Subsequent harvests will still be beneficial but will have subsequently fewer nutrients given that the first harvest was from the first flush after winter when the plants store their nutrients. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…, All Materials © 2013 - Present | Mizuba Tea Co. || 9234 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97220 Website Design & Development by Tumbleweed Creative We have so many wonderful people to thank that contributed to our online presence. We believe that all matcha should taste wonderful, and our culinary matcha is no exception. The truth is, the terms mean very little in the American matcha market. 2.5lb Turmeric Root Powder 100% Pure Curcuma Longa Tumeric 40 oz JAR. Have any questions? Presently, the words "ceremonial" and "culinary" can only be judged based on the integrity of the company. One of the most asked questions we receive in regards to matcha is: "What is the difference between ceremonial and culinary matcha? This is perhaps why matcha has become so popular and now has a number of celebrity endorsements of … The 10 Best Matcha Tea Brands to Buy in 2020 Read More I just purchased your product and was shocked at the bright green colour. DōMatcha® Summer Harvest Organic is harvested in summer instead of spring As a result, the powdered matcha is higher in catechins and renders an earthier, slightly more astringent flavour. 3) Is the matcha produced only from nutrient-dense, spring-harvest, 4) Has the matcha been traditionally stone-ground? $32.99. The taste is very smooth, rich with a full body, delicately grassy and not bitter. $26.99 USD. Matcha made from tea leaves harvested in summer, high in antioxidants. This specific product is from the summer harvest where only the finest tea leaves are plucked for preparation. These leaves are stronger, and therefore produce a stronger, yet still smooth (!) Summer Harvest Organic. 3 Comments. So over time, people reserved their exceptional, difficult-to-produce teas for koicha preparation. As such, matcha has gone from being a tea created for specific use (in the tea ceremony), to becoming an extremely versatile product. Culinary matcha has received a bad rap because — unfortunately! So for now, we're keeping the term and telling the world what pure, good matcha should be! DoMatcha Organic Brand. Hi Debbie! At Mizuba, we 100% believe in making incredibly quality matcha accessible to everyone. We have the answers. True, authentic matcha will have been, We can't speak for other companies, but we are proud to say that here at Mizuba, 1) Ceremonial simply means that the matcha is appropriate for, 2) To prepare koicha, one would want an expertly crafted matcha! $32.99 USD, JAS (JAPAN AGRICULTURALSTANDARDS) CERTIFIED, 8.6oz | To obtain the same valuable nutrients from green tea as you would from a cup of green matcha tea, it is estimated you would need to drink between 10 and 15 cups of green tea every day! 4. Is culinary even bad to purchase? Feel free to reach out at Matcha made from certified organic, late-harvest leaves, high in antioxidants. In general, quality matcha that’s been properly shade-grown and harvested from the first harvest will have the most health benefits. 4. Ceremonial-grade Encha is ground from premium 1st-harvest leaves, the most tender leaves, in each spring harvest (May) in our farm in Uji, Japan. What matters in the end is for you to use the tea in a way that makes you happy.


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