It can also be sprinkled over a finished dish much like parsley or thyme. The limitation to this though is a shorter cooking time, lest you want the flavor to disappear. This herb is almost a must-have ingredient in Italian cooking. Rosemary is still a good substitute, but if you want to explore a different fresh herb that beautifully compliments most savory dishes that include thyme, give fresh oregano a try. Dried thyme possesses a very close flavor profile to its fresh counterpart. As for the measurement, you can sub exactly the same unit (one teaspoon of tarragon for one teaspoon of thyme, for example). All of our palates need a break occasionally. Fresh or dried, oregano hits many of the same earthy, savory, minty, and slightly bitter notes as thyme. It works great in hearty roasts, fish, and stews. WATCH: Tips From The Test Kitchen: How To Store Herbs. When working with pork or lamb dishes and you find yourself out of thyme, you can also consider using rosemary. Too much of one flavor is bound to create a brief aversion, and thyme is no different. The other most common hard herb that makes for a decent substitute is rosemary. Herbes de Provence adds a fine sweet note to vegetable soups, sauces, stews, and meat recipes. The reason for this is because this particular blend already contains thyme. If all the other options are not available, you can still get creative by concocting another combination, but this time with only Greek oregano and basil. Another spice that can also work in a pinch is dried tarragon, which has similar flavor notes to thyme. It works well in a 1:1 substitute ratio. If you are using rosemary, take note to use only ¾ of a teaspoon of it for 1 teaspoon of thyme in the recipe you are following. Thyme is a hard herb, meaning it grows on a semi-firm wooden stick and has a heartier quality to the leaves. This herb from the mint family has a delicate and minty flavor. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. For this reason, herbes de Provence can very well substitute thyme. Instead of fresh thyme, you can use dried thyme leaves in any application. Second Choice: Parsley and marjoram. Using marjoram and parsley in combination is an excellent thyme substitute in cooking. Here’s the best Italian seasoning substitute. A relative of mint, this Europe-grown plant comes in many varieties. Unlike most other herbs, dried oregano is rarely a good substitute for fresh oregano, so if you’re able to find the fresh stuff, use that! Italian seasoning is a spice blend created as a convenience for cooks to quickly add Mediterranean flair to dishes. Lemon thyme and common thyme (Thymus vulgaris) look almost exactly alike. These simple and spectacular Southern cakes deserve a comeback, These sides will be the real stars of Thanksgiving dinner. Fresh oregano has a strong fragrance similar to thyme, but it’s unique in its slightly bitter and robust minty flavor. Instead of fresh thyme, you can use dried thyme leaves in any application. This savory has a spicy aroma and pungent peppery flavor. The measurement to follow for this is a teaspoon of marjoram combined with half a teaspoon of parsley, which is a combination that equals to one teaspoon of thyme. Thyme is one of the many fresh herbs used in much Italian cooking. If you find yourself out of thyme, no sweat! The other herbs that go into the mix are especially chosen to complement each other, so you won’t expect contrasting tastes that will make your dish taste off when you substitute Italian seasoning for thyme.


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