Words in brackets, ( ), are not in the Hebrew Bible. For he knoweth of what we are made; he hath remembered that we are dust. Kerze »Psalm 103« 13,35€ 2: Psalms 103: 0€ 3: Psalm 103 "Ennôsch k'chozir jomow" 1,29€ 4: Lobe den Herrn meine Seele und vergiss nicht, was er dir Gutes getan hat …: Gedanken zu Psalm 103: 8,95€ 5 "Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele! Readers through the centuries have interpreted “A Psalm by David” to mean “A Psalm written by David,” but a number of scholars question that interpretation today. Nothing can place the tenderness and concern of God for his creatures in a stronger light than this. As for man, his days are like the grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust. 16. Words in boxes are from the Bible. Clarke's Psalms 103:13 Bible Commentary Like as a father pitieth his children - This is a very emphatic verse, and may be thus translated: "As the tender compassions of a father towards his children; so the tender compassicns of Jehovah towards them that fear him." 14. 13. This psalm is simply titled A Psalm of David.We don’t know the circumstances in which it was written, but since David was a man who knew the grace and deliverance of God many times, it could have been written at many different times of his life. Psalm 103 – Bless the LORD, O My Soul. Psalm 103:13-16. Psalm 103. Psalm 103:13 {ESV} This one small verse is full of truth and pregnant with meaning. The translated Bible text has yet to go through Advanced Checking. An EasyEnglish Translation with Notes (about 1200 word vocabulary) on Psalm 103. www.easyenglish.bible. Psalm 103:14-16. 15. As a father is compassionate towards his children, so has Jehovah been compassionate 1 towards them that fear him. One way to understand the full meaning of scripture, especially when meditating upon it, is to pick the verse apart layer by layer. It’s a multi-faceted gem to be examined closely by looking at each intricate detail. Biblical Commentary (Bible study) Psalm 103:1-14, 22 EXEGESIS: SUPERSCRIPTION: "By David" This is one of a number of psalms that include a superscription concerning David. Psalms 103:13: Psalms 103: Psalms 103:15. Gordon Churchyard. 1. There are a number of reasons for that, including the The notes explain words with a *star by them. Psalm 103:13-14 New International Version (NIV) 13 As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; 14 for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. For he knoweth our frame — The weakness and mortality of our natures, and the frailty and misery of our condition, (as the expression seems to be explained in the following clause) That we are but dust — And that if he should let loose his hand upon us, we should be irrecoverably destroyed.


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