Alice is on the verge of growing up, and in wonderland, she experiences many bizarre physical changes. The ‘Alice’ books have always been a favourite subject for analysis, as the story lends itself to various interpretations. But for all the childish delight it has to offer, this movie has a bit of a dark side. In Alice in Wonderland, Alice exemplifies the contemporary struggles of youth in this post-modern movie through conflict against the customs of society and eventually develops into a significant and brave hero. Moreover, it will uncover some stereotypes and hidden… Themes and motifs Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Growing up. Being in wonderland is unpredictable and disturbing at times, much like transforming from a child to an adult. In Alice in Wonderland, the garden's symbolism is fluid. This paper will analyze some scenes of the Disney film in contrast with the original story. By Jenna Salerno COLOR Hatter represents the The mentor can be anyone It can also be seen to represent unattainable beauty. ...The Curiosity, Imagination and Creativity of a Child Alice in Wonderland is a Disney movie based on Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.The movie Alice in Wonderland is one of Disney’s unique productions with distinctive characters and also a plot line. Disney's Alice in Wonderland is a magical journey into nonsense. It looks beautiful when Alice sees it from afar, but the loveliness vanishes as soon as she's actually inside the garden in Chapter 8. In the hall of doors, mysterious drinks and cakes give Alice the power to grow and shrink, but she can never seem to get the right size. Obviously it shares imagery with the Garden of Eden—a lost paradise. The most obvious theme that can be found in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is the theme of growing up.. Lewis Carroll adored the unprejudiced and innocent way young children approach the world. Analysis of Disney’s Movie Alice in Wonderland Eman AbdalKarim American University of Beirut Abstract Alice in Wonderland is a Walt Disney movie based on Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. On the following pages you can find deeper analyses of the origins of the texts and illustrations, characters, and ‘hidden meanings’ in the Alice books. Alice: the Archetypal Hero Alice: the Archetypal Hero Alice is the protagonist of the story, who faces many challenges that are unexpected. Alice is very curoius and odd because she thinks in For starters, her father died when she was young, leaving her nother to raise her alone.


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