8. This report details the results of exploratory research on how to design and manage online communities of practice for educators. Possibly the best use of game mechanics out there. Easy to find affiliation and develop relationships within this community. SK-Gaming. External communities of practice often focus on thought leadership. There isn’t just one kind of “community of practice” online today. Harringay Online. 6. AUGUST 16, 2008. Many a time I’ve described Mac users as a wonderful example of a community of practice. About TheCR Academy / Learner Login, Copyright © 2020 The Community Roundtable | Built by. A true example of building a business for a community and not a community for a business. Newsletter Barista Exchange. This can be identified as the ‘titles’ of the communities of practice within your company. are an example of a “community of interest” – They are a group of people who share an interest, but do not necessarily have an interest in sharing their knowledge or applying it in concert with others. Create a charter that identifies the strategy of the group, how they … A good example of what a Facebook group can be. Connect with Georgina on Twitter. ABOUT US The term can mean something very specific to different groups of people. You don’t need strong technical expertise to build a community for your local neighbourhood. Strategies, Tools, and Professional Development for Community Leaders. Gamer’s Voice. I’ve outlined the two major buckets online communities of practice fall into (internal and external) and also provided examples of each. Establish a corporate learning community of practice plan or infrastructure. Huge boundaries between insiders and outsiders. Every corporate learning community of practice must have a clear plan or infrastructure in place. Organizations find value in increased employee efficiency, effective learning and development, and in innovation. Case Studies Barista Exchange. Common goals include problem-solving, expertise location, professional development, and innovation. About TheCR Network / Member Login 7. Best example of insiders entirely getting it and outsiders not having a clue. For example, group A shared an interest in marketing, their domain can be called as “marketers”. Community Executives, QUICK LINKS Our Values Study the types of conversations carefully, you can use these in almost any community of practice. Designed to help facilitate communication and information sharing, customers can ask … Our Clients 9. 5. Excellent use of sub-groups to stimulate activity, good inclusion of game mechanics and it’s all for a good cause. 7. 2. The Mac Community of Practice. An active community using a Facebook group to tackle anti-video games policies and media. Models and Frameworks It’s a hugely popular community with plenty of content about the community. A great example of building a community for a more difficult group. Community Program Owners Job Board Upcoming Events, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES The world’s top online community for Barista’s. Organizations find value through brand recognition, market insights, and customer loyalty. We need great examples to follow, here are ten of my favourite online communities along with a brief explanation of why I love them. Community Managers TheCR Awards, RESOURCES Communities of Practice (CoPs) are working to strengthen public health as members learn, share expertise, and work together on solving common problems in their communities’ focus areas. Definitions community of practice, online communities, types of communities. FeverBee founder Richard Millington shares advice on online community management, strategy, design, psychology, measurement and calculating ROI. If you’ve heard the term “community of practice” and said, “Hmm…” you’re not alone. Members find value in an internal community of practice through expedited work tasks, less frustration in finding solutions, and expert recognition/social validation. Georgina works with TheCR clients to design, develop and maximize the value of their community initiatives and works general community magic wherever she goes. Helpful metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of an internal community of practice include the number of questions and answers, percent of questions answered, percent of questions with correct answers, successful searches, and collaborative outputs like standards documentation. Tommy Sollen is a community genius. 2018 update: You can now find 1,300+ examples of great online communities here. By bringing alumni working in similar fields together in communities of practice, we’re contributing to the growth of a global community of extraordinary leaders whose locally-rooted efforts to transform education outcomes for kids are informed by the latest global learning and best practices. Most of the community anyone can access, but cops (once verified through their precinct) can talk in private areas. A community of practice is different from a community of interest. An active community using a Facebook group to tackle anti-video games policies and media. The world’s top online community for Barista’s. Fans of a certain movie genre (comedy, romantic, etc.) Buy the book too. You can learn something from each of these communities. Software tools used in project management can become the community’s virtual headquarters Some examples of these tools are Basecamp , Asana , Trello , and Facebook’s Workplace . An internal, employee community of practice is a community of professionals who share an industry/role/responsibility and also work for the same organization. Some put Apple decals in the rear windows of their cars. By using these platforms, members can share documents, delegate tasks, keep track of the projects’ deadline, keep themselves updated with a community calendar, and most importantly extend the conversation. The world’s top online community for Barista’s. Kiva. If you play games online, you’re probably a member of this near 1m strong gaming community. Prisoner Life. This community appeals to cops by offering great advice and satisfies affiliation needs well. A single organization builds, manages and supports an external community of practice for the benefit of a market segment. Designers unite, this is the coolest community for one of the coolest audiences. PoliceOne. Prisoner Life. To learn about building successful communities, take our on-demand course: How to Start an Online Community, on 10 Examples Of Great Online Communities, Examples of Successful Online Brand Communities, 1,300+ examples of great online communities here. One of the most beautifully designed websites with a very strong community and a great use of game mechanics. 4Chan. Training and Events, RESOURCES BY AUDIENCE In addition to the features mentioned above, spend time learning what common elements are present in each of these 10 successful communities. An external community of practice is a community of professionals who share an industry/role/responsibility, who work at many different organizations. 8. About TheCR Library / Subscriber Login SK-Gaming. 7. Threadless. Community of Sweden. While group B shared the same interest in optimizing website … There is typically an online ‘home base’ for these communities in the form of a group within an enterprise social network platform, space on an Intranet, or at a minimum a shared file folder. Texans Talk. What happens when you relax the moderation rules? I’ve outlined the two major buckets online communities of practice fall into (internal and external) and also provided examples of each. Jay Cross. A great example of clear, effective, Ning design creating a decent online community for today’s Baristas. Webinars The report provides preliminary empirical evidence that participation in online communities creates value for educators, their students, and their schools and districts, defines a set of common questions and challenges that new communities must […] 10. This community has it’s own language, culture, rituals and many aspects that make a community strong.


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