Also, some experts believe the people who can hear the hum might have a strong hearing than the normal ones. They repeated this testing and later found that many hearers have normal hearing when there are no occurrences of tinnitus. Some researchers sensibly think that the hum is real. Additional geophone and magnetometer data were collected at other locations in and around Taos to track down the origin of a strong harmonic component in the 60 Hz power grid around Taos. По звуку он напоминает шум от движения большого […], […] Taos Hum – The Taos Hum Mystery – Strange Sounds […]. Taos is not a single place that could hear the strange and unusual humming sounds. All chose amplitude levels near or below the known sensitivity of the ear in this frequency range. Only one unusual activity observed was elevated electromagnetic field levels, but that found to be the result of local power lines. Everything that was found that could be attributed to 60 Hz power lines, electromagnetic noise or known radio and TV transmitters. One local couple sued the power company for the disruption the hum was causing them. According to the The Guardian, the strange occurrence is an odd, low-pitched sound that an estimated four percent of all people are able to hear. Most of the hearers (72%) are between 30 and 59 years of age and there are approximately equal percentages of male (52%) and female (47%) hearers. An individual hearer matched the same sound to the perceived hum quite reproducibly. Although the government placed noise restrictions, still the mysterious sound is recognizable. Strangely a lot of people hear the sound and it is known to drive some people mad, while others don’t hear a thing. There have been persistent complaints of annoying low frequency sounds in the USA and other countries but the group of “hearers” in Taos has been particularly outspoken. These 5 Recent News Reports Show What Ecological Collapse Means, Giant Cracks Are Gradually Fissuring the Desert in Arizona (Videos), The Golden Gate Bridge Eerie Humming Noise Baffles San Francisco Residents (Video), Strange Sound From the Sky Over Lakewood, Colorado, Mystery Strange Sounds From the Sky Baffle Anchorage, Alaska, Strange Sounds in the Sky Over North Carolina and Indiana, Strange Sounds of the Apocalypse recorded in UK, Ireland, Canada and United States. You have entered an incorrect email address! Mysterious explosions were heard in Brockton, MA, ‘loud explosion’ and ‘sonic boom’ across Nottingham, UK. A case of "hum" in a house, reported in the Daily Telegraph's 'Letters from Readers' on 18 January 2018, proved to be a wasps' nest in a hollow wall. Since 2011 a mysterious hum has plagued residents in Windsor, Ontario. Follow Strange Sounds to discover amazing, weird and unexpected phenomena around the world. No matter how many scientific attempts have been made, the source of the hum remains to be undetected. So, what do you think about the Taos Hum or the sounds reported in Bristol, Kokomo and Blondi? Also, this small, quiet, talented community is a home for a Mysterious Hum. According to a study, only 2% of the total population Taos could hear the low frequency buzzing sound. Moreover, all the country describes a similar phenomenon. Few places around the world have witnessed mysterious sounds as well. For example, a young Canadian University student near Edmonton, Alberta, posted a video on YouTube in January 2012. Other hypotheses include the military experiments and submarine communications which have yet to bear any result. Mystery of 'weird hum' heard around the world solved. Although the reports blamed the automobile traffic and local factories for the sound, the strange sound are still audible.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'mysteriousfacts_com-banner-1','ezslot_3',107,'0','0'])); For several years, the beachfront neighborhood of Bondi in Sydney, Australia could listen to the strange humming sound. Coronavirus Experiences: My Covid Experience, List of Sky Quakes reports from 1934 to 2019, Video list of Strange Sounds in the sky 2008-2015. In the West Seattle case, the University of Washington researcher determined that it would be impossible for any resonating hum, transmitted via tanker or boat hulls, to be transmitted very far inland; certainly not far enough to account for the reports. Though they do not know much about this mysterious hum, yet it gets known that anyone can hear this hum around the world. The researchers from Western University in London, Ontario and the University of Windsor got a grant recently for analyzing the Windsor Hum and also to identify and determine its cause. You have entered an incorrect email address! Make your travel less hectic and... Home of one of the oldest and greatest ancient civilization in the world, Egypt is a hot pick for your next adventure. Bondi is a seaside area of Sydney in Australia. Bristol, England; Bondi in Sydney, Australia; Largs, Scotland; and Windsor in Ontario, Canada in this link. [2], One of the many possible causes of the West Seattle Hum considered was that it was related to the midshipman fish, also known as a toadfish. During this research, various sound detection instruments were placed in the town and the residents were asked questions about the hum. Antarctica’s Rare Emerald Iceberg Mystery Solved! Why Is November The 11th Month, Not The 9th Month ? Your email address will not be published. Although experts carried out some experiments, some have offered medical explanations on this. The government is building a secret underground bunker because “they” know a nuclear winter is headed our way. I think it is really a sound… But maybe linked to spraying! [5] There are approximately equal percentages of male and female hearers. [29] A previous hum in Sausalito, California, also on the west coast of the United States, was determined to be the mating call of the male midshipman. The humankind should figure out if there is a sub-audible worldwide humming. Cripes. [8][9] His previous research using simulated sounds had indicated that the hum was around 56 hertz. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! ", "Singapore's frigate 'Stalwart' source of Wellington hum? Unfortunately, no one knows it for sure, whatever it is and also we may never get to know the proper cause of this sound which plagues our ears. Taos is a relatively quiet seismic area so it is not surprising that geophone data showed nothing but background noise. [1], Geoff Leventhall, a noise and vibration expert, has suggested cognitive behavioral therapy may be effective in helping those affected. Required fields are marked *. In this video a student asking for help in explaining the mysterious sounds.


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