Multiple Llama Domes and Mayor's House Keep 2. I admit it. of the time you have to edit the terrain in order to make Hydro plants work. 1. Repeat steps 1 and 2.      For both DOS and Mac: 1. Each tower costs $250. If you like, you can repay the two 25% bonds. to tell all that I've learned about Simcity that I think is special. (80 people per building), High density contain 30 people per tile. The optimum ratio changes as a city grows larger. Remember that every building's land value increases around $2,000 if it has water. Your city has a seacoast (is located next to the ocean and has only three To Start A City, Quick Links: Well, one thing you can try is to grow farther than a runway. RAISING The Truth of Power Plants access to other zone types within about 10-15 tiles. 1. Don't -Build lots of schools near residential areas to help keep crime down. 1. provide water but does get around the water shortage messages. -Always make connections to your neighbors. 3. a menu will pop up with more choices. 3. function goNext() You may want to set the simulation speed to its highest setting so that whatever i = ((d.getMonth() * 31) + d.getDate()) %nTips; 2X2(medium), 3X3(large). A 3X3 zone must have at least 3 roads on one side and 1 road on another A very mountainous terrain: Army base and/or missile silo. SimCity 2000 also featured a revamped user interface. you that the best power plants for your city are Coal plants. technique. -To If they are not, then something is wrong and Military." 2. You need function Load() Repeat steps 1 and 2. What will happen if you build your entire city of 6X6 zones is that (This has been tested) -To avoid airplane crashes do not place tall buildings near the airport. if (i==null) i=0; If you like, you can repay the two 25% bonds. My first experience with it was on Simcity 2000 is the first Simcity game to use an isometric bird-eyes view to allow players to view their cities during gameplay. type of base you will receive by editing your terrain a bit. By now, you should be experimenting with the small map to get information water. }. fall to you. -Having water in a city DOES NOT actually affect the Lowering taxes always brings cheers from the Random List of Tips for SimCity 2000: - Arcologies will bring a lot of crime, so build police stations nearby. If you place industrial zones near the edge of the map, a lot of the pollution getting the base you had in mind. objects - missile silos, tarmacs, military control towers, etc. 8. Anyways, for your information, I'm going your city in case something goes awry. Under the Object Group menu at the top of the screen, select "Transportation If you decide to accept the base in advance, you can generally control which The second thing that you can do is often overlooked by people. You The window at the bottom of the screen should now display some not-so-familiar -Choosing a military base: 3. grow: Links   Patches and Utilities Go into the bond window and take out a bond. Load(); var nTips=8; 9. "vaudeville". Kind of like Windows 95. like: Where to place Police stations to maximize their effectiveness. } forget to always make connections with your neighbors. 3. connected or else your sims will not build. This could mean a … FIRST: Build a Power Plant. essential. airports from being encircled by tall buildings; planes may crash into them! If you have decided beforehand which base you want, Samir's black and white laptop computer. Water Now, look at the demand indicator. Place the item next to your lone runway within the military zone. surrounding land values. plants. Llama Dome re-appears in the menu again. 2. -When zoning, use dense for more population but more pollution or light for less of both. is the toughest part for beginners. Click and drag it along terrain. Check the following Before you start building, type fund. -You're going to need highways if your population is over 50,000. Can the people who might live (or work) there have an short, connected 3. If you press the mouse button 2. { 4. When your city's population reaches 60,000, you will be asked to accept a military and a parking lot. populace. The ratios are approximately base. Place a pump in your city in the center of What do you do? down. a nice touch to any city. THIRD: Build a mix of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Zones Remember: Commercial zones can actually increase your land values! This way, you can have 9 medium buildings or 4 large buildings A lot of web sites out there may tell To attain the highest density, you will want to promote the construction 1. When your 5. -How to remove military bases that don't less. Small buildings contain 10 people per tile. -In areas with high crime build lots of parks. reaches 60,000. - All About Military Bases - NEW! Make sure the pump is powered, but do not place the plant directly next to it. cross you fingers.    Cheats   Cities be equal to the sum of the Commercial population and Industrial population. -Arcologies will bring a lot of time, so build police stations nearby. So, you should put lots of big parks or areas with trees 1. Build lots of parks! The water shortage messages should go away, though your city does not receive -Encouraging a base to grow: -When making zones, make sure power is Though Coal and Hydro plants both produce about equal amounts of power per Now just let the simulation run, accept the base when asked, and Low density contain 20 people per tile. He will go one way, then back again. Back If you edited your terrain correctly, there is a good chance of -Once you have enough money by a fusion power plant if they are invented. What you want is for all three indicators 2. 3. Select the "Tree/Water" icon on the toolbar, and choose trees. Hold down the shift key and press the left mouse button. listed the types of bases you can receive depending on the terrain: changes the military decides to make to the new base happen quickly. You will notice that the zoned buildings come in 3 sizes: 1X1(small), have it. residential. A launch arco with a top hat and a cane will dance by the screen. not more than 3 blocks from a road. 4. -You only need a few fire stations if you put it on no disasters. Reduce traffic using bus stations. The Double Fund Trick    Dancing Arco Exit the window and you'll get lots of dough!


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