Other small problems crop up too. Three years later, Jonathan (now a private investigator working in Old L.A.) is visited by his former wife, Lorraine, who asks for Jonathan's help in solving the disappearance of her husband, Kenzo Hojo, the only clues he left behind being a torn leaf, a set of capsules, and the word 'Plato'. For Sony Playstation. Policenauts English Patched PSP Policenauts. Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas. Has anyone else had any trouble getting the patched version to run on their PS2? I would love to see Kojima come back to the franchise eventually, screw Zone of the Enders and MGS. The main problem I had is that sometimes you have to use the same topic multiple times in order for other options to appear. At that point the 2 main characters have a long chat about friendship and trusting each others for several minutes WHILE A BOMB IS ACTIVE. Even before actually working on defusing it you have to play the 'compare two pictures and find the differences' 20 times in a row. For example, each group has speaks with a “Home” or “Beyond” accent – but Beyonds are told to speak in a calmer, more thorough manner, while Homes speak louder and more emotionally. Jonathan is not only a hothead, but a bit of lech, rudely commenting and hitting on on every girl he meets, and occasionally finds ways to cop a feel, complete with boob jiggle. The bomb defusing sequence is much harder in the PC98 version, because the maze you have to guide the block through is viewed at a slight angle, making it difficult to see the edges. And I mean, it's not just that one line. Totally on par with the Mother 3 translation. This entails investigating the environment, navigating dialogue branches and shooting sequences. [ ] It features a theme revolving around space exploration with occasional cut scenes. This entails investigating the environment, navigating dialogue branches and shooting sequences. Released an English patch. The plot doesn't pick up steam until the second disk. I'm also pretty sure that I burned it to CD correctly because when I tested it on a PS emulator on my PC and the intro movie loaded fine. The team deserves a ton of respect, not just for how faithful and well written the translation is, but for the number of technical hurdles they crossed. For example, the scientist, Victor, has an AI named Gorby to help him analyze samples. Policenauts 3do English Patch. How convenient this thread is, I just started it on PSP too. Although, Act 2 was definitely the highlight of the game regardless. It wasn’t until 2009 that a group of determined fan translators at Policenauts.net hacked the PlayStation version and released an English language patch, to elation of thousands of fans around the world. The main twist is extremly farfetched and reminded me a bit of Phoenix Wright case 1-5. Most of the scenes look approximately the same, but a few were completely redrawn, especially the biomort storage facility. I'm trying to get this to run on my modified Australian PS2 with little success. He is found alive and well 24 years later thanks to the cold-sleep module connected to the suit. Hideo Kojima), an unofficial English translation patch was released onto. Nearly all of the purses are bootlegs, but the bomb is hidden in an authentic one. Sometime when you examine items or talk with people you will also get voice acting which is extremly nice for a psx game. There is not one character of Japanese left in the game - including opening and ending credits. I just started Act 1, arrived on Beyond and am meeting with Ed at the police station atm. You will probably guess some of the plot twist way in advance though. I'd recommend checking out the PSX version if you can't wait, because it's worth it. The Saturn version initially appeared on retail release lists, and there was even a promotional box mockup, but it dropped off pretty quickly. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Was the philosophic point of view on space exploration really required? Another old friend of Jonathan and Ed, and former Policenaut. What a missed opportunity. The story begins on Earth, now called HOME, in Old Los Angeles in the year 2040.


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