Weaknesses: Not especially versatile. As such she’s great at locking down areas, by simply killing everything that approaches. High damage and longevity aren’t bad things, though. Weaknesses: Eclectic abilities make it hard to mod Equinox without sacrificing one strength for another. Loki is yet another (some might say the definitive) stealth Warframe. This Warframe provides a massive amount of utility to the team and is at a high point in the tier list to reflect that. Warframe is a massive game full of ever-evolving weapons, tactics, and missions. You will receive a verification email shortly. Beyond that, Mesa also has two additional skills which also puts her in a tank or survival frame category. One of the popular Warframes that can go invisible. Said ultimate primes enemies a damage debuff – that is to say any damage they take is multiplied. You are a shutterbug and you have a camera on you at all times. Give a couple of these tiers a try and find out what you enjoy the most. © For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of every current character class to give new and learning players an idea of what works, what doesn’t, and what sort of play styles you can expect. Weaknesses: Companion A.I. This Warframe’s kit revolves around the use of her Razorflies as she can easily move around the field and remove status effects from allies. Tier: High He’s a heavy damage dealer with solid crowd control that opens enemies up to melee finishers and stealth damage bonuses. If that weren’t enough you can make the Mallet mobile with Octavia’s second, and if those weren’t enough the Warframe and her allies can also trigger buffs by crouching, jumping, and attacking on-beat with her own tune. Rhino or his Prime variant (essentially a stronger and flashier version) lets you do just that and not worry about dying. However, it’s hard to get the most out of all her abilities, as you simply won’t have the mod slots to maximize them all. Inaros. Limbo can even freeze enemy bullets in midair for a short time. Nekros might just be the most highly specialized class in Warframe. The downside is that even her slightly tankier primer variant is awfully easy to kill. Nova can also spawn a powerful AoE nuke and create portals for squadmates to cover long distances in a flash. He has some okay crowd control and the ability to summon the dead to fight for him - yet the summoned allies slow down the rate at which enemies spawn, conflicting with his loot farming specialty. Learn more, Pros and cons for every Warframe available, plus their tier and whether they can be Primed. Her crowd control is unwieldy, as the buffs she can extract from enemies are randomized and uselessly minor. She can handle it very easily. She is just good at everything. It is as if there is nothing else. Depending on how you mod the said skill, it will slow enemies down or make them faster and also makes them take double damage, all in a huge radius. However, due to the stealth multiplier nerfs, his viability has dropped. Warframe tier list: Tier S As we discussed previously, in this first segment of our Warframe tier list we will find a series of characters who we classify as the most complete in the entire game. With these two mods, you fundamentally use Rhino Charge in addition on a huge enemy group and instantly activate iron skin after. Shoot and go. It may sound risky to say that ‘Warframe tier list heroes’ is one of the best free games that we can play on PC, PS4, Xbox One or Switch, but it really is an essential jewel. He’s great for players who love melee combat. Although his tentacle swarm and tempest barrage allow you to handle various situations, he just doesn’t do enough. Keep in mind that heroes placement inside a specific tier is NOT important. Nekros - a loot-based frame. After being reworked, Atlas increased in rank along with Petrify and Rumblers. In addition, Augmented Terrify is one of the best slow crowd control abilities in the game while protecting its lower in foe territory. Tier: Middle Ivara is an exceptionally versatile Warframe that offers utility, long-term invisibility, and massive damage. At the moment, there are 39 available warframes (minus the stronger Prime variants) with more on the way. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The best thing about Nyx right now is her Absorb ability. Specialization: A complex but mathematically powerful defender/support hybrid. It has been analyzed by multiple sources that Google Sheets are the reliable and the most advanced tool for documentation and organization... People are still staying home and trying to get on with their lives by practicing social distancing due to the current COVID-19... Modern project managers not only deal with increasingly complex teams but also a marketplace in constant flux. When that happens, you can easily recover Inaros' health in the blink of an eye with his first skill, Dessication. She provides a damage buff that cycles between teammates while jamming enemy guns (effectively stunning them). His low health and shields are offset by a skill that stops damage altogether (hence the Rhino comparison) and reflects it back at enemies. This stony fellow doesn’t offer much besides his first skill, Landslide, which allows Atlas to punch foes in rapid succession for decent damage. She can trick enemies into bunching up before using her signature bow to knock them out and tear them apart. *Note: The newest Warframe "Wisp" is coming to this tier list soon once we know her strengths and weaknesses. She is the infinite energy source in Warframe. This weapon will cut through enemies and launch energy blades that can travel across walls. This has earned the defensive ‘frame a bad reputation that will get you yelled at in squad chat if you don’t use them properly. This can give her up to 90 percent damage reduction. Mesa players should believe the best defense is a good offense. You can treat them like characters, like in a MOBA to make it easier to familiarize yourself. However, with two mods, namely Ironclad Charge and Iron Shrapnel, he becomes a tank with the highest amount of effective health in Warframe. In this sense, we can play without problems in the various missions because of how versatile and well-balanced each member of this select group is made up of the following Warframe :


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