You really can't go wrong with either. ( Log Out /  What superior way to do so than by studying an instrument? Come join the discussion about collections, care, displays, models, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! These could be horse driving or potentially something even much more physical these types of as skiing. The mic is only the first part of your sound. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Shure PG57-LC Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid Picking Your Upcoming Instrument Microphone: Shure SM57 Vs Audix I5 Picking out a excellent instrument microphone can not only be confusing, but also time consuming. Any opinions on the Shure PG-57? Just my opinion but you should only ever buy one cheap mic, to get you started off. Subject areas discussed involve holding the mic, the hazards of “cuffing” the mic, and what to do when not speaking in the mic. Shure PG57-LC Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid. Shure PG57-LC Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid The Steinway Piano: An Instrument of Status and Superb Craftsmanship When investing in a piano, high-quality must be considered initially and foremost. Spending more on quality can never go wrong. Im all for saving a few quid but theres a reason the SM57 is the 'industry standard', it can handle anything you throw at it. in forum Electronic Equipment Replies: 1 Last Post: 05-09-2003, 03:24 PM. Shure SM57 vs Shure PGA57 Впишете се, за да последвате ... като цяло е евтина.Няма да видиш никой да пее с PG58 и да озвучава с PG57. ( Log Out /  I'm looking for a cheap SM57 substitute to record and experiment with, but here where i live there's no much choices. I have taken the time to slender the area to two of the prime options that are each cost-effective and practical in pretty much any scenario. SM57 vs PG57. Change ), Shure PG57-LC Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid >>, Bargain Shure PGX24/SM86 Handheld Wireless System, L5, Best Deal Shure PGX24/SM86 Handheld Wireless System, J6, Deals Shure PGX24/SM86 Handheld Wireless System, H6. BETA 57A Dynamic Instrument Microphone . I tested the Shure PG57 ($102) on those same two sources and got some impressive results, although the mic’s output is less than that of other dynamic instrument mics in my arsenal. You example here shows the PG57 to have a very thin almost tinny sound while the SM57, as expected, has a deep robust full spectrum sound. OT Shure: pg57 vs sm57 vs beta 57 Sign in to follow this . Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is a single of the oldest new music instruments used in actively playing Western new music. By Toot Sweet! In my opinion the SM57 sounded better all the way around. Before I say anything else, I will go ahead and preemptively tell you that they are very similar sounding microphones, and the PG57 performs very closely to the SM57. So percentage wise the mic you use holds very little value against the others. Followers 0. A good pre with a good mic will make a bigger difference than a 1,000 mic with a cheap pre. Hi! There's a vid of Eddie Kramer at NAMM and he says if he only had one mic to use to record a whole album it would be an SM57 (it may be one of Chappers' vids). I am quite positive that only the most experienced ears will be able to tell you are lying if you mic'ed something up with a PG57 and told them that you had … Bookmarks. OT Shure: pg57 vs sm57 vs beta 57. Shure PG57-LC Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid Why Not Discover An Instrument When You Are More mature?


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