury, strontium, uranium, arsenic  and many more which are COMMON in most people these days, are transmitted to the baby. And what I experienced was identical to all of the horror stories I heard from all other women, except I kept turning down the meds. Congratulations on the birth of your son/daughter. Victoria is a stay-at-home mom, author, educator, and blogger at Healthy at Home. If so, please consider a donation to help the evolution of Wake Up World Focus on the end goal and imagine what your baby will look like and feel like in your arms. 105, issue 01). All of these are essential for a mother-to-be and a growing child. This article contains information about natural induction methods, labor, and childbirth. There are also plenty of recipes on the web about using sprouts in various meals. I’m being honest. Raluca offers her services to international clientele and her practice is fully online based. A healthy pregnancy is the key to a healthy baby. Most woman assume immediately after having a baby they will feel like their old selves. In reality, what we eat and  what we are exposed to in our environment directly affects our DNA and its expression. If you have a Greek grandmother, you probably remember how she used to chase you in your childhood with a spoon full of lamb tongue and eyes soup, yelling “It’s good for you, makes you grow strong!” Well, she was right. Educate yourself, do plenty of research, and talk to women who have had natural births. But it was so different than anything else I’d felt, not bad, but different, that I knew it was labor and not something wrong. But today, we are taught by mainstream media and conventional medicine that beautiful and healthy people are just a matter of luck and genetic chance. It was awful, but not due to the labor. If you learn how to prepare them and acquire a taste for them, you’ll notice a difference in your and your baby’s health one day. With a little planning, research, and flexibility you are sure to have a better labor and delivery experience. Are you pregnant and thinking about a cesarean delivery? But believe it or not, these foods’ nutritional content is very familiar to your body, it is REAL food that your body can process. Raw vegetables and fruits might not surprise you that much since you’ve probably heard already they are good for you. Call 911. You can also buy sprouted flour from  To Your Health Sprouted Flour. Creating your birth plan is a great way to help you prepare for and feel in control of your birthing experience. You have time to breathe and process what is happening in between each one. The fear women experience drives them to no longer trust their bodies, but think that everything they are being told is the truth. To find out how your metabolism works and what kind of foods it needs, check out more information about  Metabolic Typing Testing. There are tons of positive birth stories online, most, but not all of them homebirths. Even before my teen years, I knew that I was going to have my children naturally, and was going to experience labor in all its glory no matter how bad it was. What Happens In Your Body When You Suffer From Thyroid Disease? If in ancient times a woman gave birth to a baby with health problems, people used their common sense, careful observation and wisdom to understand and make the connection that certain foods were missing from the mother’s diet. Search them out and read them. Grains, nuts, seeds and beans all contain  phytic acid that interferes with mineral absorption and also inhibits enzymes that we need to digest our food. They were actually “designing” babies using special feeding before conception,  aiming for healthy, bright, happy babies, all necessary traits to the community long-term survival. Here is a recipe that will ensure all the vital nutrients are obtained: Organ meats are just nutritional powerhouses like no other foods out there. I know you’re going to love motherhood as much as I do. Follow The Money In “Sick-Care”: What’s Behind The Drugs And Needles? Fish stock, according to traditional lore, helps boys grow up into strong men, makes childbirth easy and cures fatigue. I know that I wasn’t the only one that grew up hearing stories like this. Stock contains minerals in a form the body can absorb easily—not just calcium but also magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and trace minerals. Epigenetic factors (“beyond the control of the gene”) are directly and indirectly influenced by the presence or absence of key nutrients in the diet, as well as exposures to toxins, chemicals, pathogens and other environmental factors. Pregnancy is by far the most beautiful experience one could ever be part of. Unfortunately, this indoctrination continues well after your teen years into adulthood, until it’s finally your turn. One day, when it was my turn, I knew that I wanted something different. Let’s think: convenience and fast food? Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, online August 29, 2011. Contractions usually come for one minute and then go away for a couple minutes. With my first, I remember talking to my husband the entire way through my labor. Congratulations on your birth, it's always a joy. When a woman is anxious, it gets in the way of her enjoying the pregnancy. This childbirth method encourages women in natural childbirth without medications or interventions. Birth doesn’t have to be traumatic, ugly or terrible. then we thought that it was fun when she gets older but I hade a hard time with the birth but she was alright so we are going how today. Women labor in the hospital because it’s dangerous and cannot be done without powerful medications and lots of strange people around with medical degrees to tell them what to do. Yogurt has only four or five! They contain lots of unaltered vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. What can be more simple than that? Having kids that struggle with asthma and allergies is NOT normal and it CAN be prevented. Babies were breastfed for about two years. Eat healthily, exercise moderately and minimise stress. For detailed instructions about sprouting you can check out  SproutPeople  or  Sprouting. I didn’t, but they sure kept the banter up. They knew exactly how important these were to keep them healthy and make beautiful, healthy babies. Sounds obvious, but in all the excitement (baby’s on the way!) He said :  “People don’t really like to see the bones on display, it’s not a nice view…”. and show your support for alternative media. How many mothers-to-be today are still consuming these to ensure their babies will have healthy brain cells and nerves??


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