:) Regardless, they puffed up beautifully and tasted wonderful, so a few little holes didn’t matter. Thin is more important than round, so try to get them thin but no holes or tears. (Other cross overs-cats! Roast on med. I put garlic salt in the dough mixture and just used regular melted butter brushed on just before putting on the hot pan. Remove the rice flour/water mixture from the pot (careful it will be hot!). Slowly add in rice four (one tablespoon at a time). Bring it to low heat. Recipes that don’t need adapting are rare for me. Jean. I used a tortilla press and it was so easy. This has made the closest approximation to the West Indian dal pourie I have been craving since going gluten free. Even if it doesn’t, making crackers from the roti would be good. With a spoon mix it well. I stumbled on your web having made some rotis earlier to post images on another web. It was not tasty at all and took very long to cook both sides. I’ve been trying to find a recipe that tastes most like regular flour tortillas and this is it! Thanks Jill – for this recipe, as thin as you can get it or as thin as you’d like. I’d try this ! My dough is much too wet and sticky. Paired with our love of food, cooking, photography and digital design, Indiaphile was born. The texture was a bit weird since they were so thick, but the taste was good. Thank you very much to u. i just tried making this and my 'dough" had the consistency of mashed potatoes and couldnt flatten it too much as it stuck to my hands (actually the dough stuck to hands ,floor, cupboard) it just fell apart. Love it? It us nice to do a good session but really I find I cannot be bothered all the time. I did an Asian stir fry and another one with coconut chickpea curry. Whoo hoo! Repeat this process until all 6 flatbreads are cooked. Serve immediately. Thank you for letting me know how they turned out for you . If you try, please let us know! Also, even though I used salted butter, I thought it could use a little… Read more ». You can try adding more ground rice to the dough, a tablespoon at a time until you get the right consistency. They tend to get tough pretty quickly as they cool. And do you have nutritional value for it? If it didn't firm up when it is cool enough to handle, it may be because there was too much water. Shape the dough into a large log and then cut the log into six pieces (or however many pieces you want): Then flatten the ball between two sheets of parchment paper. Traditional flatbread does contain wheat, usually in the form of flour. It is very easily digested. Thin ones went crisp and burnt on the edges thick ones didn’t puff up like yours they had burnt edges too. I think we are all inclined go cook much more when most of it us easy to do. Remove the roti in a plate and apply ghee over it. Thank you so much for the demonstration video showing how it's done! Use 1 cup water for 1 cup of rice flour. How to make it with wheat floor,please. That way you can lift the parchment with the rotli on it and invert onto your pan for cooking. My Flatbread Recipe makes an easy and delicious flatbread with only 3 ingredients! I was worried they would stick to the pan so I added some olive oil. Thank you, It all worked out perfectly, even my kids liked them and they are not fans of trying new things lol, Brendalee, that’s so great to hear! I just saw this comment. BUT. Add oil, rice flour & mix thoroughly with a spoon. This made me so happy today! She told me the secret was to use boiling water and she shared her method with me. Hope this helps! You don't put yeast do you? hey Julia! Thanks again so much! In the last 4 years I have tried a couple of other recipes for a rice flat bread. Thanks Ashley. Made it the first time — horrible. My easy and delicious flatbread recipe uses a base of yogurt and flour -- and that's it! And found that coconut oil worked better in the skillet to create a non stick surface. I had to add almost a full cup of additional flour to make it work at all. I’ve never made flatbreads before, so this was an easy introduction. Simply amazing! Here is a link about what you are discussing. Hope you love the recipe , I made this already! The flatbread is made up of two simple ingredients (rice flour + water). Actually, brown rice is healthier as the nutrients are in the covering – this is why a lot of Asian countries are starting to get diabetes because they no longer use brown rice but white rice exclusively and white rice is basically just carbs. I was able to pat them out with my hands on a sil-pat mat. I just tried to make these and was disappointed. Rotli are really nothing fancy. However, it is always fun to throw a little curve into the kitchen traditions now and then! The dough/roti was breaking when rolling out flat. You do not need to puff these on an open flame at the end if this is your first try at Rotli. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Thank you for this recipe! It's wonderful to have something that is so good that is gluten free! We make our rotis or flat breads out of either buckwheat flour and water ( home laid eggs make them even better!) I am sorry for the late response. I think these are best eaten fresh – so if you’re not eating them right away, maybe they’re getting stale? I also used to work in a bagel shop where we made our doughs from scratch. I just got an electric flour mill and I love it. I tried it today. I was looking for the rice flour rotli and found yours. Step 1 Bring water to a boil in a medium pot. Made with no egg and no oil, this bread is not only easy for everyone to make but it’s perfect for everyone to eat! Hi Gemma, I am trying this today. I tried it but was unable to roll out like above. Dust your surface as much as you need to prevent sticking. In a large bowl combine the flour and baking powder. please please advise. We love your e book and your website. I have to seriously restrict oxalates which are found in the husks (of many things) of brown rice – stones form around this! I’m not sure about storing the dough – I’d think it would harden. Don’t make me reference Popeye! It had wonderful flavor, nutritious ingredients and it can be baked or fried, as you like. One question: is like to freeze them and can’t decide if it’s better to freeze the balls before cooking or the bread after rolled and toasted. Instant Pot Kaju Katli or Badam Katli (Cashew Fudge…, Paleo and Gluten Free Diwali Dessert Recipes, Commonly Asked Questions about Paleo Naan, Indian Cooking 101: Curry Leaves vs. Curry Powder, Indian Cooking 101: A Guide to Indian Spices, South Asian Persuasion: 100+ Paleo Indian Recipes, https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/arsenic-in-rice_us_589cc1ffe4b09bd304c0b04c. Was the mixture too crumbly? Also many times it depends on the quality of rice flour. I had never made these before and didn’t think there was much to it, so I made a dough with rice flour, oil, salt and water just like I do with wheat flour.


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