The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast is proud to have Squarespace on board as our current sponsor. The best of luck, and Happy Holidays to you too! You essentially force the customer to pinch at the end of the print in the tube, possibly creasing the edges, and then they have to tug it out of the tube. I think it may be hard to do that for 400gsm, seems like 230gsm can be rolled (not sure how many in one tube) while 400gsm may be better to be shipped flat than rolled. Turn around and repeat to close the other end of the tube. The facing paper, as long as it’s smooth, is enough to protect the printed size of the print. Thank you so much for your input and help, Martin. I really appreciate it. I’m often asked how I package fine art prints for shipping to customers, so I’ve prepared a short video showing the process, and we’re going to expand on that a little today in today’s Podcast. Very cool, man, I’ll go with the tubes and if I get any issues I’ll try something else, but for now it seems like the safest way to go. Hello Martin – This leaves room for the end caps and a little padding material. I also include an Archival Quality Certificate from Breathing Color when I’m shipping an archival certified print such as Pura Smooth, which you’ll see in the video. You can roll pre-cut sheets like this too. Wrap the entire tube with brown paper and packaging tape, mark "Fragile" and address. I was just wondering about if the paper would retain too much of the curl when shipping in a tube? I’m pleased this was useful for you. These instructions are included in the Certificate of Authenticity that I also include with the print. I have started to use Art Storefronts for larger prints (there’s a link under the Shop menu). Whoops! Stay in the loop with MBP Newsletters. I would imagine there are some papers that don’t do well rolled. 4. Tape this "inner" roll so that it is slightly smaller than the tube, and then wrap a sheet of bubble wrap around this roll. 9. I find that little details like folding the tape back a little to form a tab so that the customer can get to their print more easily all help to improve the overall user experience. Download this Podcast in MP3 format (Audio Only). 5. Clean the inside of the tube with a dry cloth. I buy my tubes here in Japan where I live (Sekaido) so I’ve never had a need to source them overseas I’m afraid. I’m pleased you found this helpful. By packing in a tube following these tips your print should arrive safe and sound. As long as you nail that, and use a nice smooth facing paper, the way I show in this video is solid. Thank you so much. If there is much play between the ends of the print and the tube caps I make a little padded bung by rolling strips of bubble wrap and then taping them to hold it all together, and place one of these at one or both ends of the tube. That’s great Julian! Congratulations and good luck with the new printer. Ideally also get tubes with capped ends, not pinched. I hope you don’t mind but I have a follow up question. Having shipped hundreds of prints to all corners of the globe, I’ve come up with a pretty good system for rolling and packaging my fine art prints, which I’m going to share with you today. Wonderful! I’m really happy that this video helped. Thank you for the valuable information on this video. I buy these from a shop in Tokyo called Sekaido, but this won’t of course be of much use to the majority of you that don’t live in Japan. VISIT SERKWORKS ONLINE:Check out Serkworks Art Labs online:Website: THE CHANNEL AND GET COOL MAD SCIENCE SUPPLIES!My Online Store: Etsy Shop: to my shipping supplies:Bubble Mailers: Mailers: Tubes: Board: Label Printer: TrueBlock Lables: Bags: WITH SERKWORKS ART LABS ON SOCIAL MEDIA:Intagram:'s are some of the art supplies I use:Prismacolor Col Erase Pencils- Sumi Brush Pen- Fude Brush Pen- Signo Gel Pen- Markers- Paper- \u0026 Newton Series 7 Brush: Black No 5 Ink: Cintiq 24 HD: Intous Pro: OUT MORE VIDEOS:Art Advice (tips for artists): Genius Hall of Fame: Artcasters (Live Chat): Days of Making Comics: 100 Days of Making Comics: Days of Making Comics 2: Art Friday ( fan art Sketches): vs. Con ( How to Convention): Props: (Prop Building Tips): (Original Sketches):


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