"The new gene markers for traits, such as heat and drought tolerance will be of enormous value in future breeding programs.". Therefore, the objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for reproductive traits, such as age at first calving (AFC), calving interval (CI), rebreeding (REB), and stayability (STAY), of Brahman cattle by Bayesian inference in a bivariate analysis using linear-threshold animal model. International Livestock Research Institute, “Genomic Time Travel” approach finds genetic traits to breed more productive, resilient African cattle, Much to learn about foot-and-mouth disease: Part 1, Fostering a new generation of U.S. beef producers, Linking probiotics and respiratory health, Feed weekly outlook: Barley bids firm as feeders seek coverage through spring, U.S. livestock: Live cattle up on cash market optimism, beef demand, ICE weekly outlook: Canola stronger at midweek, Alberta’s ag austerity, awaiting autonomy’s availability, autumn assessments adjusted. The Elevate genomic test, developed by Semex in cooperation with the University of Guelph, provides standard... On 6 Feb It is now important to use the full range of natural genetic endowments that have made African cattle so resilient to sustainably meet Africa's surging demand for milk and meat, while minimising negative impacts of increased livestock production. Through the selection process, producers identify and prioritise commercially relevant traits in order to meet breeding objectives and market specifications. Holding back calves this year? This may be explained by differences between populations with respect to the age of heifers at first exposition to reproduction and imprecision of collection of phenotypic data. Also, heritability, highest posterior density (HPD) intervals, and correlations estimated are shown in Table 3. Therefore, the incidence matrix Z2 and the vector c were excluded from the models for REB, STAY, and AFC. Buy rural and agricultural books and DVDs online. “We’re fortunate that pastoralists are such skilled breeders,” Hanotte said. “And that has to be factored in our future efforts to develop more productive, more sustainable animals. The mean h2 were 0.10, 0.02, 0.22, and 0.10 for AFC, CI, REB, and STAY, respectively. Photo: International Livestock Research Institute. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Sustainability, Challenges and Innovations. In Smart farming. Million-dollar genetics. They also provide a means of assessing the true genetic merit of an animal through the identification of individual genes of interest. However, because the HPD interval varies from –0.60 to 0.39, no reliable conclusion can be drawn about the relationship and indirect response between those traits in this population of Brahman cattle. One of the main ways to improve productivity is through genetic improvement. International Livestock Research Institute's recent articles, Distributor joins sustainable beef program, Intentional livestock shootings in Sask. Likelihood, Bayesian, and MCMC methods in quantitative genetics. The genome sequencing work yielded evidence that Indigenous pastoralist herders began breeding the Asian cattle, known as Zebu, with local breeds of cattle known as Taurine. Moreover, the convergence of the Markov chains were checked based on tests of Brooks, Gelman, and Rubin (Gelman and Rubin, 2006) and Geweke (1992) and criteria of Heidelberg and Welch (1983) by using the coda package (Plummer et al., 2006) of R software (R Development Core Team, 2011). Price and levels of fat are the biggest determinants for consumers making beef shopping choices, a CQUniversity study has found. Autonomous drones make farmers’ lives easier, Chickpeas for cattle nutrition: hummus not just for humans, On Demand: The Misset International Webinar Week. Therefore, further studies to estimate genetic correlations between reproductive and productive traits are needed, given its importance for the genetic improvement of Brahman cattle. “Livestock — especially cattle — can be controversial, but without them, millions of people in Africa would have been forced to hunt wildlife for protein,” said co-author Ally Okeyo Mwai, a principal scientist at ILRI who leads its African Dairy Genetic Gains program. In Senegal, improved NDama cattle produce more meat and milk. In general, it is well documented in the Brazilian literature that cows from different breeds, especially Nellore, presented low estimates of heritability for AFC, CI, REB, and STAY as well (Eler et al., 2014; Mello et al., 2014; Caetano et al., 2013; Yokoo et al., 2012; Boligon and Albuquerque, 2010; Buzanskas et al., 2010; Van Melis et al., 2010; Martinez et al., 2004). For REB, the value 1 was assigned to heifers that rebred and calved after first calving and the value 0 was assigned to heifers that failed to rebreed after first calving. "We're fortunate that pastoralists are such skilled breeders," Professor Hanotte said. The Gibbs sampler for bivariate analysis was run for 1,000,000 iterations for REB-STAY, 1,000,000 iterations for AFC-CI, 2,000,000 iterations for STAY-AFC (burn-in period of 400,000), and 2,000,000 iterations for REB-AFC (burn-in period of 400,000).


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