What it does: It’s tempting to reduce quantum computing to a simple numbers game, namely number of total qubits. very informative ,it was…….. but i have a little suggestion that you could have sorted the startup country wise which would avoid scrolling down the whole page to find a single company ……. Origin Quantum Computing was founded on September 2017 in Heifei, China by the doctoral team of the quantum information laboratory at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Quantum computing is poised to make classical computers look like sloths — and launch new, never-imagined processes. It doesn’t operate on the gate model, which means Pegasus’ ultra-high qubit rate isn’t really all that comparable to almost all of D-Wave’s contemporaries. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and founded in 2015, ISARA provides quantum computer resistant software products and also provides customers with quantum readiness security planning. What it does: This well-financed Toronto startup is notable for exploring photonic quantum computing, which uses the quantum properties of light particles to run. Qrithm develops novel quantum algorithms with applications to machine learning, materials science, cryptography and high frequency trading. Another predictive bona fide: it’s poised to out-predict Nate Silver, creating gobsmackingly sophisticated election forecasting models. They also have developed a port between ProjectQ and Cirq, called CirqProjectQ. Founded in April 2019 and located in Oxford, UK, Oxford Ionics is a new quantum computing spin-out from the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford. The company’s mission is to develop robust security software tailored to NISQ-era devices. QuDot Net uses a special type of Bayesian Network that allows for the efficient representation of some qubit systems. Or that some physicists think quantum computing is “the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes.” Or that a quantum computer recently “made history go backward.” True, it was only a simulation, but still — brain blowing stuff. Qrypt, headquartered in New York City, was officially formed at the beginning of 2018 but had been in the works for many years prior. QuSoft is already listed in the Government/Non-Profit section. One of the biggest problems with quantum computing is randomization. They combine this with their their cryptographic APIs and key management system to provide a secure end-to-end IoT security platform. Menten was founded in August 2018 and they are located in Toronto, Canada. What it does: With apologies to poetic pioneer Peter Shor, the biggest personality in quantum computing is probably William Hurley, aka Whurley, the Austin serial entrepreneur who heads up Strangeworks. The architecture is based on the LHZ architecture and is compatible with all current hardware platforms including both gate-based and annealing methods. The Palo Alto-based company develops enterprise software solutions for quantum computers and helps enterprises breakthrough computing bottlenecks using quantum computing. The company’s initial focus will be on providing quantum accelerators for simulating the structure and properties of molecules and chemical reactions. Our systems solutions, including probe stations and scanning probe microscopy, deliver very low temperature and vibration environments with excellent optical and electrical access.”. (You won’t be surprised to learn that Goldman Sachs invests in D-Wave Systems.) The company was founded in 2019 and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Houston, Texas. These are no longer actively marketed as standard products, but Magiq will develop custom solutions for customers based upon the technology that they developed for these products. They are focusing on improving sustainable materials and catalysts by using computational methods to significantly reduce the time spent on trial and error in the lab. The software is open source and can integrate the existing APIs with the quantum hardware using plugin systems. QC Ware’s customer base includes leading aerospace prime contractors, financial services companies, power utilities, automotive OEMs, and multiple government groups. To do this, they are creating a coherent platform to develop quantum technologies and spin-out products (called Quanta). ColdQuanta was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the University of Colorado Boulder. The company is a spinoff of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), was founded in July 2018 and is located near Munich, Germany. The QuSecure team consists of researchers who share decades of experience in Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies, combined with seasoned Silicon Valley business leaders who know how to build, scale, protect and innovate. QuSoft complements the research conducted by QuTech, which focuses on the development of quantum hardware, and thus strengthens the position of Amsterdam and the Netherlands in world-class quantum information research.”. What it does: Quantum computing is poised to revolutionize fintech, where its supercomputing prowess will simplify risk management, credit scoring, portfolio optimization and just about every other facet of finance. EeroQ is a quantum hardware start-up based in New York and Lansing, Michigan formed earlier in 2017. D-Wave offers this machine for sale to customers who wish to install a machine on-site. Today, I consult with companies in The Valley on their content marketing initiatives, and write for tech journals. The company believes a layer of context, powered by quantum architecture, can help data consumers form better decisions. The company aims to develop quantum computer architectures based on silicon technology, leveraging CMOS processing to achieve high-density qubits which can scale up to large numbers and tackle practical quantum computing problems. Ultra-cold neutral atom technology will also be helpful for the further development of quantum information systems, inertial sensing, and navigation. CQC has been working in the quantum computational chemistry area and recently announced they have successfully implemented state-of-the-art quantum algorithms on the IBM 16 qubit quantum computer to calculate the excited states of molecules that take into account multi-reference characteristics. Could you please add my startup to “Private/Startup Companies” in your site? Entanglement Partners is a consulting firm with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain that provides consulting services in the areas of Events & Communications, Go-to-Market, Infrastructure, Quantum Applications, Strategic Consulting, and Venture Building. The solution is lightweight, low-latency, and quantum secure, and has been implemented into a key distribution demonstrator. There were founded in 2018 and based in Pasadena, California. Check out these 20 leading contenders. Formed in June 2017 and based in Austin, Texas, bra-ket science is developing a new approach to practical room temperature qubit storage. IonQ is a new startup based in College Park, Maryland being formed by scientists at the University of Maryland and Duke University. Post-Quantum (PQ Solutions) offers a variety of information security products and services including quantum secure encryption algorithms. What it does: The exponential boost in data-processing power that quantum computing holds over classical computing opens the door for a, well, quantum leap in pharmaceutical research. The impressively bearded founder is well-known for headline-grabbing stunts, like the time he zapped an intern with a Taser-strapped drone. Professor Pollanen has funding from MSU and an NSF grant, and EeroQ has additional private investors. The company was formed in June 2017 and located in Oxford and London, United Kingdom. These technologies are room temperature quantum devices which together can efficiently map the quantum state of flying quantum bits onto atomic media, thus creating a pathway to overcome the inherent losses in classical communication channels. We have made the correction for your second office on this page. Their product provides an interface between the quantum devices and the classical electronics needed for control and manipulation.


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