Plastic-coated glass bottles provide protection from mechanical impact (dropped glass) and help reduce leakage of the bottles’ contents when the glass breaks. At Freund we love Glass and are taking a moment to share our knowledge about glass types and terminology. At Glass Bottle Outlet, smaller sizes doesn’t mean you have fewer options, and you can still shop for unique closures like reducer caps, glass droppers, or roller balls. Some common types of Glass Bottle applications include: Food packers’ Glass Bottles; Pre-cleaned, EPA Level One Glass Bottles; Plastic Coated Glass Bottles; Toiletry & Cosmetic Glass Bottles; Perfume Glass Bottles… If the bottom has a molten scar in the center, this is an indicator that it may have been produced before 1860 when bottles were free blown. The bottle has developed over millennia of use, with some of the earliest examples appearing in China, Phoenicia, Rome and Crete. Protruding ring just above the neck-ring parting line. Thomas Register® and Bottles made after 1910 tend to have a smooth bottom with several numbers. Some of the most commonly used types of glass bottles include vials. Store and dispense essential oils or extracts and top off your boston round bottle with a glass dropper cap. Antique bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Glass fruit juice bottles preserve the vitamins, flavours and colours of their content. She has received three awards from the National Press Women's Association and numerous state awards. Also, glass can be found in cobalt blue or sometimes with a greenish tint. How to Identify Vintage and Antique Brown Glass Bottles, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Purple glass bottles and jars along with red and amethyst glass containers are usually made by using manganese or nickel oxides. products, these wide mouthed containers can prove useful for many other Directly to your inbox. Glass bottles for fruit juice A soda-lime glass treated with sulfur in the annealing phase to reduce alkali solubility. At Freund we love Glass and are taking a moment to share our knowledge about glass types and terminology. All Rights Reserved. variety of different sizes. vials A variety of stoppers, such as wired toggle-style corks, were used to maintain the carbonation. Thomasnet Is A Registered Trademark Of Thomas Publishing Are you working with smaller quantities? medicines. Some regions have a container depositwhich is refu… Identify other antique apothecary bottles by their characteristic cornflower blue and cobalt blue colors, many of which were embossed with company logos and text unique to their product. An even bearing surface that forms a ring around the outside of the bottom upon which the bottle rests. For example, The Owl Drug Company featured a logo with an owl perched on a mortar. For more information on related products, consult our other guides or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform to locate potential sources of supply or view details on specific products. Knowing your glass bottles, jars, jugs, and vials is important if containers are your business! The bottom also may have a small projection that serves as a registration device for labeling and decorating equipment. sampling in industrial applications. and other products safely. The base is inside and underneath the heel and surrounds the push-up. COVID-19 Response With so many options, we know it can get overwhelming, so in today’s blog, we’re giving you a rundown of some of the glass bottles and containers we offer. Some of the most commonly used types of glass bottles We made our appearance on the internet in October of 2014, and by the Grace of God, we have been blessed to provide our customers with quality products and excellent customer care. With a growing focus on reducing plastic packaging, glass bottles are an increasingly attractive alternative for manufacturers. Glass bottles are classified by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) according to chemical durability. This is a list of bottle types, brands and companies. Terms and Conditions, As with food packaging, the trend towards waste reduction is making glass an increasingly attractive alternative to plastic. The dark colored Boston round bottles are It is 10 times more durable than soda glass. Look for "crazing"--cracks or stress lines around the neck of the bottle--common in bottles dated before 1920. Feel free to get in touch with us for more your options can help you make informed decisions. We even sell reducer caps made especially for these hot sauce bottles so your customers don’t have to worry about too much of a good thing.No matter what kind of glass bottles and containers you’re looking for, we bet you can find it here at Glass Bottle Outlet. Other beer bottle colors were dark amber, aqua and green. The bottom includes the heel, base and push-up. It is 10 times more durable than soda glass. The key is knowing how to identify whether or not a bottle is old or a modern reproduction. Blown glass containers tend to fall into two categories: Narrow Neck and Wide Mouth Jars. 99% On Time Delivery - Why It's Important, 99% On-Time Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions, 99% On-Time Delivery - Why We Perform Well. The resulting ring around the outside of the bottom provides an even bearing surface upon which the bottle rests. All of the glass bottles offered by are manufactured from Type III Soda-Lime glass. The lips and collars of older bottles (prior to the 1800s) were hand fabricated to form the mouth suitable for a cork and were relatively crude. up for an economical package for you and your customers. These containers can be used for all kinds of projects, especially when paired with the wide variety of closures we offer. Seek out bottles made of thick, dark green glass, also known as black glass, as many beer and ale brewers used these types of bottles in the 1800s. Enjoy secure shopping experience with Premium Vials, Sign in for our newsletters for unlimited promotions and coupon codes, © Premium Vials All Rights Reserved. Company. Glass bottles can vary in size considerably, but are most commonly found in sizes ranging between about 200 millilitres and 1.5 litres. Website Last Modified November 27, 2020. Not only can you choose from a number of closures, but you can also find several different sizes and colors, whether you want to keep things simple with clear glass or help your brand stand out with blue or green glass bottles. Glass bottles are chemically inert, which is important to consumers concerned about ingesting dangerous chemicals such as BPA. applications. Typically used to store essential oils and aromas, the shape and size of these bottles also makes them perfect for use as decorative items. Last but not least, it’s time to talk about one of our most specialized products: hot sauce bottles. . The seam indicates where two halves of the finish molds were joined. Knowing your glass bottles, jars, jugs, and vials is important if containers are your business! Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass - What's the Difference? If upscale image to products and the fact that is 100% recyclable makes it safe Be in the know! have a wide collection of A small spiral-shaped protruding glass ridge on the finish of a container intended to mesh with a similarly sized screw-type closure to seal the container. glass Thomas uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The AC glass container is also ideal for heavy sauces. Glass Bottles Boston Round Bottle (Winchester Bottle) This heavy and strong bottle is very commonly used for chemical applications but is also used in food and cosmetic industries as well. They can be used to store bathing products and The priority of perfumers is to preserve the scent and ensure as best as possible that it does not change over time through exposure or chemical interaction with its packaging. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. 3, the disadvantage of glass: glass also has its disadvantages, such as the weight of large, high transport cost of storage, the impact of intolerance and so on.


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