You'll be able to see which amenities are available for each individual departure when you search, We give you access to all available bus routes to faciliate your. From Istanbul: Bus ticket to Cappadocia, Bus ticket to Pamukkale, Bus ticket to Ephesus, Bus ticket to Gallipoli, Bus ticket to Safranbolu, and many more. Although you can usually walk into an otogar (bus station) and buy a ticket for the next bus, it's wise to plan ahead on public holidays, at weekends and during the school holidays from mid-June to mid-September. The buses used for intercity transportation vary in size and layout, on busy route double or large single deckers are used, on shorter routes buses for about 30 persons are used, in many cases the buses are layed out with 1+2 setting arrangement, meaning one side of the bus has two seats the other site has one seat, this is secure privacy of the passenger and secure that single travelling women can sit alone. BUS COMPANIES IN TURKEY. Gradually approaching to its 100th anniversary in the light of the principles of Kâmil Koç, its founder; Kâmil Koç Buses Inc. is taking firm steps forward the … In 2016 Ulusoy purchased Varan Turizm, another of Turkey’s most respected names in quality land transportation. Liste of the principal vehicles in our fleet we use in Turkey : Mercedes Travego 15 SHD, Mercedes Travego 17 SHD, Neoplan Starliner Neoplan Tourliner Neoplan Cityliner Neoplan Skyliner Mercedes 403 Setra S415 HD Mercedes Tourismo Mercedes Intouro Mitsubishi Safir Man Fortuna Mercedes 0304 Mitsubishi Prenses Temsa Diamond Otokar Doruk Isuzu Turquaz Temsa Powerbus Temsa Prestij Volkswagen Crafter Volkswagen Sprinter Mercedes Vito Mercedes Viano Volkswagen Caravelle Volkswagen Transporter, Tailor Made Travel Transport » Ski Holidays » Students Travel » Transport for Golfers » Football Teams Transport Service » Rugby No need to worry about finding transport to your hotel, daily travel to a golf course or finding the nearest highlight and The buses, operated by hundreds of companies large and small, are modern and comfortable, with air conditioning, entertainment (movies, audio books, TV, computer games), a steward to bring you snacks and drinks, and even free Wifi Internetconnections on some buses (and more in the bus terminals). Bus travel is the most popular form of travel as they are spacious and comfortable. Copyright © 2002-2019 by Turkey Travel Planner, LLC. Buses run everywhere, even cross-country (Istanbul to Artvin: 1352 km, 840 miles, 24 hours), although bus trips of more than 8 or 10 hours are tedious. All Rights Reserved. For abudget travel this company is highly recomended by travellers. There are many bus companies in Turkey to pick from and deciding which to use can feel a bit overwhelming. Another special thing about the intercity buses market in Turkey is how the ticket sales in handled, unlike most European countries, there is no central selling point at most bus station, but each bus company operating from the stations has their own sales point at the bus station, this can make it a bit complicated when you need to figure out which buses actually operate between cities. Bus Companies in Turkey. Bus companies like Has Turizm, Efe Tur and Adiyaman Güleras offer many scheduled bus services. Hundreds of private companies operate bus links between cities in Turkey. When you make you booking with us you will be away from such a problems. Generally very low budget travellers are prefering this company because of cheap but end of trip they all complain not realy recomended. In Istanbul there are several bus stations, the main one is the Greater Istanbul bus Terminal, which is an enormous bus station, but do to the size of the city there are many other bus terminals, so be sure to check exactly from where your bus departure, if you search online, you should see all information about the departure location. contact. Because most bus stations are some distance from the town or city centre, the bus companies often provide free servis (shuttle buses). Leaving town Ask about the servis when you buy your ticket at the bus company's central office; they will likely instruct you to arrive at the office an hour before the official departure time. Designed by, Nevsehir Toursim has bus link from istanbul to Cappadocia and from Cappadocia to other destinations. It is also possible to travel by bus through Turkey. Yes, from most Turkish airports there are public buses and cheap shuttle buses, from the largest airports you also have metro. They will often assign you a seat, but if you ask to look at the chart and choose a place, you can avoid sitting in the following blackspots: At the front On night buses you may want to avoid the front row of seats behind the driver, which have little legroom, plus you may have to inhale his cigarette smoke and listen to him chatting to his conductor into the early hours. Thanks to their corporate structure, Metro Turizm is able to meet all needs with their rich journey options and additional journeys that are added afterwards. When you make you booking with us you will be away from such a problems, Nevsehir tourism has bus link between ıstanbul and Cappadocia in Turkey. Whatta great journey and unforgettable moments. Most Turkish cities and towns have a bus station, called the otogar, garaj or terminal, generally located on the outskirts. More…, Serves Thrace, Aegean and Mediterranean Turkey, as well as several cities in the Balkans. Don't believe taxi drivers at otogars who tell you there is no bus or dolmuş to your destination; they may be trying to trick you into taking their taxi. Kamil Koç Serves most major cities and towns throughout western and central Turkey and along the Black Sea coast. As mentioned above some of the bus routes in Turkey have lots of daily departures, below we have listed some of the most popular bus routes in the country. For shorter trips, some companies have big regional networks. Contact Numbers avalaible but sure you can not solve any problem because the operators can not speak english either anoy foreighn language. All rights reserved. Drawbacks This service saves you a taxi or local bus fare to the otogar, but involves a lot of hanging around. For a secure travel this company is highly recomended by travellers. For a secure travel this company is highly recomended by travellers. Generally very low budget travellers are prefering this company because of cheap but end of trip they all complain not realy recomended. Below we have listed the main cities in Turkey, if you click on the link you can see the information and address of bus stations and stops or like in case of Istanbul you can see addresses of several bus stations. An example: Buses depart on the 450-km (280-mile) 6- or 7-hour journey between Istanbul and Ankara about every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, for TL40 to TL80 one-way. Besides intercity buses, otogars often handle dolmuşes (minibuses that follow prescribed routes) to outlying districts or villages. In 2015 Turkey produced over 1.3 million motor vehicles, ranking as the 14th largest producer in the world. There’s even service to Greece, Bulgaria and other Balkan countries, and Europe. Buses where you have an actual bed are not available in Turkey, the buses are comfortable and have reclining seats, but it’s not a bed! Private companies run buses between all the cities and larger towns and even some of the smaller towns in Turkey. more than 800 of the finest buses available, we will have the service and price you need. Ulusoy. If you are in Istanbul you should visit the Greater Istanbul bus station, probably this is one of 3 largest bus stations you can find in Europe. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Thanks to their corporate structure, Metro Turizm is able to meet all needs with their rich journey options and additional journeys that are added afterwards. With more than 130 bus companies on our portfolio including Metro Travel, Ulusoy Travel, Nevşehirliler Travel and more, our website provides the easiest bus booking system in Turkey. Yes, bus travel in Turkey is generally quite safe, as mentioned above most buses even have a steward or stewardess on board for assisting passengers. Yes, there are buses from Turkey to Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv and many other cities in Bulgaria, buses run daily, the most buses depart from Istanbul, but you can also find buses from a few other Turkish cities. We listen to our clients in order to maintain our outstanding reputation and to give the best service possible. Intercity bus operators, such as Eurolines take you from many European cities directly to Istanbul. You may be asked if you are married, without having to produce any proof of your wedlock, or both travellers may find their tickets marked with bay (man). For a secure travel this company is highly recomended by travellers.


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