Presidential debate: Key quotes from the first Biden-Trump showdown. There's another debate NEXT WEEK?? Hello world. Read on for the top 10 best quotes by Donald Trump during the first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. This debate explains why parents always just give their kids the damn iPad. She’s not saying that because she has no business ability.”, “Hillary has experience, but it’s bad experience. My TV just shut itself off and jumped in the garbage can. Just terrible. If you somehow still had any hope for America, maybe these 90 minutes finally smartened you up. I don’t think General Douglas MacArthur would like that very much… You’re telling the enemy exactly what you’re going to do… No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life… ”, “I will release my tax returns against my lawyer’s wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted… That was more than a mistake, that was done purposefully. A small select few were legitimately funny, though, and those are the ones gathered here below. ET were about the debate. Read on for Trump’s top 10 best quotes from the first presidential debate. I’m going to take a page from our president and confidently state, with absolutely no evidence or research whatsoever, that over 90% of tweets sent between 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. … The only gratifying thing is, I saw the polls come in today. It was disgusting…Biden (chuckling): C'mon man, listen just let trump party with hunter i think that is what he is really after, nixon looked a little sweaty at one debate and our parents talked about that for decades. With all of that money… I’m either winning or tied and I’ve spent practically nothing.”, WATCH: Presidential Debate Full Video Replay, Top 10 Best Donald Trump Quotes from the Presidential Debate, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. The vast majority of them were prosaic or generic or repetitive or even downright terrible. Powered by. Just piecing this together from the timeline but I'm getting a sense this is unfolding as "Lloyd Bridges In Seinfeld vs. Lloyd Bridges In Airplane" on balance? Tonight’s debate was an absolute disaster, with Trump bloviating like an abuser trying to break his victim, and moderator Chris Wallace catastrophically failing at his job. Tonights debate is gonna be like a UFC fight, there's a possibility one of them could go to sleep. … This country can’t afford to have another four years of that kind of experience.”, “She spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads about me, many of which are untrue… It’s not nice and I don’t deserve that. And believe me this country thinks it’s disgraceful also.”, “I was the one who got him to produce the birth certificate, and I think I did a good job… You treated him (Obama) with terrible disrespect (during the election). this is like if Robert Altman's drug of choice was meth, if you think the debate is bad allow me to plant in your head the idea of jim carrey and alec baldwin making you relive it in four nights. i feel like we just got very close to trump saying the gamer word on-camera, If I only had 2 minutes left to live, I'd let Chris Wallace moderate them because it would feel like fucking forever, Trump: What Netflix did to Evangelion was terrible. Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s key quotes: “Under this president we become weaker, sicker, poorer, more divided and more violent.” “Yes, there’s systemic injustice . In his defense, he had no ability to cut the mics. We learned Bernie Sanders was taken advantage of by your people. Trump has the statesmanship of a guy selling a condo to a person who does not want to buy a condo. Your regulations are a disaster and you’re going to increase regulations all over the place… You’re going to regulate these businesses out of existence… I’m going to cut taxes big league and you’re going to raise taxes big league, end of story.”, “Go to her website, she tells you how to fight ISIS on her website. And I watch the way you talk now about how lovely everything is… It doesn’t work that way… Your campaign even sent out pictures of him in a certain garb… So when you try to act holier than thou, it really doesn’t work.”, “I’ll take the admirals and the generals any day over the political hacks… Because look at the mess that we’re in.”, “She’s saying Russia, Russia, Russia… It could also be China… It could also be somebody sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds. Thanks. It’s hard to laugh about a debate where the sitting president refuses to disavow white supremacists, repeatedly lies throughout, and encourages his supporters to “watch” polling place, but what else could anybody expect from Trump? That has to happen before the next debate, so the audience at least gets the chance to hear what the candidates have to say. A small select few were legitimately funny, though, and those are the ones gathered here below. Biden is counting on us to just not be fucking morons. #Debates2020, chris wallace: The terms for the debate have been established. This feels like when you can hear Mom and Hitler fighting in the other room, This debate is more anxiety-inducing than Uncut Gems, This debate is unfortunately between a steamroller with no operator & a Roomba that got stuck in a corner. As a comedian/improviser, I volunteer to yell crazy shit at Joe Biden to help him prep for the next debate. You don’t know who hacked into the DNC… But what did we learn from documents? And the way they treated the original voice actors was disgusting. I'd shut this off if they weren't both so fucking hot. Not fair that Biden is cheating tonight by having access to a soul, In honor of Halloween season, tonight the television will be showing a fight between skeleton and pumpkin, Twelve minutes in and I'm ready to hurl myself into the sun, So many white guys talking over each other it feels like a podcast #2020Debates, Honestly didn't think anything could get me excited to watch baseball and then along came this debate, This whole debate feels like a new improv show called “Whose Lawn is it Anyway?”, I'm learning so much about politic's right now, Trump dodging questions like they're income taxes, Normalize asking the President “are you fucking stupid?”, It's like two of the bed-ridden Grandpas from Willy Wonka arguing about whose foot is touching whose balls. It’s going to be a beautiful thing to watch.”, “You are going to approve one of the biggest tax increases in history. From coronavirus to racial justice protests and the economy, both candidates managed to fire off their sound bites I was worried one of the people onstage might have a heart attack tonight but now I'm only worried about myself. Relive the latest embarrassment to befall our failing democracy, now in convenient tweet form, and make sure you follow all the people who wrote ‘em. “Will you shut up, man?” is just one of the salvos flung between President Donald Trump and opponent Joe Biden in a chaotic debate where moderator Chris Wallace struggled to keep control. We cannot be the policemen of the world… We cannot protect countries all over the world when they’re not paying us what we need.


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