The mic has slight signs of wear at the bottom. It ships in the usual, very nice, small metal case, with mounts and cloth bag. KSM32/SL. With an extremely flat, extended frequency response, the KSM32 provides transparent reproduction of the original sound source. Shure KSM32 / SL - Silver Medium Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone In great condition, comes with Shure mic flight case & shockmount. I use the KSM32 CG both live and during the recording. The sound is very neutral and transparent, I think he is much more expensive microphones in nothing. KSM32/CG - Charcoal Gray, with swivel mount and carrying case, phantom power required KSM32/SL - Champagne, with swivel mount, shock mount, aluminum case, phantom power required Class A, transformerless preamplifier circuitry eliminates cross-over distortion for improved linearity across the full frequency range. As a recording microphone, I use it for banjo, a friend also achieves good results at Dobro with it. I bought this mic used online for a smokin' price. The difference between the CG is SL is color and packaging, the CG is charcoal grey and comes in a pouch with a swivel clip. I was saving up to buy a brand new KSM32/CG when this came along, and I snapped it up. I A/B'd it against every other mic I own, and it slaughtered them all. The Shure ® KSM32 is a premium, side-address, condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern engineered for highly critical studio recording and live sound productions. The Shure KSM 32 is a single diaphragm, fixed pattern, cardioid condenser microphone intended primarily for studio use, although it has found its way into the live arena as well. It has been used on and off in a studio over the years, and kept in the case when not in use. Re: KSM32SL Vs. KSM32CG The mic shares the now-familiar Shure LDC body design, and appears to be well constructed. Shure KSM32 vs Warm WA-14 as a workhorse pair See I was set on getting a pair of KSM32s as per the suggestion of many people here (did experiment with a KSM27 once which I did like but it was used and had some issues). The KSM32/SL is more expensive, so it must sound better.. Logged BradC Production Express Inc. ProSoundWeb Community. The Shure KSM 32 is really a sleeper mic. Shure KSM32/CG Studio Condenser Microphone - Charcoal Gray $499.00 An embossed single-diaphragm, side-address, cardioid condenser microphone for highly critical studio recording and live sound productions. The microphone is extremely robust and quite heavy, I have no hesitation to use it live.


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